The Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

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Not every foot is made the same. Normally, the feet should have an arch which serves as a support to the whole body’s weight. It does so by distributing the weight across a person’s legs and feet. This gives a person that extra “spring” in their step. So try to imagine what it’s like for those who don’t have arches on their feet. These people have what is called flat feet.

Flat feet can be a problem when it comes to basketball, especially if the flat-footed player doesn’t have a basketball shoe equipped with any sort of arch support. If flat-footed players wear the wrong shoes, then that can be the root of discomfort and proneness to injuries.

So in order to get that springy action on the foot, flat-footed players must have the right type of basketball shoes that feature an ergonomic design that caters to flat feet.

This is why we are gladly introducing you to our list of the best basketball shoes for flat feet! You may scroll down further to see a more detailed review of each shoe.

What Exactly Are Flat Feet?

As I’ve said earlier, flat feet is a condition wherein there’s an absence of an arch on the foot which is the exact opposite when it comes to normal feet. If you would take a close look on the human feet, there appears to be this arch-like shape on the foot’s sole. This arch serves a very specific function and this is distributing the weight of the across the legs and the feet of the person and this gives that “springy” feeling in our steps.

There are different causes to this, some have it since birth while others get it over time due to stretched and torn tendons, broken and dislocated bones, nerve problems, and obesity. It doesn’t really matter how a person got their flat feet because all of the people who are associated with flat feet all suffer from the same fate. It’s such a struggle to participate in activities, especially strenuous sports like basketball.

So whether you’re simply taking a walk, having your usual morning jog, or playing some sport, it’s important to have the right amount of support from your shoes so that you don’t worsen your “fallen arches”. This prevents too much stress on your foot and it makes you perform better at whatever activity it is you’re doing!

The Pros of Using Flat-Feet Basketball Shoes

Shoe company giants have been creating shoes that are a tailored fit for those who suffer from flat feet. This has been a game changer when it comes to providing arch support and comfort to these flat-footed players. Now they don’t have to feel left out in a team of normal footed players and can even perform on the same level as them  or maybe even better! I can’t stress this enough when it comes to basketball.

Thank goodness they made this kind of move in the basketball industry. Injuries don’t only hurt the athletes but also jeopardize their chance at winning matches because the team doesn’t have their star player present due to an injury. This ultimately became the cause of big companies to produce ergonomic shoe designs that accommodate flat-footed basketball players.

Here’s What You Should Look For

  • The right pair of basketball shoes should have a comfortable sole that doesn’t hurt your foot when you run and do other excessive motions. For flat-footed players, it must be your priority to look for shoes that offer comfort and durability.
  • Ankle Support. Another important thing to consider when looking for basketball shoes. This keeps your feet stable inside the shoe and avoids making any awkward movements that will lead to injuries.
  • Arch Support. This can either come with the shoes you bought or it can be bought separately in physical or online stores. Arch supports help you feel more comfortable when you walk, stand, run, etc. it distributes pressure across your arches which would give you stability, balance, support, and lessen foot pain.

Overview Of The Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

1. D.O.N. Issue #1 by Adidas

● 4.5/5 rating
● Top: Low
● Signature: Donovan Mitchell
● Lockdown: Lace-Up
● Colorways: Black, Green, Grey, Orange, Red
● Weight: 426g
● Released: 2019

2. Curry 7 by Under Armour

● 4.4/5 rating
● Top: Low
● Signature: Stephen Curry
● Lockdown: Lace-Up
● Colorways: Black, Blue, Grey
● Weight: 374g
● Released: 2019

3. Zoom KD 12 by Nike

● 4.3/5 rating
● Top: High
● Signature: Kevin Durant
● Lockdown: Lace-Up
● Colorways: Black, Blue, Grey, Red, White
● Weight: 439g
● Released: 2019

4. Dame 5 by Adidas

● 4.6/5 rating
● Top: Mid
● Signature: Damien Lillard
● Lockdown: Lace-Up
● Colorways: Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Grey, White
● Released: 2019

5. Kyrie Flytrap II by Nike

● 4.5/5 rating
● Top: Low
● Signature: Kyrie Irving
● Lockdown: Lace-Up
● Colorways: Black, Grey, White
● Released: 2019

6. Mamba Rage by Nike

● 4.4/5 rating
● Top: Low
● Signature: Kobe Bryant
● Lockdown: Lace-Up
● Colorways: Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, Red, White
● Released: 2017

Got Flat Feet? Here Are The Best Basketball Shoes For You!

