Top 5 Best Portable Basketball Hoops (2021 Review)

Are you looking for the best portable hoop to buy? Then you came to the right place! Our expert team have manually tested each of the portable basketball hoops in this review from our own backyard.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The best portable hoops for your home
  • The essential factors to think about when shopping for portable hoops
  • What Should You Look For When Buying a Portable Basketball Hoop?
A Basketball Hoop

Here’s a quick list of the top-rated products we checked. Continue reading to reach our buyer’s guide to help you choose the best portable hoops that fit your specific preferences. 


#1 –Lifetime 51550 Portable Basketball Hoop


#2 -SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Basketball System


#3 – Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Portable Basketball System

#4 -FORZA Junior Adjustable Basketball Hoop

#5 - Fitnessclub Portable Basketball Hoop

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated On June 29 2021


Lifetime 51550 Portable Basketball Hoop

Our top pick is the Lifetime 51550 Portable Basketball Hoop because it provides the essentials without the need to break a bank.

Not only does it come with a 5-year warranty, but it also provides first-rate durability for the ring. Additionally, the height adjustment feature is easy to use that relatively any member of our team didn’t have a problem using it. 

If you’re looking for a great way to start playing basketball in your driveway, this product is an excellent choice for that goal!

Top 5 Best Basketball Portable Hoops

Below is a list of our top 5 best portable basketball hoops that we have tested on our very own basketball court:

What are the Components in Portable Basketball Hoops?

Below are the essential parts that come with portable basketball hoops:

  1. Base: The base of a portable basketball system is one of the most important components that influence its portability. It is usually made of plastic or water and is weighed down with either.
  2. Support pole: Portable basketball hoops often have supporting arms designed to support the main pole. These angled components ensure an even distribution of weight across the board.
  3. Rim: Reliable portable hoops have breakaway rims, which are great choices for most basketball players because of their excellent durability
  4. Backboard: The backboard of a portable basketball hoop determines the system’s stability. So it’s best to use a system with a sturdy backboard.

What Should You Look For When Buying a Portable Basketball Hoop?

There are a variety of basketball hoop styles to choose from, and the different models on the market provide different features and benefits. Therefore, it can be quite challenging to choose the right hoop system. Make sure to understand and follow important factors before you make your purchase. Otherwise, you’re going to experience buyer’s remorse.

In this section, we’re going to help you in that regard. Continue reading to know the essential elements to think about as you’re searching the market for the best basketball hoop.

Location: Are you living in an apartment or a suburban hideaway? Perhaps you’re looking for a reasonably compact basketball hoop system to place in your living room.

Otherwise, you might be looking for a basketball hoop to place in a nearby park for other people in the neighborhood to use. As such, you need to choose the location of your basketball hoop before considering other factors.

Backboard Material: Most basketball hoop systems you find on the market use three primary materials for their backboards, which are:

  • Tempered Glass: Mostly found in in-board models and gyms.
  • Acrylic: Lightweight but can offer a different bounce or spin.
  • Polycarbonate: Highly durable and designed to withstand different weather conditions.

The size of the backboard is also important. A standard backboard has a size range of 44 to 72 inches. Professional basketball leagues also tailor their backboards to this range. Additionally, backboards can be made in two different shapes: rectangular and fan-shaped. The former promotes regulation use whereas the latter is ideal for small spaces as it takes less room to fill.

Hoop Height Adjustment Mechanism: This factor is specific to most in-ground and some portable models. 

Take note that many basketball players are tall. If you want to play the game regardless of your height, you should choose a basketball hoop with an easy-to-use adjustment mechanism. 

This feature should allow people to tailor their basketball games by looking at their height. For example, if you’re quite short and you’re having trouble shooting the ball in a 10-foot tall basket, you can reduce the height to about 7 feet. Otherwise, you can adjust the pole’s height to the standard 10-foot hoop for an extra challenge.

Portability: Some portable basketball hoops are not as easy to store as they seem. Before choosing the right kit, you should consider how likely you are to move to a different location. With that in mind, the basketball hoop system you buy should be relatively easy to store and carry. 

