The 5 Best 10-Foot Basketball Hoops

It’s safe to say that not everyone enjoys a wall-mount or a short hoop. A lot of people actually prefer the standard-sized hoops which are 10-feet. People gear towards hoops this tall because they want an experience that’s similar to those professional athletes that play in the NBA. Even teens want something taller than the typical 7.5-feet youth basketball systems offer. In this generation, kids, teens, and adults alike aren’t getting any smaller.

In fact, the average height of men during the 1890s range from 5 to 5-foot-6. That was so long ago and now our generation has had millions of taller people, especially in America. Now, the average NBA player height is 6-foot-7. That’s a pretty big difference compared to the average height about a century ago.

It only makes sense that almost everyone who wants to play basketball is leaning towards taller basketball hoops. Thankfully, a lot of brands have catered to that and manufactured hoops that are 10-feet high. You’ll be seeing well-known brands on our list that are of top quality and affordable. We assure you that these hoops will last years in your backyard or driveway.

This is why we are gladly introducing you to our list of the best 10-foot basketball hoops! You may scroll down further to see a more detailed review of each hoop.

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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated On January 12, 2021

Lifetime 71524 XL

Lifetime 71524 XL

  • Performance of the height adjustment mechanism is superb
  • Large 54-inch shatterproof backboard
  • Price is worth it
  • Base rolls on wheels which makes for easy portability
  • Three-part pole steel covered with powder coating that protects it from harsh weather
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

Overall, a great hoop for the price point. It’s suitable for both adults and children and the features are to be enjoyed by any type of player. If you’re interested in adjustable portable hoops made by this brand then you can check out the Lifetime 1269.

What Makes This Our #1 Product?

Here’s a video review of the Lifetime 71524 XL:

The 5 Best 10-Foot Basketball Hoops

Here are our five choices for the best 10-foot basketball hoops:

  1. Lifetime 71524 XL
  2. Lifetime 1269 Pro Court 
  3. Spalding “888’’ Series
  4. Spalding “The Beast”
  5. Lifetime 90061

1. Lifetime 71524 XL

  • 4.4/5 rating
  • Backboard Size: 54 inches
  • Backboard Type: Steel Framed Shatterproof
  • Backboard Surface: Polycarbonate
  • Rim:
  • Adjustment Height: 7.5 – 10 feet
  • Adjustment Type:
  • Support Pole: 3.5 inches
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited

2. Lifetime 1269 Pro Court

  • 4.6/5 rating
  • Backboard Size: 44 inches
  • Backboard Type: Shatterproof Fusion™
  • Backboard Surface: Polycarbonate
  • Rim: Classic
  • Adjustment Height: 7.5 – 10 feet
  • Adjustment Type:
  • Support Pole: 2.75 inches
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited

3. Spalding “888” Series Glass In-Ground Basketball Hoops

  • 4.6/5 rating
  • Backboard Size: 60-inches
  • Backboard: Tempered Glass
  • Height: 7’ – 10’
  • Support Pole: 6 x 6, 1-piece, square
  • Rim: Flex breakaway

4. Spalding “The Beast”

  • 4.1/5 rating
  • Dimensions: 54 – inch
  • Backboard: Tempered Glass (Elite Rebound)
  • Height: 7.5 – 10 ft
  • Rim: Steel pro image rim
  • Pole Size: 4’’ square pole

5. Lifetime 90061

  • 4.5/5 rating
  • Backboard Size: 52 inches
  • Backboard Type: Steel-framed Shatterproof ™
  • Backboard Surface: Polycarbonate
  • Rim: Slam-It
  • Adjustment Height: 7.5 – 10 feet
  • Adjustment Type: Front Adjust
  • Support Pole: 3-piece; 3.5 inches round
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited

The 5 Best 10-Foot Basketball Hoops

1. Lifetime 71524 XL

Lifetime 71524 XL

4.4/5  Overall Rating

Performance of the height adjustment mechanism is superb
Large shatterproof backboard
Price is worth it
Base rolls on wheels
Three-part pole steel covered with powder coating
5 Year Limited Warranty

Takes long to assemble
Backboard can warp in the heat; better for colder states
No rebound effect

What do most people think of this product?

