How to Wash a Baseball Jersey – A Beginner’s Guide

It doesn’t need to be a headache to keep baseball uniforms looking their best. Most baseball uniforms are using heavyweight polyester knit or mesh. In this guide we will discuss:

  • Equipment needed to wash a baseball jersey/uniform
  • 4 steps to wash a baseball jersey
  • 5 extra tips to ensure a successful wash
  • And more…
Wash a Baseball Jersey

Here’s what you’ll need to wash your baseball jersey:

4 Steps to Wash a Baseball Jersey Properly

Step 1: Rinse the jersey.

After the game, rinse the uniform with cool water to remove as much mud and dirt as possible. You can also spray the uniform pieces with a hose.

Step 2: Presoak to remove a layer of dirt.

Before washing, use warm water and detergent to start getting the uniform clean. This step can also help remove stubborn stains.

Step 3: Wash.

After presoaking, add warm water and a heavy-duty detergent. Set the press cycle to permanent. It’s not ideal to use whitener for polyester fabrics, so keep that in mind. Also, chlorine bleach and white vinegar can damage the outer surface of the garment and expose its yellow core. Instead of using chlorine bleach or white vinegar, try mixing a solution of warm water and oxygen bleach to whiten the uniform.

Step 4: Hang to dry.

Hang the uniform on a clothesline or a drying rack. Dry it flat on a clean surface. If you must use a clothes dryer, tumble on low heat and remove while still slightly wet.​

5 Tips to Wash a Baseball Jersey

Aside from washing your baseball jersey properly, you should also follow some important tips to ensure that the fabric will last for a long time. Here are some essential tips to help prevent long-term issues to appear on athletic wear.

1. Remove Tough Stains First

Chris Roberson

Sometimes sliding into the dirt can also mean you’re dragging your jersey into things other than soil, such as bird poop. Take note that machine washing isn’t an effective method for removing stains. Instead, try a mixture of white vinegar and water. But too much of this mixture can be harmful to the jersey. So it’s best to dab on the tough stain instead of soaking the fabric to avoid harm.

2. Only Wash Baseball Jerseys with Other Jerseys

Take note that it’s standard washing machine practice to separate the colored garments from the other ones. Therefore, don’t mix your baseball jerseys with other pieces of clothing. Otherwise, color streaks can appear on other clothes.

3. Reverse the Jerseys and Undo the Buttons

Reverse the Jerseys and Undo the Buttons

Turn the garment inside out. Doing so will prevent the detergent from penetrating the garment significantly, which would otherwise cause stains. Unbuttoning it will also help prevent it from getting damaged.

4. Only Use a Gentle Detergent and Wash Cycle

Use a neutral or color-safe detergent. This product will help keep your clothes looking their best. Wash the jersey before games and practices to prevent sweat and dirt from seeping into the fabric. Adding a small amount of white vinegar to the bleach will remove most odors.

5. Maintain Warm Water Temperature

Maintain Warm Water Temperature

While cold water is the best option to prevent shrinkage and color running, it can also cause damage to your clothes. On the other hand, warm water can make the detergent work more effectively than intended.

Do MLB Jerseys Shrink?

MLB Jerseys Shrink

Yes, MLB jerseys can shrink when washed. However, shrinkage can be a good thing, especially if the jersey is a size or two larger than your original shirt size.

Shrinking baseball jerseys requires the right process. First, use cold water in the washing machine if the fabric is polyester. Otherwise, use hot water if it’s cotton. Then, start the wash cycle and remove the garment as soon as it ends. Place the jersey in the dryer or leave it outside to hang it dry. After the jersey dries completely, it should shrink.

Final Words

Sports uniforms, especially baseball jerseys need to look their best. Washing these pieces of athletic clothing needs you to follow the correct washing methods. Failure to follow the correct washing guidelines can result in issues like tears, shrinkage, and discoloration.

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