Top 5 Best Mini Bedroom Basketball Hoops – Complete Guide (2021)

 Are you looking for the best mini bedroom basketball hoop so you can shoot some hoops while resting? Not to worry because we have you covered! We purchased and tested the market for the best mini bedroom hoops for your convenience.


In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The best basketball hoops for different bedrooms
  • Why you should buy a bedroom basketball hoop
  • What to look for when shopping for basketball hoop systems for your bedroom

And more!

But before anything else, you can check out this quick list of the products you’ll find in this article.


#1 – JustInTymeSports 5007 Mini Pro Xtreme Basketball Hoop Set


#2 - RAMgoal Adjustable Mini Basketball Hoop


#3 – FF Basketball Portable Indoor Hoop

#4 - ZJMK Portable Basketball Hoop

#5 - Franklin Sports Over-the-Door Light Up Double Hoops

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated on August 11, 2021

JustInTymeSports 5007 Mini Pro Xtreme Basketball Hoop Set

Out of all the bedroom basketball hoops we tested, the team found the JustInTymeSports 5007 Mini Pro Xtreme Basketball Hoop Set to be at our number one spot.

This product presents itself with a myriad of top-notch features, such as a double bracket design, a durable polycarbonate backboard, and a rugged breakaway rim. If you’re looking for your first basketball hoop for your bedroom, or if you want a replacement for an old model, you can’t go wrong with this product.

Our Top 5 Best Bedroom Basketball Hoops

Take a look at this quick list of our top-rated bedroom basketball hoops we purchased, tested, and reviewed:

What are the Benefits of Having a Mini Basketball Hoop in your Bedroom?

Having ready access to a basketball court can be pretty beneficial all on its own. You can exercise without paying for a gym membership and keep your body healthy. Of course, a bedroom basketball hoop is different from a full-court but does have its own benefits. Here are a few of them.

Improved Coordination

Just like playing at a regular basketball court, playing with your bedroom hoop can improve your shooting skills. You can aim a shot and practice scoring consistently. You can hone your skills without ever leaving your bedroom.

Excellent Stress Relief

Imagine how tired you would be after a long day. Unwinding with your friends and family would sound pretty good, wouldn’t it? Well, with a basketball hoop at home, you can do just that. The best part is you don’t drive around town to find a half-decent court. Just walk into your bedroom and start shooting. Proper gear is optional.


Neighborhood courts are pretty good if you’re playing with a group of people, but if you’re all alone, they’re not exactly the safest of places. Even if you have a hoop on your driveway, you might accidentally throw your ball out on the street, hurting either yourself or some other unfortunate bystander. Installing a hoop in your bedroom eliminates all of those risks. Now, you can play hoops in a safe place, at least just as safe as your actual home is.

Bonding Experience

Do you know what’s better than playing basketball by yourself? Playing with your friends and family, of course! What’s even better than that? Playing at home. Having an easily accessible hoop at home can make bonding with your family and friends much easier. You can pretty much play anytime the mood strikes you, even in bad weather.

How do you Install Indoor Bedroom Basketball Hoops?

Depending on the model or type of hoop you want to install, putting up your basketball hoop can be straightforward. You may need experience with using tools, however. Here’s a simple guide on installing your very own bedroom basketball hoop.

Gather your Tools

Having the right tools around will make your job easier. Depending on the type of hoop, you’ll need a socket set and a drill, or the appropriate wrenches. If the hoop you have doesn’t have them, you’ll also need a set of nuts, bolts, or lag bolts.

Having a stud finder can also make installation a breeze, but it’s not required.

Find the Studs

Bedroom basketball hoops are heavy. So, to avoid any mishaps while you install them or while you’re playing, it’s important to mount them on a good foundation. Look for the wall studs and drill the mount there. This is where stud finders will come in handy.

Can a Mini Bedroom Basketball Hoop be Used by both Adults and Children?

Bedroom basketball hoops can be universal when it comes to who gets to use them. So long as you have the appropriate space, you can pretty much install a hoop in every room in your household, whether it’s for yourself or your kids.

