Why Are Basketball Players So Attractive? 4 Reasons Why

Many people find basketball players attractive and with good reason. Basketball athletes, particularly in the NBA, have the looks, personality, and athletic performance to make any sports fan swoon.

Even people who aren’t into sports may find professional basketball players attractive. It might even be difficult not to do a double-take when these athletes storm the court.

So, what makes basketball attractive as a sport? Also, what are the characteristics of an attractive basketball player? Finally, who are the most attractive players of all time? Find out the answers to those questions as you continue to read through this article.

basketball players attractive


Like other sports, basketball can make an individual produce vibes that can make that person more attractive than others. But, before looking at basketball players’ athletic physiques, it’s important to know what makes this sport attractive to fans.

Shooting, passing, blocking, and rebounding – these actions, among many, can happen so fast on the basketball court. It’s this exhilarating nature that many enthusiasts of the sport thrive in that environment.

Underdog teams winning from a “come from behind win.” Games going into overtime. The star player missing that crucial free-throw shot. These events can transpire in relatively any basketball match. But, this unreliability nourishes basketball fans to their cores.

Those chances, regardless if they’re positive or negative, still exist. Hence, it can be an exciting moment to see the athletes beat those odds. For example, the game is tied with a 100-100 score, and the shot clock reads five seconds remaining before the match goes into overtime. At that moment, the player carrying the ball is the least performing member of the team.

He makes the shot, and the crowd stands while the ball is still airborne. The buzzer rings, but the ball is still in the air. Everyone, including each team’s managers, bite their nails in anticipation. Then, the unthinkable happens as the ball makes that glorious swooshing sound as it goes through the hoop. Crowds worldwide go wild, and that underdog player might even be considered as the MVP.

If you imagined that scenario, perhaps thoughts of that excitement are now shaking every fiber of your being. This trait, among others, is what makes basketball an exciting and attractive sport.

What are the Traits of an Attractive Basketball Player?

attractive basketball player


Basketball is an attractive sport. But, some people, even if they’re not sports fans, find basketball players attractive. Is it the player’s charisma? Perhaps it’s the undeniable good looks that make these athletes look more appealing than the average person.

Explaining this reason is a 2014 study that showed 2012 professional Tour de France cyclists and the relationship of their attractiveness and performance. The researchers studied 800 participants and rated 80 pro riders based on their athletic looks and performance. The results showed that these 80 professional cyclists were 25% better-looking than those at the bottom of the list.

Albeit that study focuses on professional cyclists, the results should be similar to the basketball scene. Sports fan or not, some people may find basketball players more attractive than those who have corporate jobs.

Some of the reasons for these athletes’ attractiveness are:

1. Self Confidence


The words “be more confident” isn’t only a phrase found in cheesy motivational posters and YouTube videos. But, high-performing basketball players, especially those in the NBA, are self-confident by nature.

One research published in the Society for Personality and Social Psychology found that participants with high scores in overconfidence have high scores in their dating profiles. In turn, the results concluded that confidence is a strong predictor of one’s overall attractiveness to other people.

How does one know if a basketball player is confident or not? Look at how that athlete moves around the court and ask yourself, “Does that player stop or stutter when making quick decisions?”

If you ask why are basketball players hot, one important trait is his confidence. This self-reliance he manifests every fiber of his being that the ball will go through the hoop. On the other hand, non-confident players will most likely stop for a few seconds before taking the shot, even if the opposition is still far away.

Players exuding deep amounts of confidence can also lead to other attractive traits, such as possessing a strong sense of determination and motivation.

2. Motivation


Basketball players who frequently tell themselves, “I can do this” tend to be more attractive than those who say otherwise. It’s this determination that creates a profile of a determined individual both on and off the court.

With the right level of motivation, an individual has the “gusto” to press forward, despite challenges hindering their path. For instance, if a jar is difficult to open with your hands, find another way to open it. In a similar sense, if several opponents block the path to make the perfect shot, then make an opening for your team to score.

Most people like their romantic partners to be successful in life, regardless if they’re professional NBA stars or not. Remember, a determined individual knows that the path to success isn’t a straight and narrow line. Instead, success routes generally have different branches, but no good thing will happen if that person starts moving forward.

3. Sharing the Win

sharing win


Many people like winning, particularly if the challenge is quite difficult. Holding that coveted trophy after weeks or months of laborious training sessions can make victory even more satisfying than usual. As winning athletes jump around in glee, so do their partners.

One excellent example is during the 2015-2016 NBA season when the Cleveland Cavaliers took the cup by surprise. Despite the team snowballing past the Atlanta Hawks and Detroit Pistons, the Golden State Warriors stood against the Cavaliers as giants.

During that specific season, the Warriors took a 3-1 lead over the Cavaliers. It was looking grim for the Cavaliers. However, each player rose to the challenge and beat the Warriors with a final score of 93-89 in Game 7.

One can only imagine the happiness the couples of these athletes are feeling after declaring their wing. But, according to a publication from the American Psychological Association (APA), couples celebrating their partners’ accomplishments as if they too worked hard to earn those goals tend to enjoy more satisfaction in their relationships than others. These are classic tales of “in good times and bad” and “’till death do us part.” After all, joy tends to multiply exponentially with love.

4. Self-Discipline



It takes years of grueling work before one can become an overnight success. Please note that magic pills don’t exist in the path to success and basketball players know this fact. It takes a rigorous amount of focus, commitment, and sheer will. These traits will lead to a personality with seemingly limitless self-discipline, which is a trait many people will find highly attractive.

Jogging at 4 am, talking to potential sponsors, and spending hours to perfect that 3-point shot are some of the marks of a self-disciplined basketball athlete. Perhaps it’s even safe to say that many individuals are looking for self-disciplined partners to help them go through life’s endeavors. Sticking to a strict schedule is also a sign of great discipline and one of the reasons why basketball players are muscular. 

Imagine if an average person doesn’t have self-discipline; that individual might be a big dreamer. But, those ideas will likely stay as dreams. But, self-disciplined people, especially those who are athletes, know that dreams won’t come to reality without changing some things in their lives.

If a person knows how to maintain proper discipline in relatively every aspect of their life, he or she may enjoy a relationship with fewer troubles than others.

Who are the Most Attractive NBA Players?


Many NBA players are quite attractive, but some athletes in the professional basketball scene tend to exude more aesthetics, finesse, and positive personality than others in the league.

Here are some players deemed to be the most attractive in the NBA:

1. Wesley Matthews


At the time of writing, Wesley Matthews, Jr. is the shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. But, many people don’t only consider his skill in scoring points for his team and stealing balls while on the defense. People find his charisma on and off the court to be the alluring poison. Some individuals might even go to his games to see his face.

2. Blake Griffin


Ask people about the things they love about Blake Griffin, and you might get an answer like, “What’s not to love about him?” Griffin exudes a charismatic appeal that outshines many players in the NBA. He even had Vines riddled with hilarious videos to show his funny side. 

3. James Harden


If there’s one thing many people like about James Harden, it’s the beard. Men envy that mark of bravado while women swoon over it. Harden’s looks and personality even captured the affection of the famous Khloe Kardashian.

Final Words – The Reasons Basketball Players are Attractive


Self-confidence, a deep sense of motivation, and self-discipline are among the many traits people to find basketball players attractive. Sports fans find these characteristics appealing, regardless if the person is an athlete or not. Some NBA stars radiate these characteristics more than others, such as James Harden and Blake Griffin. Still, it can even be the pure love of the sport that keeps basketball fans united.

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