4 Reasons Basketball Players Wear Tights

There are a couple of reasons why basketballs wear tights including increase in blood flow, protection from injuries and sweat management.

A study shows that wearing tights or compression clothing during sport increases an athlete’s performance. Ever wonder whether there’s a truth behind this or it’s just a myth? These tights can be short, reach down to the knee or even be full length and extend the entire leg.

Do you think wearing tights really help players improve them in their performance? Let’s try to find out. Here are some reasons why NBA players and other basketball players are wearing tights.

1. They increase blood flow.

One huge benefit of wearing tights or compression gear is increased blood flow. This is incredibly important for athletes as increasing blood flow can get more oxygen to the muscles. Muscles require a sufficient amount of oxygen to perform, so the more oxygen in the blood, the better players will likely perform.

Increasing blood flow can also help the cells grow healthier and improve the function of the internal organs. Long term effects of increased blood flow even include helping the body’s ability to fight off certain infections.

Warm Up Before the Big Game

A recent study by the University of Regensburg in Germany reveals there were major increases in blood flow to the arteries when using compression tights during sporting activities.

There was another study that showed compression garments help especially after surgery, as only 9 percent of those who were wearing compression leggings under their shorts developed Deep Vein Thrombosis and 21 percent of those who didn’t.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a condition when the blood starts clotting in the veins; this condition normally takes place in the lower region of the legs including the thighs. This problem can happen to anyone, regardless of the age.

Muscles get cold after standing around or sitting on the bench for long periods, and tights can keep them engaged and ensure basketball players are always ready for action. This can also help the effects of stretching last longer.

2. Tights can ease injuries and protect the players.

Compression tights can also help ease injuries of players. They keep all of the muscles in place, which can help avoid sprains, strains, pulls and other common ailments. This supports muscles, which can be a very comfortable feeling during a game.

Hand eye co-ordination

Tights aren’t just considered as a piece of fashion layer worn but they can also help protect the players from occasional bruises and bumps on the court. Some basketball players are wearing tights with honeycomb padding built in to protect their knees, elbows and other parts of their bodies. Definitely a lifesaver during hard falls. Of course, injuries can still happen even if you’re wearing tights or not, but at least it can be minimized.

3. They help manage sweating.

Sweating heavily is part of the game. Even if you’re only shooting hoops in your driveway by yourself, you’re bound to sweat a little bit. It can be quite annoying and doesn’t leave you smelling the freshest.

While compression gear won’t stop the sweating, it can help fight it. Many compression garments and tights are made of either polyester or nylon material. They are breathable and lightweight so it’s very comfortable to wear. This can also help keep the body cool, help the clothes last longer and more.

4. They are fashionable and comfortable to wear.

Tights have become more widespread now and more players, especially those who wish to show off their legs or their leggings, are wearing them. Pro NBA star Lebron James’ (it may give you an idea on how to dress like a pro basketball player too) is wearing eye-catching tights on his way home from practice.


Quality compression tights are made of tight and stretchable to allow for support for the lower body. Some popular tights brands used by players like Nike or Adidas use a material with antimicrobial properties and some resistance.

Not every player wear compression gear solely for the health and injury reduction benefits. Many will wear them simply because they look good. Compression tights come in crazy colors now for those that want to definitely be noticed on the court.

Sports, especially basketball, is more fashionable than ever before. Many tights and related compression gears are quite sleek and come in a variety of colours. Looking good can also help you feel more confident and as you know, confidence is incredibly important during sports. If you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you often play well.

What you should look for in your basketball compression shorts


When searching for perfect basketball compression tights that is right for you, there are some essential features or factors you need to consider. Remember that the choice should still come down to how comfortable it feels when you wear them.


Choose a tight that is made of sweat-absorbing fabric to keep you fresh even if you’re sweating heavily. It will keep you cooler and healthier throughout the game.


Basketball players wear all kinds of compression tights, some like shorter, some longer. If this is your first time thinking about compression garment, choose short compression tights first. It’s less of a shock if you haven’t wear them yet, and you can always order full-length when you get used to this kind.

Style and color

If you’re in the team, it’s best that all teammates have uniform color shade.

If you’re buying alone, make sure that the colors go well with the color of a basketball uniform.

No matter what, invest in quality. The most compression and durability comes through the garment of a higher price range. It is what it is.

Of course, you will find much lesser expensive compression tights on the market, but don’t be surprised if they aren’t as comfortable as other brands. Again, invest in quality; it’s a much safer and more practical option.

NBA professional basketball league:

In-built features

Besides the most common features like  length or colours, you must consider other features that tights offer compared to other brands. For example, some sports wear or tights are made using materials with antimicrobial properties to help feel more comfortable and fresh. Also, some compression leggings or tights are designed to keep you tight up.

Regardless, it is always beneficial if you assess the variety of features that different tights offer to end up with the best deals.


Hopefully, you’re now able to understand why the NBA and other basketball players are wearing tights or compression shorts under their uniforms. While they are by no means required in the game, they are a good and helpful piece of gear to consider.

Now to answer the question whether compression tights help basketball players perform better. It won’t make you become MVP or improve in basketball but it can make you feel and look good. You won’t run faster, you won’t shoot better, you won’t jump higher. However, you will play better if you’re not bruised or injured throughout the game.

Of course, many things can happen inside the court and during the game. You’re never completely safe and become injury-free. More than the comfort that tights provide for players, the above mentioned benefits are some reasons why some, if not most of the players wear them.

To conclude, tights are worn by players because it can easily absorb sweat, warm the body and benefit the prevention of muscle strain. And it helps allow for maximum blood flow during and after the activity.

Do you have other types of gear you like to wear when playing basketball that helps you feel great? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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