The only thing you’ll have to consider when installing your basketball hoop for your kids is how high the actual hoop will be. We’ve mentioned before that the top of your hoop’s backboard should be around 15 feet off the ground. For kids aged around 10 to 12, the height should be reduced to 9 or 10 feet. As for kids around 8 to 10 years old, 7 to 8 feet should do the trick. For children even younger than 8 years old, the top rim should be no higher than 6 feet.

Of course, a child’s height can vary with each individual, so you should consider that when installing your hoop. If your child is a bit taller than average, then move the hoop higher. If they’re shorter, lower the hoop.

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Where Do They Sell Mini Basketball Hoops?

You can find mini basketball hoops for your bedroom (or other parts of your house) in different retailers. At this point, you can choose between two options: online or offline shopping. Take note that there are pros and cons for each selection.

For instance, for offline shopping, you can check the quality of the product first-hand. However, you won’t know if the item you’re about to purchase will be worth your hard-earned cash. On the other hand, online shopping allows you to check reviews first before finalizing your purchase. But you won’t know the product’s build quality until the item arrives at your doorstep.

Aside from figuring out if you want to choose offline or online retailers to buy mini basketball hoops. You should also take note of the essential factors to ensure you’re going to get value from the transaction. Remember, bedroom basketball hoops can vary depending on the make and model. Some are good, some are bad. If you’re in the market for bedroom basketball hoops, here are a few features you need to look out for.

Backboard Material

The backboard not only gives an iconic shape to your hoop, but it also holds the entire thing into place. It’s also a part of the hoop where you bounce your ball off before making a score. Missing it will mean a huge chunk of your play going missing. Backboards come in a variety of materials, including tempered glass, polycarbonate, and acrylic.


Bedroom basketball hoops tend to be smaller than the regulation ones. Backboards that are 22 inches by 16 inches should be enough for your needs.

The Net and Rim

You can’t shoot hoops if you’re missing the rim and net, which are arguably the most important pieces in any bedroom basketball hoop. The rim itself comes in two varieties, the static and the breakaway types.

The static rim stays in place. It’s a more economic option and is great for beginners, but shouldn’t be dunked on. Otherwise, they will just snap. If you’re looking for a rim where you can practice your dunking, then breakaways are what you’re looking for. Breakaway rims have springs in them that help absorb impact during a dunk. They’re slightly pricier but are worth it since they protect the user from injuring themselves as well.

Installation Process

Installation can vary between different types of hoops. Some basketball bedroom hoops come with mounts connected to the board and the hoop. Others, you will have to attach on your own. While putting up your hoop, make sure it’s properly centered. If you’re having trouble with the installation, don’t forget to check the installation manual for your model.

Location, Location, Location

Perhaps one of the most important, if not THE most essential part of your whole project is picking the right place to hang your hoop. You’d want a place that’s out of the way, so you don’t hit it when you’re moving around the room. You will also want it high enough, otherwise, it’ll be too easy shooting and there’s no point in installing your hoop.

The top of your hoop’s rim should be about 10 feet from the ground. If you’re installing your hoop for children, you can install it at 8 feet for 10-year-old kids and younger, or 9 feet for 11 to 12-year-old kids.


Finally, don’t forget to look at the price of the product. After all, you blow a huge chunk of your savings on an expensive bedroom basketball hoop. Instead, you can find reasonably-priced options that shouldn’t hurt your spending allowance significantly.

Pick #1: JustInTymeSports 5007 Mini Pro Xtreme Basketball Hoop Set

If you’re the type of person who likes to break things in or have kids that can get very rough with their toys, then we recommend the JustInTymeSports Mini Pro Xtreme Basketball Hoop Set. Its double bracket design lets you mount your hoop to two studs at a time, giving you a more secure mount. Once it’s on, you won’t have to worry about it falling randomly on anyone.

The 24″ x 16″ backboard itself is made from polycarbonate materials, with a steel alloy frame, so you can hit this with as many balls as you want without the fear of it breaking. We also loved the 12-inch breakaway rim, which will let you dunk to your heart’s content without breaking the rim off. It also comes with a 5” rubber ball, which you’ll have to inflate yourself.

One downside we’ve found is that the double brackets make it difficult to mount if you have wall studs that are more than 16 inches apart. If that’s the case for you, then we recommend you use lag screws to secure your mount.

