Top 5 Best Indoor Mini Bedroom Basketball Hoops

If you’re the type of person that wants to amp up their bedroom and make it more exciting, or you’re the type that just can’t take your mind off of playing ball and want to constantly have a ball in your hand and shoot, then you’re definitely in need of a basketball hoop in your home.

This is why we are gladly introducing you to our list of the best bedroom basketball hoops! You may scroll down further to see a more detailed review of each hoop.

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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick - Hang it over your door!

Updated On January 12, 2021

SKLZ Pro Mini XL

SKLZ Pro Mini XL

  • Springy steel rim to make users game more accessible
  • Shatterproof backboard with metal frame minimizes noise
  • Can tolerate a rough swoosh from rough play
  • Net is well sized and accommodates to most basketball sizes
  • Hooks fit most doors
  • Very durable

If you want to bring life into your plain room, then this hoop is for you. It’s easy to assemble and install, it’s durable, and it has a sleek and professional design which will surely capture any person’s attention!

What Makes This Our #1 Product?

Here’s a video review of the SKLZ Pro Mini XL:

The Top 5 Best Mini Bedroom Basketball Hoops

Here are our top five choices for the best bedroom basketball hoops:

  1. Spalding NBA Jam
  2. SKLZ Pro Mini XL
  3. AND1 Indoor Basketball Hoop 
  4. Lifetime 73650 
  5. GoSports Basketball Door Hoop

Top 5 Bedroom Indoor Basketball Hoops

Spalding NBA Jam Over The Door Unit (56099)

Spalding NBA Jam Over The Door Unit (56099)

4.7/5 Overall Rating

Fits most doors
Padded polycarbonate backboard
Has a spring-loaded hoop for dunks
Comes with an authentic mini Spalding ball

Some customers say that it’s thin and feels cheap
Some claim that the backboard easily breaks

What do we think of this product?

The first hoop on our list is the Spalding NBA Jam Over The Door Unit. Let’s talk about how this product is advertised by the brand. Spalding says that this hoop is similar to the Official Game Backboards of the NBA. It’s at a ¼’’ scale replica of the actual NBA game backboard which keeps the proportions similar to the professional level backboards. The design features the NBA logo of course. With a hoop like this, you’ll get to have a real NBA experience without having to leave your room.

The set includes an NBA replica game ball that arrives deflated when you order the wall-mount hoop. This measures at 5-inches in diameter and is designed with the look of the actual NBA basketballs, featuring NBA Logoman graphics. The door hook that comes with this wall-mount system is padded so it protects your doors from scuffing. The Spalding NBA Jam won’t cause any damage to your doors and prevent scuffing. Scuffing often occurs in other wall-mounts that don’t have the protective accessory Spalding has.

This hoop fits perfectly in most doors, and you’d be surprised at how other brands fail to do this. The set hangs nicely on the door and is pretty sturdy and it doesn’t get constantly shifted. The hoop is on a spring, this prevents the rim from bending and breaking from pressure. The spring is located just below the base of your hoop. It’s a given that kids can dunk on these rims but you’d actually be surprised that adults can dunk on these as well (based on some reviews on Amazon).

The price point of this product is also affordable. You get high-quality materials from a trusted brand which will definitely perform well once you play with it. Go and see for yourself and try out this awesome hoop!

SKLZ Pro Mini XL

SKLZ Pro Mini XL

4.5/5 Overall Rating

Springy steel rim to make users game more accessible
Shatterproof backboard with metal frame minimizes noise
Can tolerate a rough swoosh from rough play
Net is well sized
Hooks fit most doors

Does not come with the mounting hardware upon purchase
Height is not adjustable
Ball is quite heavy

What do we think of this product?

The first one on our list is the SKLZ Pro XL Mini Basketball Hoop. This product is larger and measures at 23 x 16 compared to the standard sized Pro Mini board which measures 18 x 12. The features of this larger wall-mount hoop are also similar to that of its smaller counterpart. The 9 ½’’ diameter spring-action “breakaway” rim makes it able to endure rough play. The whole basketball set includes a three-ply nylon net and a heavy-duty 8-loop net for extended use. This net gives a satisfying swoosh which a lot of users love. A deflated 5.5’’ Pro Mini rubber ball is also included in the set.

The hooks on this wall-mount fit snugly on most doors. They’re set evenly and it doesn’t cost any damage to your door frames in the process. The backboard also comes with a foam backing. The black foam is located around the rim of the backboard and this is where it does its job of preventing damage to be done onto your doors.

You can hang this hoop in whatever room you want to hang it in with ease. What better way is there to spice up your room than to have a durable mini basketball hoop for you to play with. You won’t have to worry about breaking this easily because it uses a shatterproof backboard reinforced with metal brackets to minimize noise. It has pro-style replica graphics that will give your room, be it an office room, apartment, or home, a professional feel.

If you want to bring life into your plain room, then this hoop is for you. It’s easy to assemble and install, it’s durable, and it has a sleek and professional design which will surely capture any person’s attention!

AND1 Indoor Basketball Hoop

AND1 Indoor Basketball Hoop

4.1/5 Overall Rating

Easy to mount
Sturdy and heavy-duty, professional-grade shatterproof board
Robust spring load
Ideal set for both adults and kids alike
Design provides the user with maximum durability

Some Amazon reviews claim that the backboard is thin
Some claim that the rim is not spring-loaded

What do we think of this product?

