Top 6 Best Baseball Cleats for 2022 [Revealed]

Select Baseball CleatsIf you’re looking for the top 6 best baseball cleats for 2021, you came to the right place!

We looked around the market to find the best options for you to use during your baseball games.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The best baseball cleats, along with their pros and cons
  • The top baseball cleat brands
  • How do baseball cleats compare to other cleats

And more!

Keep in mind that wearing a reliable baseball cleat is a must to ensure that you’re always at the top of your game.

Below is a quick list of our top-rated products. Continue scrolling to read our buyer’s guide on how to choose the best baseball cleats for your needs.


#1 – Adidas Icon V Bounce


#2 - New Balance 4040v5


#3 – Nike Force Trout 6 Pro

#4 - Adidas Adizero Afterburner 8

#5 - New Balance Fresh Foam 3000 V5

#6 - Nike Alpha Huarache ELT 2

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated on November 19, 2021

Adidas Icon V Bounce

Among the different baseball cleats we bought and reviewed for 2021, we found the Adidas Icon V Bounce to be our top pick.

Not only is it a great-looking shoe, but it also performs well in and outside baseball fields. It’s also comfortable and well-made. Although this particular cleat has a break-in period, the overall fit and comfort are nothing short of amazing.

Our Top 6 Baseball Cleats for 2021

In this section, here’s a list of our top-rated baseball cleats for 2021 that we bought and tested. Click on each link to take a look at the products.

What are the Top Brands for Baseball Cleats?

A quality pair of cleats will require you to purchase from a top brand. If you are looking for inexpensive baseball cleats, it’s a must that you buy from a trustworthy maker. Many baseball athletes and enthusiasts choose brands like Adidas, Nike, Mizuno, and New Balance above others.
Manny Machado Cleats

How do Baseball Cleats Compare With Cleats Used in Other Sports?

Take note that different cleats provide distinct benefits when used in their respective sports. For example, a pair of football cleats may not provide the same advantages to a baseball player. The same goes when wearing a pair of baseball cleats in football.

Here’s a quick comparison of the different features of cleats from various sports.

Category Baseball Cleats Football Cleats Lacrosse Cleats Soccer Cleats
Excellent traction on dirt, grass, and soil
Excellent all-around traction
Excellent all-around traction
Only ideal on soccer fields
Varies on cut
Generally heavy
Generally lightweight
Generally lightweight
Height and Support
Has low, mid, and high cut variants
Has low, mid, and high cut variants
Generally mid-cut cleats
Generally low-cut cleats
Other Uses
Unusable in football and soccer
Usable in other games if the rules allow
Unusable in soccer
Unusable in football

What Should You Look For When Buying Baseball Cleats?

Buying baseball cleats haphazardly can become a costly mistake. Wearing the wrong cleats in baseball can even promote foot and leg injuries. Take note of these important factors to help you with your purchasing decision.

  • Cleat Type

Baseball cleats come in four different categories, which are:

  • Metal cleats: Metal baseball cleats are popular among professional and college players due to their great grip on the infield.
  • Molded cleats: Molded, plastic baseball shoes can last for a long time and are usually cheaper than metal ones.
  • Turf shoes: These baseball turf shoes provide a comfortable and durable surface for playing and training. They are great for both on and off-field activities.
  • Training shoes: These shoes are great for running, making them ideal choices for baseball practice sessions. However, they are only suitable for training on grass as they provide little traction.
  • Height

There are two main types of baseball cleats: Low-Tops and Mid/High-Tops. A low-top cleat is ideal for baserunners and other positions that require a lot of movement in the field. On the other hand, a mid/high-top model should suffice for pitchers and players that don’t move around a lot on the baseball field.

  • Position

If you’re looking for a specific shoe for a specific position, here are some things to consider:

  • Outfielder: Use metal cleats as the shoe doesn’t pick up significant portions of dirt and grass.
  • Infielder: Use molded cleats for that extra traction at the infield.
  • Pitcher: A mid/high-top cleat is ideal since you won’t be moving a lot in the playing field.
  • Size

Finding the right size for your baseball cleats is a fairly straightforward task since these shoes tend to have the same fit as everyday shoes. However, you should still take note of the following considerations:

  • The toe should not be more than a quarter of an inch from the cleat’s end and heel to experience optimal comfort.
  • Pick a tight fit over a loose shoe. Cleats tend to expand over time, making the fit more comfortable.
  • Material

Many cleats use leather construction. If you choose a leather model, make sure that the shoe is breathable. Otherwise, you’re going to deal with sweaty and stinky feet after each game.

  • Stud Length

Short studs tend to work better on hard fields as compared to their longer counterparts. Still, if you’re going to play on a soft field, consider using a baseball cleat with long studs.  

Pick #1: Adidas Icon V Bounce

The Adidas Icon V Bounce is a prime pick for many baseball owners. It’s a popular choice that even the team heard about it, which lead us to buy the product. Our expectations were met with satisfaction as this shoe delivered more value than we anticipated.

