How to Wrap a Basketball – Expert Guide

Wrapping gifts is fun and exciting, but it gets complicated when you’re wrapping up an odd-shaped object such as a basketball. Good thing, there are expert ways on how to wrap a basketball through the use of simple materials without spending much. The different ways on how to wrap a basketball include the paper or cloth method, the box method, the pleating method, and the gift bag.

A basketball doesn’t have edges, and it’s bulky; that’s why discrete wrapping is quite a challenge. Follow this expert guide on wrapping a basketball to be like a pro in folding, cutting, and wrapping. 

A. Paper or cloth method

Wrapping a basketball can be practical and creative through the use of materials that you can see at home such as paper or cloth. 


  •  Paper or thick paper
  • Ribbon
  • Rubber band
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

Step 1: Prepare the materials. In this sample wrapping technique, you may use a ribbon, rubber bands, paper or thick fabric, and scissors.

Step 2: Make sure that the paper or cloth you will be using is four times as wide as the basketball size.

Step 3: Spread the paper or the cloth and place the ball in the middle. Bring the sides together to wrap the ball. Hold the ends and secure it with a rubber band. 

Step 4: To make it more presentable, tie a ribbon to hide the rubber band and to make it look like a present. 

B. The Box Method

Image result for BOX GIFT WRAPPER

When wrapping a ball discretely, placing it in a box is the most common and fastest way on how to do it. This method is known as the smart-hack because most people would use a box for odd-shaped presents. In this method, you’ll just have to place the ball in a box and then wrap it neatly.


  •  Box
  • Fancy wrapper
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Step 1: Prepare the materials. You will be needing a box, wrapper, scissors, and tape.

Step 2: Make sure that the box you will be using is large enough for the basketball to perfectly fit. If the box is too large, you may add stuffing inside the box so that the ball will not roll over inside. Place the ball inside the box. Secure the lids with tape.  

Step 3: To make your present more presentable. Wrap the box with your preferred wrapper.

C. The Pleating Method

Image result for wrapping a ball with pleats

If you want to wrap the ball artistically, the pleating method is the best way on how to do it. Pleating is a way of folding the paper to have texture. It’s ideal to use a cylindrically-shaped box for easy folding of the wrapper’s edges to create pleats.


  •  Cylinder-shaped box or container
  • Fancy wrapper
  • Tape or glue
  • Scissors

Step 1: In this method, you will need a cylinder-shaped box or container that would fit the ball, a wrapper, scissors, and tape.

Step 2: Place the ball inside the cylinder-shaped box. Make sure to prepare enough wrapper so you can create pleats around the cylinder. 

Step 3: There are different ways on how to make pleats. You can just do it on the top or all throughout the cylinder. Secure the pleats with tape or glue. If you are using tape, make sure to hide it to keep it neat.

C. The Gift Bag

Image result for gift in a paper bag with paper

If you don’t have time to fold, cut, and wrap, the easiest way to wrap a basketball is through a ready-made gift bag. The use of a gift-bag is known to be everyone’s favorite. It is a go-to wrapper if you want to your gift to be packaged discretely without much effort.


  • Large paper bag
  • Paper stuffing
  • Tape

Step 1:  Make sure to use a large paper bag enough to fit the ball. It is ideal to make use of a sturdy one, so it won’t be damaged easily.

Step 2: Place stuffing inside the paper bag that will also serve as a decoration. Secure it with a tape.

Step 3: Place the ball inside. You may add ribbons to the paper bag’s handles.


The different ways to wrap a basketball don’t need to be expensive. You’ll just have to be resourceful and creative. If you decide to give basketball as a present for a birthday, holiday, or anniversary, it’s still best to wrap it, so the one who will receive the present will have a sense of excitement upon opening it.

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