1. D.O.N. Issue #1 by Adidas

D.O.N. Issue #1 by Adidas

4.7/5  Overall Rating

The majority of consumers claim these are a great pair of basketball shoes at an affordable price
Offer great comfort
Great for outdoor use
A lot has claimed that the traction performs well in clean courts
Kids love the colorways of these shoes
The materials give great performance and sport a really nice look
The Bounce cushioning is excellent. It provides impact protection, court feel, responsiveness, and bounciness
Despite being a low-top shoe, the lockdown is excellent

Some users have experienced slippage during the break-in period
Heel cushioning feels chunky
Midfoot is a bit tight
A lot are disappointed with the traction. Wearers need to constantly clean the outsole when playing on dusty courts
Does not really provide too much grip

What do most people think of this product?

Donovan Mitchell named these shoes the D.O.N and this is based on his positive outlook in his career. These three letters mean “Determination Over Negativity”. We believe that that has a really big impact on aspiring players, especially kids. He specifically stated that he wants D.O.N. to be a symbol on his sneakers that relay an important message to people who love to play the sport and the message is he wants people to believe that they can do anything, no matter who they are or where they came from.

This shoe features a Bounce cushioning, a herringbone pattern on the outsole, and a lateral propulsion clip. Another feature that stands out with this shoe is its price point which is arguably one of the cheapest basketball shoes in the market. Donovan specifically worked with Adidas to make the price tag on these shoes as affordable as possible. This is because he wants the majority of people to have the opportunity to purchase a basketball shoe. Goes to show how Donovan truly cares about those who can’t afford $200 dollar shoes. Accessibility of these shoes is a major thing for most consumers.

The cushioning on the D.O.N. Issue #1 is called Bounce and this is placed on the midsole of the shoe. It provides decent responsiveness, bounce, impact protection. Also, the wearer will feel comfortable once they slip their feet inside the shoe. As for the traction, the outsole has this multidirectional herringbone pattern that offers increased grip when quick movements are made on-court. However, the traction on these shoes is not all that great. Wearers have to constantly clean their outsoles because it attracts dirt easily. To lock-in the foot securely inside the shoe it makes use of a lace-up closure and a propulsion clip for lateral stability.

The fit is true to size and is a comfortable fit on most feet according to consumers. The material that makes up the shoe is textile for the upper and this is a lightweight mesh that offers breathability inside the shoe.

The interesting thing about the style of this shoe is its Spiderman-esque theme. The tongue and toe box have this spider web stitching on it which is why it sort of resembles Spiderman’s theme. There are also custom codings on the shoe that symbolizes Donovan’s journey to becoming a successful NBA star.

Overall, we love Donovan’s concern for people who can’t afford expensive basketball shoes. The accessibility of the D.O.N. Issue #1 is a pro that lots of consumers will absolutely love. We assure you that the affordability does not sacrifice the shoe’s performance. The features are decent and overall performance is great. Kids would definitely love the Spiderman-ish theme that this shoe has and without a doubt, the colorways will attract the attention of children.

2. Curry 7 by Under Armour

Curry 7 by Under Armour

4.4/5  Overall Rating

This shoe is considered to be the best model in the signature shoe line since the Curry 2
Very durable pair of shoes
Traction on these shoes are excellent
The cushioning has been improved
Lockdown and support are very good
This fits better than Curry 6

Some have complained that the cushioning feels too firm
Materials that make up this shoe aren’t premium

What do most people think of this product?

Another shoe from Stephen Curry’s signature line would be the Curry 7. If you loved the Curry 2 then you’ll definitely be fond of its successor. The Curry 7 is a low-top basketball shoe that features UA HOVR, Micro G, and a new flexible plate to give players stability, explosiveness, and energy return. Leon Gu, Under Armour’s designer, has combined two cushioning technologies on this shoe, the UA HOVR foam at the top and Micro G at the bottom, and these two are balanced on a flexible plate. This is also the first type of shoe to have the Micro G cushioning.

