How to Break in a Baseball Glove? Do’s and Don’ts

You noticed that your first baseball glove seems a little stiff. At first, you might think that the product doesn’t use high-quality material. Before you return the glove and make a complaint, take note that you need to break in a baseball glove to remove the stiffness. But how can you do that?

You can break in a baseball glove using different methods ranging from steaming to playing catch. However, don’t put it in the microwave or apply hot water to it. Otherwise, these methods can ruin the material, reducing its use and lifespan.

Breaking in a baseball glove makes it more comfortable than before. Additionally, you’ll find that the glove will fit your hand better, reducing the risks of making mistakes while playing baseball.

Break in a Baseball Glove

Breaking in a baseball glove ensures that you’re comfortable using it. Additionally, it won’t cause problems when you’re moving your hand with it. Your glove should feel as snug as possible, allowing you to feel like it’s an extension of your hand instead of a tool. Finally, breaking in a baseball glove helps add cohesion to the material, eliminating unnecessary rigidity or stiffness.

Do’s and Don’ts of Breaking in a Baseball Glove

You can use a myriad of techniques to break in a baseball glove. But take note that not every method you find will help with this cause. Some means might even ruin the glove’s material instead of improving it.

The Don’ts of Breaking in a Baseball Glove

1. Don’t Use the Microwave

Don’t Use the Microwave

Some beginner baseball players use the microwave or oven, attempting to break in the glove. These individuals believe that putting their gloves in areas with high heat can help loosen the material. However, doing so will dry out the laces. Plus, the high temperature can shatter areas on the glove, rendering it useless if placed in the microwave or oven frequently.

2. Don’t Apply Hot Water

Don't Apply Hot Water

Like using the microwave, applying hot water to the baseball glove will ruin the leather. Although hot water can help slightly, it’s not the best solution to breaking in the item.

3. Don’t Drive Over It

Another way to ruin your baseball glove quickly is to drive over it. Putting a massive weight on the glove will damage the leather. Plus, the heavy weight can tighten the glove severely, causing the item to become ill-fitting.

The Do’s of Breaking in a Baseball Glove

1. Do Play Catch

Do Play Catch

One of the easiest ways you can break in a baseball glove (and with no extra costs) is to play catch with it. Doing multiple rounds of catch allows the glove to conform to your hand slowly. The leather will loosen as well. Play catch with your new glove for a few minutes every day at least.

2. Do Use Glove Oils and Conditioners

Do Use Glove Oils and Conditioners

You can also purchase and use special leather glove oils and conditioners to help soften the item’s material. Make sure to follow the instructions on the label because applying a significant amount of the product can promote adverse effects.

A dime-sized amount of your preferred glove oil or conditioner should suffice. Then, put it in a cloth or sponge before applying the product to the glove. Make sure to target the areas that are quite firm, like the palm.

You can also use glove oils and conditioners for frequent glove maintenance operations. Don’t apply the product every day or you’ll add extra moisture to the material, promoting risks of cracking and other issues.

3. Do Use Steam

Do Use Steam

If used sparingly, steam can help break in your baseball glove. The additional heat delivered by a steaming device shouldn’t be too harsh for the leather material. You can use a steam gun or place the glove in a steam cabinet. Then, hit the stiff areas with a mallet or other tough objects after steaming to help loosen the glove.

4. Do Wrap the Glove

Do Wrap the Glove

Put the baseball glove in a ball-holding position with a baseball inside. Then, bind it with rope and leave the glove in that position for a few hours to a few days. You can also use rubber bands, strings, or other similar items that help maintains the ball-holding position of the glove for extended periods.

Other Important Points to Remember

Aside from the Do’s and Don’ts of breaking in a baseball glove mentioned above, here are some quick tips to ensure that item becomes comfortable to use without ruining it.

Final Words

Remember, shortcuts don’t exist when breaking in your baseball glove. Don’t use quick solutions like putting the item in a microwave or oven because these methods can ruin the material. Be patient, and break in your baseball glove with techniques like playing catch daily or administering the right oils. That way, you’ll enjoy using the glove instead of complaining about the issues brought by mishandling.

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