What Body Parts do Basketball Players Shave?

Ever wonder why most basketball players don’t have body hair? Some NBA players sport full-grown beards, but their armpits and legs are bush-free.

Many basketball players shave their armpits and legs for hygienic reasons. Like many other sports, basketball has players that sweat too much while playing. Body hair can trap the sweat and the bacteria in it, causing smelly body odor and other issues.

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basketball players shave armpit hair

Whenever basketball players raise their arms to shoot the ball, you’ll see that their pits are silky smooth. It’s because they shave their armpits frequently to make sure hair doesn’t get in the way of the sport.

No, shaving armpits in basketball isn’t for aesthetic purposes. Although, some NBA players will want to shave their underarms to make those locations look and feel smooth. Shaving underarm air promotes numerous benefits for basketball players.

Benefits of Shaving Underarm Hair for Basketball Players

body parts basketball players shave

Sweat Less

Let’s face it, sweat dripping down your armpits isn’t an exciting experience and many basketball players also have the same sentiments on that matter.

Shaving underarm hair can reduce the sweat that gets trapped in your pits. Making shaving armpit hair a habit is particularly good for people that sweat excessively. Some individuals, including basketball athletes, have conditions like hyperhidrosis, a health issue that results in significant sweating.

Reduced Body Odor

Imagine the following scenario – you’re the defending player and an offensive opponent is about to make a jump shot. Both of you jump, but you’re half a second late from trying to block the shot. Now, your face meets the hairy armpits of the defensive opponents, allowing you to have a fresh waft of his smelly pit hair.

Foul-smelling armpits can occur if people don’t shave their underarm hair. It’s the result of bacteria breaking down sweat. Removing the hair under the armpits will help reduce the trapped bacteria, reducing, and possibly eliminating the body odor.

Why do Basketball Players Shave Their Legs?

basketball players shave legs

Aside from armpit hair, many basketball players also have baby smooth legs. If you look at the legs of many NBA players, there’s not a single hair strand in sight. These athletes do this deed for various reasons.

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Benefits of Shaving Leg Hair for Basketball Players

NBA players shave leg hair

Displays Leg Muscles

Basketball players exercise their legs rigorously. But if the legs look like a Sasquatch’s limbs, basketball players won’t have the chance to flaunt their beautifully crafted legs. As such, athletes, regardless if they’re playing basketball or other sports, would want to show off their muscles by shaving the hair on their legs.

Makes Tattoos Visible

What do Marcin Gortat, Shawn Marion, and Al Harrington have in common? Leg tattoos.

Like leg muscles, it’s challenging to flaunt those tattoos if a basketball player’s legs look like a Golden Retriever’s feet. Athletes can proudly show the amazing work of skin art by having clean-shaven legs.

Final Words

Many basketball players shave the hair from their underarms and legs. Keeping bushes on those body parts won’t be the best for hygienic reasons. Plus, removing the underarm and leg hair can make the skin smooth, perfect for showing off muscles and tattoos.

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