If you’ve had bad experiences with unresponsive shoes then you’ll like the features that the Curry 7 has. This is because this shoe uses a combination of both UA HOVR and Micro G which provides the player an excellent amount of energy return and responsiveness. The roles of both cushioning are as follows: Micro G is for responsiveness and the UA HOVR is for energy return. This is what Curry exactly wants on his shoes, says the designer. If you’re wondering what the flexible plate is for, it’s used for balancing the two cushioning materials and overall stability (according to Stephen’s needs).

Traction won’t be a problem for this pair of shoes because of the durable rubber outsole and decoupled heel. The heel keeps you from slipping and adds stability to your motions. In terms of lockdown, the lacing can be customized to your preferred fit. Comfort and support is to be expected from this shoe, and we have the decoupled heel to thank for that. The outsole has adaptive herringbone traction patterns that grip on the floor of the court. The lacing system can be tailored to your preferred fit. The padded heel and ankle collar are added for increased comfort and support.

The materials that make up the shoe are translucent layers of synthetic leather, mesh, and TPU skins. The combination of these materials reinforce the shoe’s zonal areas. In turn, that adds to the stability, comfort, and mobility of the player. As for Stephen, these are essential for him in order to be at his peak performance on-court. The Curry 7 is also equipped with an internal counter which provides stability and step-in comfort. Basically, this shoe is very stable since almost every material that makes up this shoe provides just that.

One interesting factor to this shoe is the pull tab. Why? Well, that’s because when Stephen was involved in the designing process of the shoe the designers added three characters that represent Stephen’s children. They were placed on the pull tab and these characters are a wolf, a unicorn, and a butterfly.

Overall, this shoe was designed specifically for point guards. Stability and impact protection are a plus on the Curry 7. Let’s not forget the combination of two cushioning, the UA HOVR and the Micro G. Expect to play at your top performance once you wear these pair of shoes on-court.

3. Zoom KD 12 by Nike

4.3/5  Overall Rating

Outsole offers excellent grip and on-court and multi-directional traction
This shoe has more support compared to its predecessor
Does not require any break-in time
Lightweight feel on the feet
Excellent containment and lockdown
Fits true to size (materials are very snug on the fit)
Zoom Air cushioning is super bouncy and responsive
Extremely comfortable shoes

Outsole attracts dust but doesn’t affect the grip of the shoe
Some stated that the materials could’ve been better
Some say that the look on the KD 12 does not come up to par with the KD 11
Some players claim that the shoe runs narrow at the forefoot

What do most people think of this product?

Kevin Durant is a name that is widely known in the industry of the NBA. An explosive player who’s difficult to rival on-court. A factor that contributes to his greatness would have to be his shoes which are designed to fit his style of play. The KD 12 by Nike features a broken-in comfort, excellent lockdown, highly responsive cushioning, and lightweight flexibility.

The highlight of the KD 12 would probably be the ultra-responsive cushioning. Usually, Nike’s basketball shoes use the conventional strobel boards. For those of you who may not know what a strobel board is, it’s basically a fabric or non-woven material used to finish the bottom of a shoe upper. Now, they used a Zoom Air unit in place of the strobel boards and this has drastically improved the bounce of the shoe. This would make players soar high and reach the 10-foot hoops in courts. The full-length Zoom Air unit follows the shape of the foot and delivers better heel-to-toe transition.

In terms of the traction, this shoe features a translucent rubber outsole that comes with a fingerprint-like pattern. This rubber outsole was designed as it is to deliver sufficient traction on-court.

The shoe fits true to size, despite it looking a bit narrow on the forefoot. We suggest you order this pair with the actual size of your foot. The lockdown uses Quad Axial Flywire cables. These provide excellent lockdown and containment, so you don’t need to worry about your feet slipping off the shoe. Another thing about this shoe is it doesn’t run low, this is because Kevin Durant himself has experienced slippage with low-top shoes according to Leo Chang, the Nike Basketball Senior Creative Director. That’s why the shoe was designed to have a mid-to-high top cut.

