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Make-Shots is a free resource offering expert, research information on basketball and baseball. We write and publish basketball news, tips and sports gear buying advice for individuals who love and actually play sport.

Why Make Shots and What We Do

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Anyone ever heard of this quote?

The site name exactly describes the feeling of what excites you, the fan and most when watching a game. The mission of this site is to help readers learn more about anything sport related. Whether you’re a struggling player who wants to improve your game or a pro who wants to learn more about your sport, this site is for you.

We provide endless content on everything about basketball and we will accomplish this together by delivering a wide variety of content. What type of content you can expect from us?
● Informative How-to guides
● Sport equipment reviews
● Product comparisons
● Informative content on everything about basketball

This site is created specifically for basketball players and fans, but our goal really is to become a one-stop resource for everything about basketball! We also check and read other reviews and guides to make sure that the advice and information we offer is the best you’ll read.

Again, as they say, you miss 100% of the shots you never take. So browse our site, keep reading through our content, have fun and get better at making shots!

How To Support Make Shots

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