How Many Steps Can You Take For a Layup?

When performing or shooting via layup strategy, after the player stops dribbling, they are allowed to take two steps before making a basket. Once you exceed two steps without dribbling, you will be charged for a traveling violation/foul. 

In the following paragraphs, you are expected to learn and be knowledgeable on how to successfully master layup shots. Below are some procedures and tips on how to improve your footwork which you can use in increasing your chance to win the game.

What is a layup?

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While there are many ways on how a basketball player shoots their shot, layups are said to be the easiest. This is because the shots executed are just a few feet closer to the basketball ring making it 99% possible for the player to successfully make a basket.

Since the player makes their way towards the ring, the primary thing he needs to mind and execute properly is the footwork. Learning how to do layups on any side of the court. It can be done on the player’s right or left. In this position, there is a higher chance to beat their opposing team. 

If your team is looking for ways to score the easiest way, then might as well aim for layups. However, there are also ways and key points you should keep in mind when learning this kind of strategy. You should not expect that since this is an easy one, then it must be automatically successful without further training.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it does not work that way. As a player, the most essential aspect you need to work on is the accuracy of your shot attempts, together with footwork techniques and approaches. 

4 Steps on how to do layups properly

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Step 1: Try dribbling close to the basket using right hand or left hand

You first need to know how to do a right-handed layup strategy. In this, you must aim at the right side of the basketball ring when you are trying to shoot the ball. Keep in mind that while you are supposed to be near the ring to score, you should not be too close that you are directly under it.

Train yourself to control your pace in approaching the ring: run slowly at first and then speed up once it is convenient. Once you’re a few feet away from the ring, forward a step with your right foot. The same thing goes with using your left hand. Aim at the left side of the basket for this matter, thus making a step with your left foot.

Step 2: Jump off of your left foot

The moment your left foot lands, use it to jump right where the location/direction of the basket. Remember that your body must move accordingly to the direction of the basket. Do not lean too much because you might lose your balance.

If you do this, you will successfully be in the right position near the basket that you can just straight up jump and shoot the ball. Just make sure that before you jump, the ball must be dribbled up until your chest level. With this, you can bring the basketball up to you, then you can now shoot your shot. 

Step 3: Aim for the perfect spot on the backboard

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Layups or not, always aim for the perfect spot on the backboard! While it is up to the player how he will shoot the ball, backboards always assure you that your shot will be successful. Targeting this area will most likely help score outstandingly. Targeting the backboard is better than just trying to aim the ball over or around the rim.

When doing a layup right-handedly, the perfect spot would be above the top right corner of the small square in the middle of the backboard. When doing a left-handed layup, the perfect area would be on the top left corner of the square. (Note: the small square drawn at the center of the backboard is usually referred to as the sweet spot.)

Step 4: Practice

As the cliché saying goes, practice makes perfect. May it be on basketball, on academics, anything in your life will be favorable once you practice and master it regularly. In layups, once you practice this enough, it will become a nature of you as a player.

Always practice the tips given above because it will help your body familiarize yourself with these steps. You wouldn’t even notice that you’re unconsciously doing it inside the court once your muscles get used to it. 


Layup is something that a player normally does not practice anymore because it is an easy move. However, as a beginner, you must always remember that you start in the basics. With the proper guidance mentioned above, you might come to the point where you just do layups naturally and effortlessly just like the NBA stars you usually see on the television.

This article helps you understand better what layup is, and why practicing it is significant for you as a player.

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