Compared to the previous models in Durant’s shoe line that have low-tops, this model is different because he wanted to change them to have better performance on-court. The new aesthetic equates to a better performance overall. Other details that this shoe has are a large iconic Swoosh on the lateral side and KD branding on the heel and tongue tab.

Overall, this is a well-rounded shoe that is adored by its performance and comfort. It features a new-found cushioning and snug materials that boost performance. Needless to say, the KD 12 is superior to its predecessors and is regarded as one of the best basketball shoes in 2019.


4. Dame 5 by Adidas

4.6/5  Overall Rating

Dame 5 has the best Bounce cushioning out of all the other models in the shoe line
Sleek design and stylish
Fit of the shoe is enjoyed by many
Herringbone pattern for traction works perfectly. Works well on both clean and dusty courts
Does not require break-in
Full tongue and knit collar allows players to wear ankle braces

Mesh upper material feels cheap
Wearers don’t like the colorways
Some have experiences minor slips on dusty courts

What do most people think of this product?

This shoe has been branded as the best model out of Damien’s signature line. The way the designers came up with this design is based on the combined attributes of the Dame 2, 3, and 4. For those who highly regard responsiveness, you will get the most out of this shoe, thanks to the full-length Bounce cushion. The herringbone pattern on the outsole is actually the first Dame model to have such a pattern. Traction works great, regardless of how clean or dirty the court is, and just gives a really nice grip on the floor. As for the upper, it’s made from either mesh or suede, or full-length leather.

Similar to its predecessors, the Dame 5 boasts its full-length bounce cushion. There are lots of benefits you can get from this type of cushioning such as responsiveness, energy return, and impact protection. No wonder the shoe has received a lot of praise, the way this cushioning performs are loved by both normal players and Damien himself.

The outsole depends on what colorway the shoe has, it can either be a light gum, gum, or solid rubber. Now the interesting part about its pattern is it’s the first Dame model to actually have it. The famous multidirectional herringbone pattern is one of the shoe’s highlights. The traction still performs at its best on whatever surface the player is on, be it clean or dirty, there’s no hindrance to excellent traction it provides.

The fit on these shoes come in the standard Adidas sizing, however, there are actually mixed reviews regarding the fit. Some say that it fits true to size, others claim that the shoe runs too long and wide. The best way to know about your size is to visit your local sports store and do a personat fitting there. The thermo polyurethane panel is the one responsible for keeping your foot in place.
The upper’s material will vary and depends on what colorway you’re planning to get. You have the choice to choose between mesh and suede combo or full leather. For added comfort, the tongue, ankle, collar, and inner walls of the shoe are padded. In addition, the outriggers of the shoe will help in preventing ankle rolls. The Dame 5 sports a mid-top silhouette and comes with a wide variety of nine colorways.

Overall, the features that the Dame 5 boasts lives up to its name. It performs really well when worn in-court. The only downside is the sizing of the shoe, but once you have that figured out then you’re all set!

5. Kyrie Flytrap II by Nike

4.5/5  Overall Rating

The traction on these pairs are phenomenal. Grip sticks like glue and only minimal wiping is required
Performs well even for outdoor use. The grooves on the outsole run deep and the rubber outsole is pretty thick
These make for perfect PG shoes because they are lightweight and feel minimal
The overall look of this shoe is better compared to its predecessor
The materials on this shoe are better than the first Kyrie Flytrap
Great support and lockdown
No break-in time
Very responsive pair of shoes and offer a lot of court feel
Consumers are satisfied with its overall performance
Runs true to size

Impact protection is terrible. Cushioning is too firm and small forefoot Zoom Unit doesn’t really contribute anything
Some have claimed these shoes are uncomfortable
Some have claimed the fit to be too long and narrow

What do most people think of this product?

This shoe was designed for the purpose of complimenting Irving’s style of play. This shoe is advertised to give players maximum control and traction. The shoe also features a curved outsole that wraps up the sides and that makes room for an all-angle traction. On the forefoot is the Nike Zoom Air unit and the purpose of this feature is to return a springy and responsive feel. The shoe is also equipped with a forefoot band that enhances the overall support and containment of the foot while the player executes quick movements while changing directions when in-game.