Thankfully not all outdoor hoops are expensive. Fortunately for many, Lifetime manufactures affordable and decent basketball hoops. The Lifetime 71524 features a 54-inch shatterproof polycarbonate backboard with a ShatterGuard steel frame to protect it. It has an adjustment mechanism called the Power Lift which allows users to easily adjust the height of the hoop to their preference from 7.5 feet to 10 feet with no increments. This is perfect for players who want a basketball hoop that is adjustable and can be adjusted to a maximum height of 10-feet.

Included in the features is also the break-away Orange Slam-It Pro rim with an arena-style wraparound brace supporting a ⅝-inch ring of solid steel and is built to endure a slam. Attached to the rim is an all-weather net and pole with fade-resistant graphics, designed to withstand even the harshest of elements. Now the bottom part of the hoop has this Heavy-Duty portable base with a capacity of 35-gallons which provides stability and portability. It can also be filled with either water or sand for added stability.

A lot of consumers have left positive remarks on this particular model from Lifetime, and I understand why. Lifetime always sees to it that they only provide their consumers with the best. The loveable traits about Lifetime 71524 are its portability, height adjustment, backboard, spring-back pro rim, and of course its price.

The portability is a huge plus because you won’t have to unbolt the base from the ground, all thanks to the wheels it has. No more cement too, so you don’t have to get down and dirty with that. Not all portable hoops are adjustable so luckily this one does. Being able to adjust the height will make things easier for you and your children. You won’t have to buy a separate kids hoop for your children because you can share this one with them because of the height adjustability and you cut on costs too!

The 54-inch backboard is large enough for players to enjoy and it can definitely fit your driveway. You can perform bank shots on the side as well. The polycarbonate material it’s made out of is pretty durable and won’t shatter easily. The spring-back pro rim contains springs so this makes it suitable for dunking and the ball bounces off softly when shooting from long-range. And who wouldn’t be attracted to that price? A hoop of less than $500 is a winner!

Overall, a great hoop for the price point. It’s suitable for both adults and children and the features are to be enjoyed by any type of player. If you’re interested in adjustable portable hoops made by this brand then you can check out the Lifetime 1269.

2. Lifetime 1269 Pro Court

Lifetime 1269 Pro Court

4.6/5  Overall Rating

Acrylic backboard
Rim height is adjustable
Sturdy and durable
5 Year Limited Warranty

Some complaints about missing parts
More expensive than other similar models
Two people are needed to assemble
Pole’s adjustable height can slip
Exposed bolts can lead to early erosion

What do most people think of this product?

This hoop is great for homes because it can endure a real heated game. Now you won’t need to deal with pricey adjustable hoops because this one is less than $200! So this particular model from Lifetime comes in three colors: dark blue/white, gray/white, and red/white. This portable basketball system features a 44-inch polycarbonate Shatterproof Fusion backboard that is UV-protected and attached to it is a Classic Rim with the dimensions measuring at 3.5 x 2.75. The net is an all-weather type and the 3-piece round steel pole size is 2.75 in diameter. The entire system is also protected with fade-resistant graphics. The telescoping height adjustment allows you to lower or raise the hoop from 7.5 to 10 feet. The base measures at 43.2 x 30 and has a capacity of 27-gallons, it’s also equipped with wheels for easy portability.

To discuss the features in detail I’ll be starting off with the backboard. The board is made out of polycarbonate and we all know it’s not the most durable type and balls poorly bounce off this type of material. The size is relatively small compared to other standard-sized boards that measure at 50 to 60 inches. It only measures at 44-inches, while it may not be the best size for adults, it will be more appreciated by kids and teens who are just starting to play the sport. The good thing is, this one has anti-fade graphics because the board itself is UV-resistant so that protects the board and keeps it looking brand new even if exposed to the harsh sun.

