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Like purchasing regular go-to clothes, a basketball jersey has different sizes from small to XXXX large.  Correctly measuring your body would be the best way to ensure that you would pick the right jersey that fits you perfectly. The size of jersey to buy should fit you based on your preference (it could be a little bit tight or loose), especially for players to move comfortably inside the court. 

Owning a basketball jersey gives the sense of being a real player. Buying a jersey may seem to be easy, but it can be complicated with all the designs and sizes you have to choose from. Apart from the basketball jersey’s design, choosing the right size is an important factor to consider so as not to waste money purchasing the wrong one. 

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Don’t you think that knowing what basketball jersey perfectly suits you would be the coolest way to hype up your style? And you can learn about this by getting your correct body measurements. Since there is a wide variety of jerseys, one type of it is the difference among chest width sizes. With the wide range of variations in choosing basketball jerseys, you really need to lookup several buying guides online. And here you are at the right place!

Measuring your body to get the right basketball jersey

Here is an image that shows you the different body dimensions for choosing the right basketball jersey for your body shape:

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Using tape measure, you could find the measurement of the following:

1. Chest

Put the tape measure just under your armpit, then start measuring the whole part of your chest from one side to the other. You can also wrap around the tape measure covering the full area of your chest but make sure that the tape measure is neither too tight nor too loose.

2. Length

Simply measure starting from the shoulder down to the hip area.

3. Hips

Wrap the tape measure around your hips, making sure that the measuring tool is not too tight and not too loose.

4. Waist

The area below your rib cage and above your hips is the waist. Simply wrap around that area the measuring tape, and keep in mind to not suck in your stomach.

Measure each part more than once for certainty and write down each. Choose the largest  size you recorded as your official measurement. 

(Note: if you don’t have a tape measure, you can use a string to cover the areas you are planning to measure, mark the endpoints and measure it using a ruler afterwards.)

Another thing aside from measuring your body is having a knowledge on the general measurements of authentic basketball jerseys. Below are the measurements in numeric sizes:

  • Medium – Size 44
  • Large – Size 48
  • X-Large – Size 52
  • XX-Large – Size 56
  • XXX-Large – Size 60

The general jersey size breakdown for men: (you still have to measure though for certainty!)

  • Small = Size 36
  • Medium = Size 40
  • Large = Size 44 
  • Extra Large = Size 48
  • XX Large = Size 52
  • XXX Large = Sizes 54 – 56
  • XXXX Large = Size 60

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Things to remember before buying a jersey

  • Make sure that you know your preference. Should the jersey be loose? Tight? Baggy? Your choice. 
  • If you are way more comfortable wearing shirts underneath, make sure that you choose the next jersey up from your original size.
  • Basketball jerseys fit uniquely. It actually depends on the brand so ask your way into the seller for certainty.
  • The size of your regular clothes will not always be the same as the size of the basketball jersey you need. It can be a size up or a size down, this is why it is a must to measure your body accurately.
  • New brands of jerseys are larger than old ones.


It may seem not too easy to buy a jersey, but it is not that much of a hassle. In buying a jersey, the top priority is the level of easiness and comfortability. It all boils down to your preference, whether you would like it to be tight or loose. If you have doubts and second thoughts about purchasing a jersey online, the best option is to physically go to the store and try your preferred jersey. It may not be as convenient as ordering online, but it is far more sure.

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