This over the door mini hoop product from the brand AND1 comes with two styles you can choose from: the Basic variant and the Premium Bundle variant. The difference between the two is the Basic one has only one mini rubber ball included, it has no tools included, and it does not have a hand pump. The Premium Bundle, on the other hand, is pre-assembled so you don’t need tools for this, it comes with two colorful deflated balls (one 5-inch ball and one 4-inch ball) and a 4’’ hand pump so you can pump the balls and use them right away. In addition, the Premium Bundle offers a variety of nine colorful backboards that are visually appealing.

This hoop features a sturdy and heavy-duty and professional-grade shatterproof backboard that offers durability and can endure intense play. The backboard also comes with exclusive padding that will protect your door from scuffing, scratches, and other damages. The rim is advertised to have a spring-load in the steel rim which makes it bounce back and not break after dunking. Attached to this is a heavy-duty 3-ply net that catches the ball perfectly and gives a satisfying swoosh sound.

Overall, this hoop has great features and very unique designs when it comes to their Premium Bundle Set. However, some Amazon reviews have claimed that the shatterproof backboard does not live up to its name at all. It breaks easily, ripples, and bends. Then there’s another complaint about this hoop when it comes to the rim. It’s not spring-loaded and it will bend and break if you dunk on it.

Nonetheless, those are just some of the negative sides to this hoop. While the pros do outweigh the cons, it’s still up to you to decide on whether or not to purchase this product.

Lifetime 73650 44-inch Shatterproof Backboard Rim Combo Kit

Lifetime 73650 44-inch Shatterproof Backboard Rim Combo Kit

4.3/5 Overall Rating

Shatterproof backboard
Slam-It rim
Build is tough
Affordable price
Easy installation
5-year warranty

Mounting hardware is NOT included
Height is not adjustable
Only one backboard size option

What do we think of this product?

This Lifetime hoop is perfect for those on a budget and isn’t really looking for anything too flashy and fancy. A great-entry level hoop that features a 44’’ x 30’’ backboard made out of thick polycarbonate shatterproof material that will surely prevent it from getting damages such as shattering, chipping, scuffing, and cracking. Polycarbonate boards are not usually seen in affordable wall-mount hoops, so this is a huge plus factor! It comes with a thick frame, mounting uprights located on the back of the board, and a polyethylene plastic backboard pad.

The Slam-It rim is designed to endure monstrous dunks and heavy-duty use, which makes this a go-to product for users who just love to perform gnarly dunks and playing rough! The material used for the rim is solid steel, complete with welded steel hooks and half-inch braces. The net attached to the rim is a popular type of net seen in numerous hoops and this is the all-weather net. This ensures the player that it won’t wear down when exposed to any kind of harsh weather. Also, all the parts are powder-coated so don’t expect to spot rusts in your basketball hoop anytime soon. With that being said, this hoop is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Performance-wise, the overall basketball system is a highly durable setup which is perfect for adults and kids alike. However, since the Lifetime 73650 is not adjustable, don’t bother letting younger kids use this because they won’t be able to play with it well. This hoop gains another con from us because once you purchase it, it does not come with mounting hardware and mounting brackets so you have to make an extra purchase for that. This can also be used as a replacement for your existing Lifetime basketball systems. They make for a great upgrade and the backboard can be easily attached to a wall or a pole with the Lifetime mounting hardware.

Overall, if you’re a person who loves durable basketball systems at an affordable price tag, then go for this one. This model can be used both indoors and outdoors which makes it a great addition to your home where you can play with family and friends. It’s dunk-friendly and durable. If you don’t mind the non-adjustable height, then go get this product now!

GoSports Basketball Door Hoop with 3 Premium Basketballs & Pump (Pro Size)

GoSports Basketball Door Hoop with 3 Premium Basketballs & Pump (Pro Size)

4.7/5 Overall Rating

Great for indoor and outdoor use
Sophisticated design compared to other over the door hoops
Long-lasting despite constant dunk action

Too much flex in the backboard
Backboard is thin

What do we think of this product?

This over the door hoop made by GoSports has two variants you can choose from: a Pro Size and a Standard Size. The Pro Size’s dimensions are 23’’ x 18’’ while the Standard Size’s dimensions are 18’’ x 12’’. For this review we will be focusing on the Pro Size. This hoop easily hangs over your door at home or in the office and you’re ready to play right away! The backboard is padded with foam to protect your door from scuffing and for noise reduction as well. The backboard is made out of shatterproof premium polycarbonate that is safe, sturdy, and can withstand slam dunks and active play.

The breakaway action rim allows players to dunk to their heart’s content just like how pro athletes do it. The spring action steel rim instantly snaps back when a dunk is performed on them.The set also includes basketball accessories such as 3 deflated premium 5-inch mini rubber balls with a textured surface and inlaid channels which replicates professional basketballs and a handy ergonomic air pump to keep optimum air pressure inside the balls.

The GoSports Basketball Door Hoop ranks in the #8 spot in the Basketball Wall-Mount Hoops & Goals and has 396 ratings as of now. This hoop is enjoyed by both kids and adults and based on the reviews on Amazon, both these age groups love the hoop! They’re durable enough to endure active play especially from rowdy and lively children. It’s great for both indoor and outdoor use, some people even use this hoop and put it around their pool fence! The basketball set features a “sophisticated and real design” based on one customer who was completely satisfied with the product.

Then there’s the negative reviews about this hoop. Some claim that the backboard is too thin and is under the weight of the basketballs it ships with so it causes the board to become flimsy. The flex hoop is a nice touch on the rim but since the backboard is too thin, it causes way too much flex.

Overall, it’s a decent product with a reasonable price. If one size doesn’t fit your room or if you want a larger sized board then you can choose either one of the sizes which is pretty convenient. We recommend this hoop to you if you’re willing to overlook the cons and enjoy the features this has.

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