Attached to the backboard is a Classic Rim. Nothing really new here, just your standard rim. This rim is also springless which makes it rigid, firm, and not too bouncy. This may not withstand dunking that much but still, there are other people who prefer these springless standard rims over double compression breakaway rims. This is because breakaway rims tend to become too bouncy which makes it feel flimsy. The net type is an all-weather one which is great for outdoor use.

The pole included in this set is made out of a 3-piece steel round pole with a diameter of 2.75 inches. 3-piece poles aren’t the strongest and so are round poles too. It’s actually the lowest quality of poles that basketball systems have, however, it’s understandable since this hoop only costs under $200. It has a telescoping height adjustment mechanism that allows you to lower the height to 7.5-feet up to 10-feet high. It’s not that easy to adjust this height alone though as you need to support the upper half of the hoop while lowering or raising it. If you have kids, don’t allow them to adjust the hoop by themselves because they get injured by doing so. The base this portable hoop comes with is relatively large with a capacity of 27-gallons. For easy portability, it’s equipped with wheels.

Overall, we recommend that kids and teens try out this affordable portable hoop. The height will cater to most teens and we’re sure they’ll enjoy playing with this durable hoop! Another type of basketball hoop parents and children can enjoy together are poolside hoops, go and check that out if you’re interested.

3. Spalding “888” Series Glass In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Spalding “888” Series Glass In-Ground Basketball Hoop

4.6/5  Overall Rating

Padded pole to prevent injuries
J-bolt anchor for easy transportation
6-inch pole offers a robust foundation

No padding for the backboard

What do most people think of this product?

Another great model from the Spalding line is the Spalding 888’’ Series. The backboard sizes for this series range from 54-inches, 60-inches, and 70-inches. All three models have this superb gym-quality look and feel that’s designed to give players an excellent and complete experience. If you’re a big fan of excellent rebound action then prepare to be amazed by the 60’’ tempered glass backboard. You won’t have to put up with the struggle of picking up the ball after every bank shot or layup.

In detail, the backboard is very large which accommodates most players’ tastes. Who doesn’t love a 60-inch big board made out of the best and strongest material, right? Adults will definitely adore this type of hoop because of its size. They’ll have more room to practice their shooting compared to a small backboard. When the ball hits the board, it perfectly bounces off. The sad part about this hoop though would be the absence of padding. Without padding, the board won’t be protected and players would be susceptible to injury.

This hoop is backed up with a stable support system all thanks to the 6-inch, one-piece pole. 1-piece poles that are square in shape are a good combo because these two are the best features a pole can have. Plus, it’s a pretty thick pole which maximizes the strength and stability of the entire basketball system. This also comes with heavy padding so that players won’t sustain injuries during an intense game.

Another great feature is the breakaway rim. Like most high-end hoops, this type of rim allows a player to perform a ridiculously intense dunk. The U-Turn Pro-Lift System is also a plus because it allows players to adjust the height from 7 to 10 feet with infinite increments. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about installation because the J-bolt system makes things easier for you. Simply remove the pole and move the entire basketball system to your desired location.

Overall, a very neat and sleek basketball system, you pretty much get what you pay for. Features are amazing, just goes to show that Spalding does not disappoint when it comes to their hoops.

4. Spalding “The Beast”

Spalding “The Beast”

4.1/5  Overall Rating

One of the most stable portable basketball hoops in the market
Premium quality
Professional grade


What do most people think of this product?

The top products won’t be complete without the most known brand in the basketball industry, Spalding! This brand is more focused on the professional players and for people who want to take their skills to a whole new level. Since this brand is popular and is NBA approved, don’t expect products here that are low-cost. Almost all their high-quality basketball hoops are worth a fortune. Stick around to know more about the Spalding The Beast Glass Portable Basketball Hoop.

The backboard material is made from tempered glass, this type of material is commonly used in professional basketball hoops such as the NBA and NCAA. Unlike polycarbonate boards that scratch easily and fade due to being exposed to the sun too much, the tempered glass is the complete opposite. The size is also pretty standard for its height and people usually do go for backboards that measure at 50-inches and above. They look sleeker and last longer too, in terms of cleanliness. The weight is just a little sacrifice that you have to put up with since it is quite heavy, but rest assured, you’ll get to practice your layups and bank shots better with this board. 

