Did Master P play in the NBA? The Truth

It is no surprise that some NBA players didn’t start their professional basketball careers as athletes. Some players in the professional basketball scene took on other ventures before signing up for the NBA. Such is the case for Master P.

Master P played for two teams during his reasonably short NBA career. This American rapper, actor, entrepreneur, and record producer played for the Charlotte Hornets and Toronto Raptors from 1998 to 1999.

Where did Master P play college basketball? Also, why is he so rich? Find out more about this known American celebrity by reading the rest of the article.

Master P

Born in 1974 with the name Percy Robert Miller, Master P helped create the hip-hop empire back in the late 90s. Today, he is the CEO of No Limit Records, of which he aided many budding and professional rap artists through the creation and delivery of audio and lyrics.

Like many celebrities, Master P had humble beginnings. He grew up in his hometown of New Orleans, but his early life wasn’t an easy ride. His parents divorced at an early age, and he had to move between his grandmother’s and mother’s home frequently.

Upon entering his teens, Master P almost entered the drug and hustling industry. However, he pursued his love of sports, specifically basketball. His passion for this specific sport was sufficiently great that it earned him a sports scholarship at the University of Houston.

In the late 80s, Master P’s grandfather died. Although the passing of his relative made him grieve, the elderly man left his grandson with $10,000. Thankfully, Master P didn’t squander the inherited money into trivial matters. Instead, he used the cash to invest in a business that is now known as No Limit Records.

As the era of the 80s drew to a close and the 90s was in full view, Master P learned that many rap enthusiasts were also into funky yet street-level tunes. Furthermore, he found that many of the major recording labels don’t provide these beats.

This knowledge allowed Master P and No Limit Records to gain a highly competitive edge in the music industry. In the early part of that decade, Master P debuted his rap talents with the hit The Ghettos Tryin’ to Kill Me!.

What Team Did Master P Play For?

Master P team

It seemed that Master P’s love for the musical arts grew to the point that he left his other passions in the back room. That isn’t the case as this rapper, music producer, and entrepreneur entered the NBA in the 90s.

At first, he signed up for the Charlotte Hornets for a pre-season match in 1998. However, he would soon change teams a year later when he joined the Toronto Raptors. Again, he only played for the pre-season game.

Kindly note that Master P didn’t get drafted to an NBA team. Instead, the league needed more players at this time because of the lockout that occurred from July 1998 to January 1999.

Many basketball and rap enthusiasts immediately knew Master P when he appeared in court. Although he was a huge celebrity to both industries (even today), he wasn’t at the level of many NBA players and didn’t have sufficient skill to keep up with many of the league’s athletes. Master P only scored six points during his pre-season game with the Hornets and eight points with the Raptors.

After leaving the NBA, Master P would later play basketball again in 2004. This time, it would be for the American Basketball Association’s Long Beach Jam and Las Vegas Rattlers. Additionally, he also played in a special McDonald’s NBA All-Star Celebrity Game in 2008 to which Master P was able to rake in 17 points.

Where Did Master P Play College Basketball?

University of Houston

Master P went to the University of Houston as the educational institution granted him an athletic scholarship. It was here when he played for the college’s basketball team. However, he only stayed in that college for a few months before dropping out. He later transferred to Merritt College in Oakland, California. Here, he majored in business administration.

Why is Master P so Rich?

Master P rich

Armed with a dream and a purpose, Master P had to rough it out in one of the dangerous parts in New Orleans as he was growing up. This rapper, musician, music producer, and entrepreneur spent his early years in the Calliope housing projects. In this location, drugs and violence were two reasonably effective ways to get your points across to other folks.

However, the young Percy Miller didn’t go down the illegal route. Instead, he dreamt of leading his family out of the ghetto.

After receiving $10,000 from his late grandfather, Master P launched No Limit Records. Like many businesses, the company had to start small to reduce costs. Therefore, Master P decided to live in a tiny storage room at the back of the small company to avoid the expensive prices of apartments and rent. He also lived with his wife Sonya along with his son Percy Romeo Miller, who was only one year old at that time.

No Limits Records has a reasonably fast growth as it was only after a few months since its birth that Master P was able to touch base with local Easy Bay artists. Famous rap artists, such as E-40, Rappin 4 Tay, Too Short, and even Tupac shook hands with Master P to form music deals. As such, it was to no one’s surprise that the company was a massive hit in the rap industry.

In 1991, Master P started selling a self-produced album titled Get Away Clean. But he needed more exposure to ensure that his tracks would make it big in the industry. So, Master P decided to get in touch with Wester Coast rap enthusiasts through a tour.

Humble Beginnings Leading to More Opportunities

During his travels, Master P connected with as many names in the music industry as possible. He struck deals and made transactions with different music promoters and DJs.

All of his efforts would soon bloom as Master P’s third album, called The Ghettos Tryin’ to Kill Me!, sold a whopping 250,000 copies. This put the No Limits Records named to acquire a gross profit of over $900 thousand.

Soon after that momentous event, Master P was able to land a deal with Priority Records. This partnership allowed No Limits Records to land $370 thousand cash as advance for each album produced from that point. Furthermore, Master P’s company would acquire 75% for each album sold at wholesale price.

In 1996, Master P’s first album with Priority Records, entitled Ice Cream Man, was able to reach the #3 spot on that year’s Billboard charts. Eventually, the same song went platinum by selling over 1.7 million copies in the US.

Soon, No Limit Records produced songs and albums for other artists, such as C-Murder (Master P’s brother), Mia X, and Mystikal. In one year, the company produced over eight platinum albums while releasing almost 50 albums to the public.

Peak Success for Master P

In 1998, Master P found himself swimming in success. At this point, his album, called MP Da Last Don, reached the #1 spot on the Billboard’s Top 200 Chart for that year. Further, this album sold over 500 thousand copies in its debut week alone and sold more than 4 million copies from that point.

Then, No Limit Records signed a deal with celebrity rapper Snoop Dogg. Again, Master P found his produced record to top the Billboard Chart as its debut allowed the product to sell over 800 thousand units within its first two weeks.

The success gained from his dealings and hard work allowed Master P to gain a net worth of $250 million by 2013.

Final Words

Although Master P’s time in the NBA was quite short, it doesn’t mean he didn’t achieve great success. He devoted much of his time and effort to the music industry as he partnered with different artists and other recording companies. Thanks to his diligence, discipline, and tenacity, Master P’s humble beginnings transformed into massive accomplishments. For more stories that involve the NBA, check out Make Shots

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