HitTrax – Baseball Simulator for Batting Review

It’s tough to progress in baseball when the only things you can count on are your eyes. Plus, it’s safe to say that it’s almost impossible to gauge your pitching or batting skills with pinpoint accuracy with nothing but your eyes. Today, and with the help of technology, you can now train to become one of the best pitchers or batters.

Enter HitTrax – a baseball simulator that can capture batting data with great precision. Hitters will know information like hit distance, spray charts, and strike zone analysis without the strenuous activity of watching replays. Plus, pitchers will know their pitch velocity, ball location, and pitch type analysis instantly.

But is HitTrax the right baseball training system for you? Is this technology accurate? How much does it cost? Continue reading to take a deep dive into this baseball batting and pitching simulator to know the answers to these questions (and more).


HitTrax uses patented technology to record, analyze and provide precise data to baseball players. It helps revolutionize the baseball industry and brings the sport to the modern era. Baseball athletes, particularly hitters and pitchers, can enhance their skills by simulating certain scenarios.

This system uses technologies like the video capture and analysis module (VCAM), which turns batting cages into high-tech training centers. Players can review their performances to find out areas of improvement.

Users can also take advantage of the option of sending their training data to an online leaderboard. Here, players can compete with other HitTrax users without leaving the comforts of their preferred batting cages. The friendly competition can also light the fire of competitiveness in players, enhancing their drives for improvement.

What are the Features of HitTrax?

Features of HitTrax

HitTrax has features that are as precise as the information it provides. Its functionalities aren’t extensive. However, it excels at the things that it can provide. Therefore, players can take advantage of this batting and pitching simulator’s features, such as:

What are the Games Included in HitTrax?

Games Included in HitTrax

Aside from being a well-balanced batting and pitching simulator, HitTrax also promotes fun for every baseball enthusiast. The system comes with simulated games, including home run derbies and full 9-inning games.

Gamers can also use SyncPlay, wherein they can play with other HitTrax players in real-time. Use a fast and stable Internet connection to minimize latency issues as much as possible. You can even see the other player through the display, which is a must for current social distancing rules.

These HitTrax games aren’t only for the players but coaches as well. Team coaches can set up games for one-day tournaments or even multi-week hitting leagues with the system. Therefore, baseball teams can enjoy full matches without their skills waning because of the pandemic.

With HitTrax, every baseball player of relatively any skill level can take part and play. Even complete beginners can learn the sport with this system. You can even use HitTrax to encourage kids to take up the sport with the help of technology.

How Much Does a HitTrax Cost?

HitTrax Cost

Those who wish to purchase the entire HitTrax system need to spend about US$20,000. Also, users need to subscribe to paid services to take full advantage of every feature. At the time of writing, the HitTrax Academy Membership costs US$200 for six months. Interested buyers can also avail of the 12-month membership for an additional US$100.

But what if you want to buy a batting cage with the HitTrax system? If so, you can buy the technology, along with the membership and batting cage, for an additional US$150 for six months and $275 for 12 months.

As a HitTrax Academy member, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

Take note that HitTrax imposes strict rules to their members, which are:

Is HitTrax Accurate?

An article from TechGraphs mentioned that the HitTrax system is accurate, as per InMotion. This accuracy has a +/- one mph room for error, which is reasonable. Additionally, the tests claimed that the reported distances had an error percentage of about 5% of the actual distance when compared to measuring the distance of the ball with a tape measure.

However, one element that the HitTrax system doesn’t record is the ball’s spin. Most of the data presented are for the speed, location, and distance traveled by the ball. It can’t record the ball’s spinning motion, even with the pre-set simulations.

Final Words

HitTrax is an excellent, modern, and fun way to learn and improve baseball. This system emulates different baseball and softball scenarios to enhance skills and improve areas of concern. However, this technology is by no means inexpensive. The 5-digit price tag can break banks. Plus, customers need to pay for subscriptions to take full advantage of the entire system. If you have the extra cash and you’re serious about baseball, then HitTrax can be the high-tech baseball simulator for you.

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