Under Armour: Curry 6 Review

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Stephen Curry, a professional basketball player who has a massive number of accomplishments throughout his NBA career and is actually still growing. He’s mostly known for being Golden Boy or the Baby-Faced Assassin. He just dominates the game once he starts to play. This amazing point guard has already made a name for himself and is one of the most adored NBA players of all time.

Of course, we all know how that ends up. Amazing players like him get to have this opportunity to form partnerships with well-known sports brands. People mostly expect that athletes from the NBA sign contracts with Nike since this is the brand that most athletes wear in the NBA. However, it’s a different case when it comes to Curry. We’ll be explaining that in a while so this is just a gist of what you’re about to see as you read along.

This is why we are gladly introducing you to our review of the Under Armour Curry 6! You may scroll down further to see a more detailed review of the shoe.

What is the Story Behind Nike and Curry?

Curry 6 by Under Armour

To be straightforward, Under Armour simply offered a bigger sum of money in their contract with Stephen Cury compared to Nike. Specifically, UA laid out $4 million as an annual payment and even offered Curry to a signature shoe AND to become the face of the company. Nike on the other hand only offered $2.5 million per year, which obviously is a much lower amount compared to that of UA’s offer.

Furthermore, his daughter, Riley, was also a big factor in Curry’s decision. He simply laid out three shoes in front of his daughter, one belonging to Nike, the other Adidas, and finally Under Armour. Riley picked up the first two shoes and threw them over her shoulder and chose one pair and gave it to her dad, those pair of shoes turned out to be the Under Armour Anatomix Spawn. So right then and there, Curry said he knew which company to choose.

Interestingly enough, in 2016, UA has sold $160 million worth of Curry sneakers which topped the $150 million estimate that Nike had with the LeBron shoe line. On top of that, Curry was able to top over signature sneakers belonging to Kevin Durant ($82 million), Irving ($51 million), and Kobe ($18 million). It’s rather alarming for Nike, which is a dominating brand when it comes to basketball shoes being used by NBA players because a different brand was able to top them.

Overview Of Under Armour’s Curry 6

Under Armour: Curry 6 Review

Curry 6 by Under Armour

4.8/5  Overall Rating

Curry 6 is considered to be the best model out of the Curry shoe line
These are highly recommended by a lot of consumers
People love the HOVR cushioning since it’s able to provide enough court feel, impact protection, and responsiveness
The colorways are adored by many
The translucent rubber outsole of the Curry 6 grips well even on dusty courts
Ventilation is a plus, keeps the feet cool and dry all-day
Thanks to the speed plate, the heel-to-toe transition happens smoothly
Break-in time is quick
The insole has been upgraded and is now much softer than the insoles on its predecessors
The shoe’s upper is quite durable and flexible

The tongue is quite thin so when people tighten their laces, it hits their foot
Outsole wears easily when used outdoors
One particular colorway, the Christams in the Town, gets dirty esily
The rubber outsole pops and tears when pressure is applied on the forefoot angles of the grooves

What do most people think of this product?

The designer of the Curry 6, Leon Gu, created the shoe with the intention of making it a running shoe in order to fit the playing style of Curry. After all, point guards are the quickest players in a team so they need the right kind of shoes to fit their playing style. The full-length HOVR cushioning helps Curry with energy return for each step he takes and the foam helps protect him from impacts. The Curry 6 is also the first Curry shoe to feature a knit upper which provides great lockdown by the way. Then another neat feature is the Speed Plate which adds stability. You won’t encounter any troubles when it comes to executing different kinds of movements like sprints, acceleration, jumps, and back peddling becasue these shoes have great traction.