To complement the nice backboard would be a breakaway rim, which is perfect for enduring those monstrous dunks. The net is weather-resistant too. For that soft touch experience that is what the compression springs are for. Adjusting the height is quite flexible too, with the screw jack lift system, it allows the backboard to be adjusted with infinite heights between 7.5’ to 10’. 

The Powermove Base of The Beast is the most expensive one in the market to date. With 40-gallons you can fill that up with sand or water and get a very stable base which makes up a stable basketball hoop overall. We recommend using sand over water though. Like most people, they don’t want to deal with leaks. And it’s equipped with 4 wheels too for easy portability. 

From the reviews we read, the assembly time of this portable basketball hoop took a couple of hours, nonetheless, they were left completely satisfied with the build.

If you’re the type of player who wants to heat things up a bit and go towards a more professional approach to the game, then this portable basketball hoop will be a perfect buy. You have to have the money for this because right off the bat they are really expensive. But, expect nothing but the best from Spalding. They made this product pricey because it is absolutely “a beast” after all.

Performance-wise, you will not be disappointed. You won’t have to worry about part breaking or fading because they are all made from high-quality products. This basketball hoop is portable, high-quality, and is best known for its durability and strong structural integrity. Go on and give this beast a try and see for yourself!

5. Lifetime 90061

Lifetime 90061

4.5/5  Overall Rating

5-Year Warranty
Base has a fairly large capacity
Backboard has padding which protects both the board and the players using the hoop
Reinforcement braces keep the board stable

A little difficult to move around
Assembly is quite hard
Polycarbonate boards are not the strongest
Compression springs are exposed and are highly susceptible to corrosion
You will encounter shaking and vibrating sensations from this hoop due to the 3-piece pole (the weakest type of pole)

What do most people think of this product?

Another portable basketball system from Lifetime makes its way on our list, the Lifetime 90061. It features a 52-inch steel-framed Shatterproof backboard made out of High-Density Polyethylene (or also known as polycarbonate). Attached to the board is the Slam-It Pro Rim which is a breakaway-type rim. An all-weather nylon net also comes with the rim. The basketball hoop uses a Front Adjust height adjustment mechanism that allows players to easily raise or lower the hoop from 7.5 to 10 feet with increments of 6-inches. The round steel pole is a 3-piece, it’s powder-coated, and is 3.5-inches thick. The base is a heavy-duty type and has a large capacity of 35-gallons and with wheels in front.

We’ll focus on the specifications on each feature and I’ll be starting off with the backboard. The 52-inch polycarbonate backboard is advertised to be Shatterproof too. I’ve tackled this before on how the polycarbonate material is not the strongest kind. However, it can still perform well and not break during rough play. The performance won’t be on par with higher-end materials though like acrylic and tempered glass. Once the ball bounces off the polycarbonate board it won’t give too much of a response. Moreover, this board comes with padding located at the bottom of the board which prevents injuries to the players and adds safety to the entire basketball hoop.

The rim that’s attached to the board is a breakaway type. It’s called the Slam-It Rim and it has double compression springs that support moderate dunking. Sadly, you can’t go all out on this rim even though it’s the breakaway type. The rim is susceptible to rusting/tearing when exposed to inclement weather so we suggest that you either cover it with something or put a protective layer on it by using a protective spray. It has an all-weather nylon net as well and this works well outdoors and can endure harsh weathers.

The height is adjustable on this Lifetime model by utilizing the Front Adjust mechanism. You have the freedom to either raise or lower the height of the hoop from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. Adjusting the height can easily be done in a matter of seconds. The round steel pole is 3-piece and 3.5-inches thick. Again, not the strongest type of pole to support the entire hoop but pretty understandable because of the hoop’s affordability.

Now we have reached the bottom part of the Lifetime 90061 and we can see that it boasts a heavy-duty base. It has a capacity of 35-gallons and can be filled with either water or sand (we prefer the latter). This will prevent the entire basketball hoop from tipping and keeps it upright. There are also wheels located in front of the base which makes it easier for users to move it around in any location they want.

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