Pick #2: RAMgoal Adjustable Mini Basketball Hoop

The RAMgoal Adjustable Mini Basketball Hoop lives up to its name. If you have limited options with where you can mount your hoop, this system lets you adjust the backboard even after you’ve mounted it. You can adjust the hoop’s height by about 13 inches, so there’s no need to remove the whole thing if you decided you wanted it higher or lower.
We also liked the huge spacing between the backboard itself and the wall. With as much as 22 inches of space between the wall and the backboard, you get to enjoy a decent amount of overhang for your hoop, further improving your mounting options.

Pick #3: FF Basketball Portable Indoor Hoop

At first, the team wasn’t too keen on buying this particular basketball hoop because of its price. Thankfully, the bump in costs is justified with its premium features.

First, we liked that the backboard is about 32 inches, which is roughly the size of some LED TVs these days. Its size does promote a stern presence in the bedroom as we had to move around some of our stuff to ensure the hoop doesn’t bump into other objects. Still, it’s not as large as other models and we’re quite thankful for that aspect.

While still on the backboard, we also liked that it’s fairly sturdy. It’s even sturdier than many competing products at this price point. The brand marketed this element to be shatterproof, and, for the most part, it lives up to that advertisement.

Finally, we found the installation procedure to be reasonably easy. The package even included all the hooks and screws needed for the setup. Now, if only the package included a mini basketball then this product would’ve scored higher marks in our books.

Pick #4: ZJMK Portable Basketball Hoop

The team was looking for a mini basketball hoop to put in a kid’s bedroom. Then, we added another factor to the search, which was that the hoop system should also be playable for adults. After extensive research, we stumbled upon this excellent product.

The backboard for the ZJMK Portable Hoop System is only about 16 inches, which is roughly half the size of several of its competitors. The hoop diameter is also smaller than average (at about 12 inches), allowing it to be the right size for a children’s bedroom.

But with these dimensions, it’s also possible to place the hoop in an adult’s bedroom. One of our team members even tried to put it in his office to kill some time shooting hoops without moving away from his chair.

Aside from its reasonably compact size, this basketball hoop is also fairly easy to set up. It only took us a few minutes to install, especially after knowing that the package already comes with the brackets, hoops, and screws needed for the task. It even comes with a mini basketball, which is always a welcoming touch.

Still, we prefer if the backboard is made out of a tougher material. The hard plastic is suitably durable, but we fear that it might show signs of wear and tear sooner than later.

Pick #5: Franklin Sports Over-the-Door Light Up Double Hoops

When we saw this double hoop indoor basketball system, we thought that it would be a great idea to spark some competitiveness for the different team members. We bought the package and installed it immediately in our basement.

Upon looking at the size, we can conclude that its dimensions can also fit most bedrooms. It’s also possible to hang it on a bedroom door, if the entryway is reasonably large.

We liked that this bedroom basketball hoop has a unique design because it has two rims on a single backboard, allowing you to play with a friend or significant other at the same time. The kids that were visiting us at that time also had a blast playing with each other as they were trying to see who could score the highest. Speaking of scores, we didn’t even need to worry about keeping score because this hoop’s digital scoreboard can do it for us.

Additionally, we liked that we had different options for installing this product. Aside from hanging it on the door (which takes less than a few seconds to do), we can also screw the backboard onto surfaces for a sturdier finish.

Although, we were quite concerned to see that this product didn’t have a secure packaging. It came in a plastic bag that had all the parts. Thankfully, none of the components were broken and we were able to set it up without serious faults.

Our Top Pick: JustInTymeSports 5007 Mini Pro Xtreme Basketball Hoop Set

Although our choices for the top 5 bedroom basketball hoops are all pretty good, we’ll have to give the number one spot to JustInTymeSports’s Mini Pro Xtreme Basketball Hoop Set.

Not only do you have a sturdy mounting system, but the breakaway rim also has a slight give when you shoot your hoops. This offers a more realistic feedback than average every time as if you’re using a professional hoop. The free ball you get with this set is just icing on the cake.

Check out the low price on Amazon.

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