For this part, you’ll see that the Curry 6 uses a full-length HOVR cushioning. This part of the midsole has been improved so that it won’t feel too bouncy on your feet. So it’s a mixtue of being bouncy and firm so that everything is under control. With this cushioning as well, you’ll get to experience impact protection, court feel, responsiveness, and explosiveness. If you tend to worry about insoles becoming defromed over time, then your worries will start to fade with this! The cushioning is covered with Energy Web which is responsible for maintaining the shape of the HOVR cushioning. Plus, you get additional torsional support, all thanks to the full-length Speed Plate which works like a midfoot shank. This one extends to the lateral side of the shoe which is a big help when players do quick cuts and crosses because this part bends and springs back fast to give the player stability.


Since these shoes were designed to be like running shoes, the Curry 6 is a lightweight, small, and faster shoe. This is exactly built for point guards who value speed above everything else. Digging into the outsole we’ll see that it’s divided into three sections that cater to Curry’s footwork. On the heel area is an axe-like groove, the forefoot area has six sections and its role is to provide support to Curry’s movements, and finally the midfoot area features thin parallel grooves. The lateral side of the sole features parallel lines that sollow the outline of the side of the shoe. Then on the medial side is the cross-hatched pattern that was actually insipred by the stucco found in the house where Curry grew up in at Charlotte, North Carolina. So tis unique pattern with a story delivers excellent traction on any kind of surface.

There was this one review in which the author stated that the traction on the previous Curry models were far better compared to the Curry 6. With the traction on this one, you’d have to at least do frequent wiping on areas that gather dust easily, like the cross-hatched portion of the outsole. Despite that, these still perform well when used outdoors, but don’t expect it to perform as good as when you use it indoors.


Curry 6 by Under Armour

Stretching from the heel to the toe area, everything is made out of a full-length textile knit upper. But of course, there are fuse overlays on areas where wear and tear is most likely to happen such as the toe box and eyelets. The heel counter is overlaid with rubber for protection. It also features enough padding so that the player will feel comfortable while wearing the shoes.


The Curry 6 comes in a standard size (length and width). There were not much complains regarding the fit on these shoes, rather, there were a lot of praise because a lot of these consumers have claimed that the fit runs true to size which is amazing. Although the same cannot be said about wide-foot people. This is because the shoe naturally has a tight fit (narrow forefoot area) which in time, will lossen up after breaking them in. So it’s better to try these shoes out in physical stores to get a more precise fit, especially for wide-foot players.

In terms of lockdown, the standard lacing system keeps the feet in place. The shoelaces used are flat and these are known to have great securing power when tied properly and tailored to a perfect fit.


Curry shoes are known to provide support and stability and the Curry 6 lives up to that. When we take a look at the base of the shoe, we can see that it is flat and wide which is great for giving players stability. As I’ve said, the shoe also features a Speed Plate which acts as a reinforcer to the HOVR cushioning and an outrigger without restricting mobility.


This was designed to mimic the function, look, and feel of a running shoe for quick point guards. On the lateral side of the shoe we can see the Stephen Curry logo. On the tongue is the Under Armour logo and the “30:6” which is a Bible verse and Curry’s so-called mantra. The insole has Curry’s logo as well, the “IN THE TOWN” callout, and the number 10 which symbolizes as the number of years wherein Curry stayed in Oakland. On the forefoot area we can see the names of his wife and his two children. Lastly, on the middle of the outsole we can see his signature statement “I CAN DO ALL THINGS”.

All these specific inputs on the shoe’s design gives us a glimpse of what type of person Stephen Curry is and all I can say is this man really has a heart of gold and pure love for the sport of basketball.


Overall, the Curry 6 is considered to be one of the candidates for the spot of being the best shoe during 2019. Just goes to show that the features of the shoe prove themselves and perform well when used during matches. When it comes to cushioning, it may not be the greatest but it still delivers. Players still get to experience responsiveness, court feel, and impact absorption from the full-length HOVR cushioning. Traction is pretty good too and works well on any kind of surface.

The only major downside for this shoe would have to be the outsole because the rubber just comes off the bottom of the shoe and this has proven to be the source of frustration from a lot of people who have also bought this shoe. This is the only thing that keeps people from giving the Curry 6 a 5/5 rating.

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