How Many Innings Are There in Baseball? (Full Guide)

To the average individual, baseball seems like it can go on forever. However, baseball fans feel like a lot of the action isn’t enough. The scoreboard lights up with each inning passed. With that in mind, how many innings in baseball?

A full baseball game typically lasts for nine innings. In comparison, a typical softball game consists of seven. Each inning will start with the umpire calling plays or by shouting ‘play ball.’

Innings in Baseball

Innings are made up of three outs. The home team bats during the bottom of the inning. This rule applies to all levels of baseball. It only changes during the Tee-Ball level. The length of an inning can vary depending on the number of pitches thrown, the pitchers’ pace, and the number of changes in the bullpen.

The half-inning formally begins when the umpire calls ‘Play’ or ‘Play ball.’ The visiting team bats in the top of the first, and the home team bats in the bottom half. The break between the first and second half of an inning is the middle.

In most leagues, if the game is a tie-breaker after the ninth inning, it goes into extra innings. In Japanese baseball, if both teams are tied after 12 innings, it ends in a tie. In the 2011 and 2012 NPB seasons, games ended in a tie if they were tied after 30 minutes of overtime.

A baseball game can be shortened to nine or ten innings if interrupted by rain. Usually, a game called a rainout happens before a delay of at least one hour. Also, if the weather doesn’t allow the game to continue, play suspends for the day.

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Why do MLB Games Last so Long?

MLB Games Last so Long

The exact length of a game depends on many factors such as how many innings it takes to complete a game, how many runs each team has, and how many times a game is tied. In 2020, the number of innings was reduced to 15 to save a team’s pitching staff from playing more than 15.

On the other hand, if the home team leads after the eighth inning, then a game can end after 8.5 frames. The exact time it takes to play a game, as measured by hours and minutes, varies depending on the game’s complexity.

A high number of runners also drives up a game’s duration. Most pitchers take extra time between their pitches due to the number of base runners.

In 2015, Major League Baseball implemented rules to reduce the amount of time it takes to play a game. These rules included a timer that will keep track of the time between pitches and mound visits.

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How Long is a Minor League Game?

Minor League Game

Minor league baseball has the same rules as the major leagues. The 20-second pitch clock has been used in the minors. Additionally, doubleheaders are seven innings in length in minor league games.

How Long is a High School and College Baseball Game?

High School and College Baseball Game

High school baseball games last seven innings. If the weather is bad, play can be stopped in four innings. If it is clear, play can be resumed later. Collegiate games, on the other hand, lasts for nine innings. But a doubleheader can last for seven innings. A mercy rule happens if a game has more than 10 runs.

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What are the Different Innings in Baseball?

In baseball, you can see five different types of innings, which are:

Are There Extra Innings in Baseball?

Extra Innings in Baseball

Simply put, extra innings in baseball are tie-breakers. Generally, each baseball game will play for nine innings. If the score remains tied after the end of the regulation period, play will continue until a team scores the winning run. The rules of the game, which include the batting order and the availability of substitutes, remain in effect in extra innings. Players need to be on the field to avoid running out of substitutes.

Final Words

Major League Baseball games last around nine innings. Minor league and college games also last about nine. On the other hand, high school games only last seven innings. In some cases, both teams become tied by the end of the 9th or 7th inning, depending on the league. If so, extra innings will play until a team comes out victorious.

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