The provided cushioning on this shoe is the Nike Zoom and it’s neatly placed on the foam midsole of the Kyrie Flytrap II. The purpose of this cushioning is to provide a responsive and springy feel under the foot. This will make any player zoom in on the basket and reach that 10-foot hoop, all thanks to the bounciness of the cushioning. The outsole of the shoe has a curved design that keeps up with the complicated footwork of Irving, his spin moves, and crossovers. The innovative design of the outsole provides traction in every direction.

The fit on the Kyrie Flytrap II is true to size but some claim that it runs kind of narrow at the forefoot. We recommend that you order your real size if you decide to purchase these basketball shoes online. The shoe utilizes a lace-up closure with  a flexible forefoot band for a really good and comfortable snug fit. The flexible band helps with the containment of your foot as you move around the court. An external heel clip and a padded collar helps keep the ankle locked in.

The materials that make up the shoe is a durable screen-printed upper. This durable mesh material is designed to give the player a breathable support as they make quick cuts on the court. In terms of its style, it features a low-top two-piece construction with an exaggerated heel piece. The “KI” logo and the number 11 can be found on the midfoot. For added aesthetic, the heel piece is textured and has a stitching around the Swoosh logo. The outsole boasts a third-eye inspired look.

Overall, a lot of wearers are satisfied with the performance of Irving’s signature shoe. The aesthetic, performance ,and quality of the shoe is superb. Every feature just blends together very well. You’ll get a pretty good deal out of this shoe, it’s affordable and provides great performance. We’d recommend you give it a try!

6. Mamba Rage by Nike

Mamba Rage by Nike

4.4/5  Overall Rating

A lot of wearers swear by the full-length Lunarlon that provides them with a comfortable and flexible ride
Lockdown is superb and there will be little to no internal slippage
The insole is removable
Provide good amount of support
Flyweave upper keeps the feet dry
Outriggers on the lateral side of the shoe offers good support

Dirt can be hard to wipe off the shoe’s outsole
It will take some time to break in these shoes
Materials feel cheap
A lot of consumers have claimed that these are not suitable for outdoor use because they wear out easily

What do most people think of this product?

The legendary Kobe Bryant has had a lot of signature shoe line with Nike and the Mamba Rage is not one to ignore. It features a Lunarlon cushioning that’s super comfy on the feet and absorbs impacts well. The Flyweave upper enhances support in areas where it is mostly needed. Flexibility and breathability also come with the shoe. Traction is excellent and gives decent grip.

The cushioning is so popular amongst consumers just because of how comfy it is and the performance it offers is straight up good. The full-length Lunarlon on the midsole is a supportive soft cushion that is lighter than the Phylon (which is a different cushioning variant created by Nike). In terms of the material for the outsole, it depends on which colorway you choose. The outsole can either be gum or a solid rubber. The traction pattern is a soft groove which makes it suitable for indoor courts. It’s not recommended for players to use this outdoors since a lot of consumers have claimed that they wear out easily.

This shoe doesn’t give you a guarantee that it fits true to size and a lot have claimed the Mamba Rage has a narrow profile with a bit of small space in the toe area. It’s better to try on these shoes in person to get a more accurate size. The shoe uses a standard lacing system and the fit on the ankles provide decent containment.

The materials that make up the shoe are a mix of Flyweave and fuse overlays. The Flyweave technology is used for the upper and this provides the wearer with a supportive, durable, comfortable, and personalized fit. Fuse overlays can be seen on the toe cap and eyelets, this is to ensure the longevity of the shoe. Thick foam on the inside of the shoe gives good support on the ankles as well. Speaking of insides, the insole is removable too!

The iconic Swoosh logo can be seen on both sides of the shoe while Kobe’s Mamba logo can be located on the tongue, insole, and outsole.

Overall, these affordable pairs of basketball shoes are a solid buy. When worn in indoor courts, you can only expect the best things from it and it will surely boost the way you perform in matches. A comfortable Lunarlon cushioning and flexible Flyweave upper all rolled into one shoe, what else could we possibly want?

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