Places to Create an NBA Jersey – Top 5 Picks

Are you looking for a custom NBA jersey to show your admiration for basketball? Do you want new jerseys for your local basketball team? If you said yes to either question, it’s important to use the services of the right places to create NBA jerseys. Continue reading, and you’ll find 5 of the best places on the Internet for your custom NBA jersey needs.

Top 5 Websites to Create Custom NBA Jersey

1. Team Sportswear


Team Sportswear is one of the pioneers in providing custom clothing designs for various sports. The website allows its members to create T-shirts and jerseys for different sports like baseball, softball, football, and, of course, basketball.

The company behind this website started in 1995, which means it already garnered over 25 years of service in the print-on-demand industry. It prides itself as one of the originators and leaders in supplying customers with customized apparel. This business even earned itself a spot in the list of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

If you already have a custom basketball logo, using the Team Sportswear jersey design tool is quick and easy. All you need to do is to upload an existing logo. Then, the website will display several apparel variants to choose from.

Picking the basketball jersey allows you to dive deeper into the platform. At this point, you can select the color, change the size, and add extra details to the jersey if you desire.

Take note that using Team Sportswear to create an NBA or custom basketball jersey will take around two weeks to reach doorsteps in the USA. The site also caters to international deliveries. However, the company states that deliveries to international soil can take three weeks or longer, depending on customs.

2. The Graphic Edge


What if you want to buy custom NBA jerseys for an entire team? If so, The Graphic Edge has your back. Aside from offering custom basketball jersey designs, this website provides customized apparel for different sports like football, volleyball, and baseball. It even allows its users to design bags, banners, stickers, and custom headwear.

The Graphic Edge started as a physical establishment in 1989. The business first opened its doors in Carroll, Iowa, with owner John Reglein at the reins of his business’ operations. This company had humble beginnings, seeing that Reglein only hired two part-time employees to help with the production.

Over the years, The Graphic Edge grew, which opened several opportunities. In 2014, this company acquired Keith’s II Sports situated in Rutland, Vermont. In turn, the acquisition provided Reglein and his company with more opportunities. Now, the business can cater to more products and services than before.

Users using this website to order custom NBA jerseys can select the quantity of their order before checkout. Additionally, you can select jerseys from top sports brands, such as Adidas, Holloway, Russell, and Under Armour.

The Graphic Edge’s shipping times are also impressive because US-based customers can receive their orders within one to five business days. Keep in mind that delivery costs may vary depending on the package’s weight and volume.

3. CustomInk


CustomInk is one of the top print-on-demand online stores, and it doesn’t take one to have a degree in rocket science to know why. This online business takes pride in providing top-notch products with first-rate customer service.

Like many businesses, CustomInk also had humble beginnings. Its story began in 1999. It was a time when three former college classmates had the idea of starting a business. Marc Katz, the CEO, and co-founder of CustomInk wanted to pursue this plan after realizing that working in a 9-to-5 Wall Street job didn’t fulfill him.

Marc contacted two of his former classmates Dave Christensen and Mike Driscoll to start the online company. In March 2000, the online doors of CustomInk opened to customers.

CustomInk offers different variations for custom NBA jerseys. Customers can choose among selections like Augusta color block basketball jerseys, Sport-Tek Micro-Mesh reversible jerseys, and High Five reversible basketball jerseys.

This online print-on-demand shop also provides its customers with easy access to its features. First, users select the type of jersey and use it as a canvas. Next, click on the ‘Add Art’ button to upload a custom or pre-designed logo. The website will automatically place the uploaded design in the middle of the cloth. However, you can still make fine adjustments at this point if you wish.

After tinkering with the other customization features, users can click on the ‘Get Price’ button to check the costs before checking out. Unfortunately, this company only has US domestic shipping. However, deliveries within the country are 100% free and will take about two weeks to arrive at doorsteps.

4. Wooter Apparel


Wooter Apparel sets itself apart from many others in the print-on-demand space by offering wholesale orders to customers. Interested buyers can even order over 500 jerseys in one transaction.

Users can choose from a broad selection of premade designs, including one that looks strikingly close to Space Jam’s Tune Squad’s jersey. Aside from customized basketball jerseys, site members can also select other custom basketball products, such as socks, hoodies, T-shirts, and backpacks.

This company caught the attention of different online publishing firms, such as, The Source, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Staten Island Service.

5. Owayo


owayo, like many other businesses, started as an idea. Three athletes were talking over an idea to develop a company over a few pints. At first, the goal of the business was to sponsor amateur and professional athletes by offering them customized sportswear.

The three co-founders were driven by their passion for sports that the company became a reality. Today, this online business provides numerous sports-related products, such as gym bags, water bottles, face masks, and basketball jerseys for men and women.

owayo uses a 3D designer on its website to present users with their designs in all planes. In comparison, most print-on-demand websites will only let you see the front and back of the clothing. Customers can expect the jerseys to be high-quality. Delivery time for US addresses takes about three weeks, but customers can choose the express option which only takes approximately one week to complete.

How to Wear an NBA Jersey?

places to create NBA jersey

Do you want to tell the world that you’re an NBA fan? Why not wear an NBA jersey to the park, mall, or your friend’s house? Take note that you’re not limited to wearing a basketball jersey only when you’re playing the sport.

Many basketball fans now wear their favorite jerseys from their preferred teams wherever they go. You can even wear jerseys in different ways to unleash your inner style icon.

T-Shirt Underneath the Jersey

Don’t want to reveal too much skin by wearing nothing but a tank top jersey? Wear a t-shirt underneath! Wearing a t-shirt under the tank top can also bring out that casual yet semi-formal look when worn correctly. Also, try to color coordinate the NBA jersey and t-shirt for a cohesive and fashionable ensemble.

The Right Place at the Right Time

NBA jerseys are wearable on many different occasions. But don’t expect to get cheers if you wear it inside a black-tie event. You can wear the jerseys in places like sports bars, sporting events, or your house. You can also wear this type of clothing on a jersey theme day.

Make Sure Your Team is Playing

Imagine the following scenario: the Golden State Warriors are playing against the Los Angeles Lakers. You paid for front-row seats and enjoying every minute of the game. However, you’re wearing an NBA jersey that says ‘Cleveland Cavaliers.’ Even though you’re wearing the jersey as confidently as possible, you’ll no doubt get some raised eyebrows from the crowd (and perhaps even the players in the court).

Let it Hang

A tucked jersey can look awkward. If you want to show your admiration and fervor for the sport, wear the jersey like the players are wearing it. In other words, let the piece of clothing hang. Don’t tuck it inside your pants.

Pick the Right Accessories

Accessories can make or break a fashion ensemble. Pairing the wrong trinkets with your preferred NBA jersey can ruin your style statement.

One way to enhance the basketball jersey is to pair it with sunglasses, especially in summer. Also, wear comfortable yet color-matching sneakers, which should go well with the jersey.

You can also pair the jersey with a hat. However, be wary about your hat or cap selection as designs can clash between the two apparel. For instance, don’t wear a cap that sports the Philadelphia 76ers when you’re wearing a Houston Rockets jersey.

Final Words

Several places exist on the Internet to help you create a custom NBA jersey. If you don’t have a custom design, you can always choose one of the many premade looks. Still, remember to wear your NBA jersey properly. Otherwise, you’ll get raised eyebrows from the people who meet you in public.

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