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Why do basketball players wear tights?

4 Reasons Basketball Players Wear Tights

There are a couple of reasons why basketballs wear tights including increase in blood flow, protection from injuries and sweat management. A study shows that wearing tights or compression clothing during sport increases an athlete’s performance. Ever wonder whether there’s a truth behind this or it’s just a myth? These tights can be short, reach down …

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Why are basketball players so tall?

Why Are Basketball Players So Tall? | Complete Review

If you watch the NBA regularly, you’ll probably notice that many players are above 6 feet. Whether it’s the gene or they perform some exercise routine and take workout supplements to achieve a tall height, there are various factors that contribute to their growth.

turnover in basketball

What is a Turnover in Basketball? Definiton + Types

A turnover in basketball is when a player from one team loses possession of the basketball to the other team before an attempted shot. In this post, we’ll find out what is a turnover in basketball and its impact on the team’s overall performance.

Power Forward vs Small Forward

What’s the difference between a Power Forward and Small Forward?

Players assigned to be the small forwards are expected to score points and defend, while players assigned as power forwards serve as the assists in scoring and rebounding.  We already know that each player has a certain role and position to perform in a basketball team, and each role requires specific skills and abilities. In …

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