Basketball Double Rim Hoops – Complete Guide

Most people would imagine a basketball hoop with a single rim. But basketball double rim hoops exist, and these variants can promote numerous benefits. Still, is it good to practice or play on a double rim?

Basketball double rim hoops let players train and perfect their shots. The additional thickness offers an extra challenge, allowing basketball players to hone their skills. Returning to single rim hoops after training in double rim hoops should provide improved accuracy, among other enhanced traits.

Why was the double rim hoop invented? Does the NBA use double rims? Is playing on double rim hoops good? Continue reading, and you’ll know the answers to these questions (and more).

basketball double rim hoops

A basketball double rim hoop is thicker and slightly taller than a single rim hoop. Take note that the standard thickness of a single-rim basketball hoop is 2 inches. Therefore, a double rim hoop has essentially twice the thickness of a single rim variant.

Aside from the extra density, double rim hoops have other differences when compared to their single rim counterparts. These dissimilarities include the location, design, and overall dimensions. More information is provided about the differences between double rim and single room hoops in a later section.

Why was the Double Rim Hoop Invented?

Double Rim Hoop Invented

The concept of adding an extra rim to basketball hoops started with an idea to improve their durability. Single rim hoops are still fairly durable. However, the strong impact of the ball meeting the ring can shorten its life. Adding an extra hoop reduces the ring’s flexibility, providing a steadier and more durable way to enjoy the sport.

With two rims, the ring can now withstand the additional weight brought by a slam-dunking basketball player. Plus, the enhanced ruggedness allows the basketball ring to survive harsh weather than before. Thus, double rim hoops are ideal choices for outdoor basketball courts.

An ideal example would be street basketball where many players are more intense than those playing in the NBA. Some street basketball players would even hang from the basketball ring. This move can make the crowd go wild. On the downside, the additional tension on the ring would undoubtedly make it break sooner than later.

On the other hand, using double rim hoops in street basketball offers extra hang time for players. Nonetheless, hanging from a ring after a successful dunk isn’t a recommended action as it can still harm its structural integrity.

Is Playing Basketball on Double Rim Hoops Good?

Double Rim Hoops Good

Some basketball players feel that playing on double-rim hoops is demoralizing. Adding extra inches on the top of the standard rim makes the game more difficult to play than intended.

Imagine the following scenario: you line up to the ring perfectly. Next, you take the shot. Releasing the ball feels good, and you feel that it’s going to make you wet. However, the next thing you see is that the ball bounces off the ring, causing a turnover.

Although it makes the game more challenging, playing basketball with double-rim hoops can provide different advantages to players.

Improving the Shot Arc

Improving the Shot Arc

What is the shot arc in basketball? According to, the definition of an arc is:

In geometry, an arc is any unbroken part of the circumference of a circle or other curved line.

Taking that explanation into the realm of basketball, a shot arc is a curved line from the shooter to the ring. An arc is formed because it’s impossible to shoot the ball and score points with a straight line unless you’re going to shoot while sitting on the backboard and dropping the ball to the hoop.

Shooting with an arc presents players with better chances of letting the ball go through the hoop. Therefore, every basketball player needs to practice and improve their shooting arc. One way to achieve that is by going through shooting training with double rim hoops.

With the extra thickness, players would need to readjust their shot arcs to higher trajectories. In turn, the ball travels down to the rim at a steeper angle than before, giving the basketball reduced chances of going in and out the rim.

Many good shooters aim for a high-angled arc shot so the ball has a higher-than-average chance of going through the hoop. Practicing this skill with a double rim hoop also makes the ball travel high, reducing the chances of defensive players to block.

Improving the Shooting Touch

Improving the Shooting Touch

The shooting touch, also called the shooter’s touch, is a basketball move that makes the player release the ball from their hands with their fingers. In turn, the ball releases gently and lightly, offering excellent opportunities for it to go through the hoop.

Developing the shooter’s touch also reduces the risks of the ball going in and out the rim, even if the basketball’s trajectory is slightly off. With the help of this skill, the ball will most likely fall into the hoop, even if it hits the rim.

The total density of two rims makes the ring sturdier than before, compelling players not to use force in their shots. If a player uses significant pushing force from their hands and fingers as they shoot, the ball will most likely bounce off the rim. But, using the shooter’s touch will only make the ball bounce lightly, promoting better chances of it going through the hoop.

Improving Reaction Times

Improving Reaction Times

Basketball is a highly dynamic game. Pause on second, and the tide will turn to the favor of the opposing team. Therefore, basketball players need to make split-second decisions during games. One way to enhance that skill is by using double rim hoops.

Double rims allow players to enhance their responsiveness by adjusting their shooting angles quickly. The enhanced thinking provides improved opportunities to swerve arms at the best moments to avoid blocks while still making the shot.

Does the NBA Use Double Rims?

Does the NBA Use Double Rims

The league used the Gared Snap Back Goal from 1985 to 2009. This hoop is a single-rim model with a tie-cord net, allowing players to enjoy reduced chances of experiencing injuries during close-ranged shots. Additionally, this rim can withstand over 200 pounds of pressure.

After 2009, the NBA changed from the Gared Snap Back Goal to the Spalding Arena Pro 180 Goal. This new hoop sports a double rim that also comes with strategically placed finger guards. The added protection can help prevent players from pinching their fingers during dunks and close-ranged shots, which would otherwise invite accidents and injuries. Additionally, Spalding’s Goal has a 180-degree breakaway and it has better bounce than the old model.

Final Words

Basketball double rim hoops can improve players’ shot arc, shooting touch, and reaction times. Additionally, the extra layer can make the ring more durable than single rim models. Although these double-rimmed variants are ideal for street basketball, the NBA also uses two-rimmed hoops for their official matches. For more information regarding basketball hoops and anything else about the sport, check out Make-Shots.

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