Top 5 NBA Champion Hats – (Best Hats in 2021)

Sports fans are also very passionate about their teams. When they win an NBA title, they’ll want to commemorate the moment with a commemorative hat. Here, you’ll see a list of the best NBA champion hats on the market.

Take note that not every NBA champion hat will have the same features. By taking a look at these traits, you can easily identify which ones you prefer to represent your favorite team.

The 5 Best NBA Champion Hats

1. ’47 2019 Toronto Raptors NBA Championship Cap

47 2019 Toronto Raptors NBA Championship Cap

This Toronto Raptors championship cap exudes the victory won by the team in the 2019 finals. It was also the first championship win of the team outside the US. The game resulted in a 4-2 win as the Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors in an emotionally heated match.

If you’re looking for a cap that’s worn by a prominent NBA player, look no further than the Toronto Raptors 2019 Championship Cap. Its structured fit and removable crown give it a modern look. This cap features a structured fit and a flat visor. Also, it has an 85% acrylic and 15% wool construction for durability and insulation. This Toronto Raptors cap is an ideal addition for any fan who is invested in the team’s success. Let’s not forget that it’s adjustable and comfortable to wear.

2. New Era 2018 Golden State Warriors 9Fifty Championship Cap

New Era 2018 Golden State Warriors 9Fifty Championship Cap

Celebrate your admiration for the Golden State Warriors with this GSW championship cap. This head accessory cements the team’s 4-game winning streak, particularly against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Wear this cap, and feel the winning energies of star players like Curry, Durant, and Green flow through you.

This cap is a symbol of the team’s determination to reach the top. This trucker-style hat features mesh back panels that provide breathability and comfort. Its adjustable fit helps keep your head secure. Another thing that makes this hat stand out is its washable surface, allowing users to keep it in peak condition.

3. Adidas 2013 San Antonio Spurs NBA Championship Hat

Adidas 2013 San Antonio Spurs NBA Championship Hat

If you know your sports gear, then Adidas is one of the brands that should remind you of basketball. With this premium championship basketball hat, you’ll feel the victorious chants of the Spurs as the team triumphed over teams during the 2013 playoffs. Even though that year had the Miami Heat come out on top, the Spurs still put up a great fight. The team started strong, winning the first two games. Each player tried to maintain the same tempo throughout the remainder of the season, eventually winning the title.

This cap features a simple cotton and spandex build to give it a comfortable fit. It also has an embroidered logo on its front. This simple yet admirable hat is a reminder that you can still push through and come out on top.

4. PENGJG 2020 Los Angeles Lakers Championship Snapback Hat

PENGJG 2020 Los Angeles Lakers Championship Snapback Hat

Due to the various circumstances during the 2020 season, the league moved the games to protect players from harm, particularly from typhoons. However, you can still wear flaunt your pride for the Los Angeles Lakers with this 2020 Championship Hat.

This snapback hat has a durable cotton construction, and it features an adjustable snapback design. It also has a flat brim, which makes it an excellent choice for keeping your eyes cool. The gold and purple color scheme of this cap match the energy the Los Angeles Lakers used to defeat the Miami Heat and other teams in the league.

5. New Era 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers 9Forty Champions Hat

New Era 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers 9Forty Champions Hat

The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Golden State Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals. Celebrate that victory with this solid colored cap is an excellent choice for any occasion. It has a curved front and adjustable strap make it a great addition to any Champion apparel.

This cap is a ‘one size fits most’ variant because of its wide range. Its navy color balances with the gold, red, and white accents to create a unique color combination. This 9Forty cap also features a simple yet elegant design. It’s a great choice for fans who love the Cleveland Cavaliers, particularly if you don’t want to spend a significant amount of cash on an NBA accessory.

NBA Champions Hat Buying Guide

NBA Champions Hat

As sports fans, there are many options when it comes to team hats. Before you buy a hat, make sure that you know the various factors that will affect your purchase.


Different sizes to choose from exist in NBA championship hats. Some have adjustable features that allow the wearer to customize their head size. Others will have snap buckles and straps that allow you to easily adjust the snapback cap’s size. You can also find fitted hats made for specific head sizes, but they require a bit more adjustment in the back to fit.


Structured hats have material under their front panel that keeps them in place. Unstructured hats have less support and are easier to remove.


When it comes to choosing a cap, consider the material and the style of the piece. Some caps have a few unique features that make them stand out. However, consider buying a cap made with high-quality material for excellent comfort, durability, and longevity.

Final Words

If you’re looking for NBA Champions hats that are durable and comfortable, then the hats mentioned in this article are for you, especially if you’re a fan of those teams. Take note that various styles and sizes of these hats exist. Take note of the important factors, and you can buy a hat worthy of flaunting in public.

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