This baseball cleat’s fit is snug that it brings comfort and security to any team member with the right foot size. Speaking of security, the lace closure system lets the shoe stay worn, even during intense plays. Finally, the patented Stealtrax outsole plate delivers excellent traction and breathability to its wearer.

My only gripe is that the outsole doesn’t seem to have the same level of durability as the rest of the shoe. This part might wear out sooner than later. Therefore, we advise those who want to buy this shoe to take special care of this outsole to prevent it from getting ruined.

Pick #2: New Balance 4040v5

We looked for budget-friendly baseball cleats on the market and our search landed us on the product page of this item. The 4040v5 has hundreds of positive feedback, which piqued our curiosity. Upon its arrival at our office, we were blown away by the quality of this cleat despite its reasonably inexpensive price.

First, we noticed that the outsole delivers better traction than its more expensive counterparts. Some folks from the team tried going downhill while wearing this shoe, and it gave the necessary grip to prevent falls.

Next, some of us liked its discreet design. It’s not incredibly flashy that it draws unnecessary attention to it. Finally, the cushioned insole provides a reasonable amount of comfort for all-day wearing.

On the downside, we didn’t like that the fit is a bit too snug than others. Some of my colleagues complained that this cleat isn’t ideal for their wide feet.

Pick #3: Nike Force Trout 6 Pro

This baseball cleat gained popularity from many sportswear enthusiasts because of many reasons. Even some of our teammates couldn’t wait to test this shoe out because of its many notable features.

I was able to test it out when it arrived at our place and was almost immediately impressed by the comfort this shoe provides.

The Air Sole technology, accompanied by a full-length foam, absorbed most, if not all of the impacts brought to the shoe.

Underneath the shoe, we found a TPU plate with angular spikes. These manufacturing choices allowed the product to maintain optimal stability and traction during different plays.

Finally, the Flyweave upper helps decrease the overall weight of the shoe. Baserunners will get a kick (no pun intended) out of this shoe as it can make them feel like they’re flying through the baselines.

However, we suggest not to wear this cleat anywhere else but the baseball field. The metal spikes might dig into soft surfaces, which may cause unwanted confrontations from certain lot owners.  

Pick #4: Adidas Adizero Afterburner 8

There are plenty of likable aspects to the Adizero Afterburner 8, starting with its lightweight construction. At about 1.5 pounds, it doesn’t wear down our testers’ legs and feet. It’s even quite comfortable for all-day wearing.

We also liked that the snug fit is fairly tight. It’s not significantly taut that the shoe chokes on our ankle and foot. Our wearers owed this trait to the Sprintskin feature, which provides optimal support while maintaining its lightweight characteristics.

The textile lining is also great for sweaty feet. It provides excellent breathability that does a decent job in keeping the foot as dry as possible.

Still, we would prefer if the shoe has a leather construction instead of having a synthetic textile material. It’s because we felt that the durability might need some improvement. 

Pick #5: New Balance Fresh Foam 3000 V5

If you have been into shoes for quite some time, you should know that the New Balance Fresh Foam series was a bit of a puzzle at first. Some of the products in its line are firm and quite uncomfortable. But we can safely say that those shortcomings aren’t in the 3000 V5.

This Fresh Foam shoe provides a soft and supportive fit. These two traits allowed us to enjoy a tall stack height and a smooth ride. We also loved the flexible upper as it has a wide base, allowing people with wide feet to bask in the comfortable fit. The stability is also top-notch, considering that a heel counter exists to keep the foot in place. Moreover, the entire shoe weighs less than a pound.

But some of our teammates have a slight nitpick with the shoe’s flexibility. For them, this cleat is a bit too flexible, which might not be ideal if you’re looking for a rigid baseball cleat.

Pick #6: Nike Alpha Huarache ELT 2

What do we get when you combine the Nike Air and Nike Air Zoom and added cleats? We have the Alpha Huarache ELT 2. This cleat has the features found in the brand’s Air series and fine-tuned them for baseball players.

For instance, the Alpha Huarache ELT 2 has elements found in the Air and Air Zoom that offer supreme comfort to its wearers. Our teammates were even able to try it out for everyday wearing and they didn’t complain about the shoe’s cushion or fit. They even liked these components and their comfortable characteristics. Furthermore, internal pads help cup the heel to prevent blisters.

We also liked the synthetic textile upper, even though we still prefer leather for better durability. Still, this material allowed the shoe to offer first-rate breathability, which is perfect for some of our sweaty feet.

Our Top Pick: Adidas Icon V Bounce

Our top pick is still the Adidas Icon V Bounce.

It provides first-rate comfort that is almost unbeatable in the baseball cleat sector. This shoe is snug, secure, comfortable, and breathable, which are the characteristics many baseball players search for in top-notch sports footwear.

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