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YouTube is its own search engine as it’s possible to find almost every piece of information in relatively any niche on that online video-streaming platform. With that in mind, if you search for popular YouTubers in the basketball niche, you’ll most likely chance upon JxmyHighroller.

JxmyHighroller has a YouTube channel dedicated to giving basketball information. Most videos on his channel are mini-documentaries that average about 10 minutes long. He also has over 1.6 million subscribers with over 464 million total video views.

How did this basketball YouTuber begin his passion for delivering content about the sport? What are his best-performing videos? What is the YouTuber’s net worth? You’ll find the answers to these questions (and more) as you continue reading the rest of the article.

JxmyHighroller everything about YouTuber

Grayson Anderson, also called by his YouTube handle JxmyHighroller by many of his fans, is a sports fan for most of his life. In High School, he and his team went on an interstate basketball tournament and won the National Championship.

His passion for the sport continued to grow as he enters college. Taking a scholarship offer because of his athletics, Anderson went to an NCAA Division 1 school. He would then continue improving his athletics throughout his college years.

The JxmyHighroller YouTube Channel

JxmyHighroller is the content creator behind this basketball-focused YouTube channel of the same name. He launched his channel in November 2007 and started with the andergra000 handle before switching to JxmyHighroller.

Anderson is a fan of athletics. But he didn’t start with posting mini basketball documentaries like he does today. Instead, he began with posting videos about track and field.

Even though Anderson created his channel in 2007, he wouldn’t post anything until August 2010. The 3-year period implies that his account was purely for watching videos instead of posting anything on his channel.

His first video, called Thomas Tyner vs. Tatum Taylor, garnered over 75,000 views. But his next video, called Success: How Bad Do You Want It? Track & Field, did slightly worse at about 54,000 views. Also, these two videos were one year apart.

The time gap between each video implies that Anderson didn’t originally plan on making YouTube videos for a living. His third video solidifies that thought as it took Anderson two years from his second video to publish his next piece.

Anderson’s channel began gaining traction upon publishing his fourth video entitled Usain Bolt vs. The NFL. Unlike his first three videos, his fourth clip got over 2 million views. However, it wasn’t enough to make JxmyHighroller focus on becoming a full-time YouTuber.

It wasn’t until January 2017, about 10 years since the creation of his channel, that Anderson decided to publish more content. Since then, he averages 80,000 views per video. Some videos did better than others, racking up about 500 to 800 thousand views. Today, many of JxmyHighroller’s videos can reach over one million views.

You can also check one of his videos below:

What are the Best Performing Videos of JxmyHighroller?

At the time of writing, the JxmyHighroller channel has 1.69 million subscribers. Furthermore, his channel averages about 3 to 4 million views per week. The channel is also seeing steady growth in views and followers recently.

How Much Does JxmyHighroller Make From YouTube?

Some videos on JxmyHighroller’s channel garners over 10 million views.

One example is a video he made in April 2019. The clip, titled When Shaq Tried to Bully a Rookie Yao Ming and Instantly Regretted It,’ has over 18 million views. It’s also Anderson’s top-performing video as of late.

Other notable videos on JxmyHighroller’s channel include:

A statistics report states that JxmyHighroller has about 528,000 daily average views for all of the channel’s videos. Anderson’s weekly viewer average is about 3.6 million views at the time of writing. The JxmyHighroller channel also gains about 20,000 to 30,000 subscribers per month.

With this data, Anderson earns about $6,000 to $9,000 per month. Some months do better than others. For instance, in February 2020, Anderson accrued about $21,600 from his YouTube channel. It’s because this month was quite good for the basketball niche YouTuber as he had over 23 million video views. Furthermore, about 70,000 YouTube accounts subscribed to the JxmyHighroller channel in that month.

The influx of views and subscribers to the JxmyHighroller channel and its videos continue to give Anderson more reasons to carry on with making basketball-related content. Currently, JxmyHighroller’s net worth is between $171,000 and $1.02 million.

Who are the Best Basketball YouTubers Aside From JxmyHighroller?

basketball youtubers

JxmyHighroller isn’t the only basketball-focused YouTube channel on the platform. Other fans of this sport also decided to convey their passion for basketball through videos.

If you’re looking for other basketball-focused content, here are some of the best basketball YouTubers aside from JxmyHighroller.

1. Professor Live

Grayson Boucher, also called ‘The Professor,’ is a basketball YouTuber born and raised in Keizer, Oregon. He started loving the game at a young age. In context, Boucher’s father introduced basketball to Grayson at 2 years old.

His passion for basketball knew nothing but growth. Over the years, Grayson would find himself practicing for significant amounts of time. People around him would take notice of his attention to detail as he can make correct split-second decisions.

In 2013, the Professor Live channel would soon find popularity from Grayson’s viral video called Spiderman Basketball Episode 1. Grayson dressed up as the iconic web-slinging comic book superhero while playing against other basketball players.

Since its upload in July 2013, this video garnered over 42 million views on the platform. Today, the Professor Live channel has over 5.5 million subscribers with more than 918 million video views.

2. AFunkyDiabetic

Created in September 2013, this channel didn’t start with posting basketball-focused videos. Instead, its oldest video is a clip titled BF4 Conquest :: Noobtubes in the Locker Room! This video only gained about 2,500 views.

Soon, AFunkyDiabetic would upload different basketball-related videos ranging from NBA videogame titles to clips from official NBA matches. Today, this channel has an average of 300 thousand video views per uploaded clip.

3. Balludicrous

Jame, the creator of the Balludicrous channel, takes a different twist to provide basketball content to the Internet. Unlike JxmyHighroller who focuses on providing informative content through documentary-style videos, Balludicrous incorporates comedy.

Jame’s passion for making people laugh while watching his basketball-related videos allowed him to gather over 140 thousand subscribers to his channel. Since the birth of the channel in December 2015, Balludicrous now has over 7 million video views.

This channel’s most popular video is a clip called 5 Inappropriate but Hilarious NBA Moments, which garnered over 742 thousand views. However, the channel’s videos have significant highs and lows regarding their performances. Some videos can reach over 700 thousand views while some clips only have about 100 thousand views.

4. Chris Smoove

Chris Smoove started on YouTube with the username Smoove7182954. His channel dwells on sports gameplay videos, particularly on FIFA, UFC, Madden NFL, and, of course, NBA. Smoove would also upload some walkthroughs from non-sports titles, such as Assassin’s Creed, Detroit Become Human, and The Last of Us.

Smoove’s channel started in March 2006. It now garnered over 3 billion views. Additionally, this YouTube channel has over 5 million subscribers to date.

5. King of the Fourth Quarter

Also called KOT4Q, Kentrell ‘Kenny’ Beecham is the King of the Fourth Quarter. This Chicago Bulls-loving basketball YouTuber started his journey on the platform in June 2011.

Beecham’s first video was a gameplay from the Madden 2013 game. He focused on basketball-related content afterward.

At the time of writing, the KOT4Q YouTube channel has over 310 million video views and 998 thousand subscribers.

Final Words

JxmyHighroller is an American YouTuber producing mini-documentaries about the world of basketball. Like many YouTubers, Grayson Anderson started small and pursued his passion for providing more quality content in his chosen niche. Today, Anderson is one of the best basketball YouTubers on the online streaming platform as he continues to garner thousands of subscribers and video views frequently.

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