Budget: Different basketball hoop systems have varying costs. Therefore, it’s important to consider the exact amount you need to spend before committing to purchasing one. Otherwise, you might be spending more money than intended, causing you to lose cash for other important purchases.

Pick #1 Lifetime 51550 Portable Basketball Hoop

Before anything else, our team liked the 5-year warranty included with the product. This guarantee gives us peace of mind, knowing that we can always count on this reliable company and its representatives to help us out with this product if needed.

Although we did find the hoop to be slightly smaller than average, especially when compared to other portable basketball hoops, it makes up for this slight caveat with its first-rate durability. Make no mistake as the polycarbonate is very sturdy. However, we make it a point not to hang from portable basketball hoops as most, if not all of them can’t handle the weight of an average human being.

Finally, the height-adjustable mechanism is reasonably easy to use. None of our team members found it difficult to use. Plus, the hoop’s height can go from 8 to 10 feet, which also means that it’s a product for young teens to adults that are fans of the sport.

Pick #2 – SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Basketball System

The team was on the lookout for a good portable in-ground basketball system that won’t hurt tight budgets. Then, we stumbled upon this set; at first, we were taken aback by its reasonably inexpensive price tag. We were skeptical, thinking that it didn’t have quality parts. However, all doubts went out the window once we set the basketball hoop in our driveway.

One of the features that we love is its reasonably lightweight construction. The entire kit weighs about 20 pounds. Therefore, one person from our team is enough to carry the entire set during travels.

Additionally, the base is sufficiently rugged. This part has hard plastic construction, which isn’t the toughest out there, but it does the job. Furthermore, we can put sand or water in the base for extra stability. Plus, the dimensions of the entire basketball system are compact enough that adjusting it to its smallest size allowed us to put it inside for some indoor basketball fun.

However, the inexpensiveness of this product shows during our stress tests. Some of our team members tried slam dunking the basketball in this hoop, and we feared that it might break. Therefore, this product is ideal for some relatively light basketball sessions.

Pick #3 – Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Portable Basketball System

After searching for one of the least expensive portable basketball systems, we looked to the other spectrum of the market. This time, we chanced upon this product, and we paid for this model with more money than what we initially planned. Thankfully, its premium price tag comes with equally luxurious features.

First, despite most of our team members prefer a springless rim over a low-grade double compression rim, this model had the latter option. The reason why this is the case is that a springless rim is more durable than a high-quality double compression rim. Nonetheless, we were surprised by how the double compression worked for this model. It even felt that it didn’t have the drawbacks associated with that type of rim, especially with the bounce.

We also liked the base as it’s big enough to support the entire portable basketball system. After all, a small base can cause a hoop to tip during inclement weather.

Still, we wished that the height adjustment mechanism is more user-friendly. It requires that the person using it supports the bottom half of the hoop while raising it. Some users, particularly those that don’t have enough strength, may find it more challenging than usual to operate this feature.

Pick #4 – FORZA Junior Adjustable Basketball Hoop

There are several good things to mention about this portable in-ground basketball hoop system.

For instance, we liked the maneuverable wheelbase, which makes it reasonably easy to move and position when needed. Plus, we can add ballast or sand in the base’s cavity for extra stability. We also found that we can also put water in the cavity, albeit we still need to mix it with anti-freeze for extra protection.

Additionally, we love the durable weather-resistant construction of the pole. We didn’t store this basketball hoop system in bad weather, and we’re grateful to see that it’s still standing after the event. Furthermore, the pole’s steel construction tells us that it will last for years. Finally, we’re happy to mention that the kit carries all the essential accessories for the kit. These extra items include a basketball and a pump. We said goodbye to going back-and-forth to stores, trying to set this system up. Take note that we ordered the ‘Junior’ version of this portable basketball hoop. You can opt to buy the taller variants, but the price bumps are significant between each model.

Pick #5 Fitnessclub Portable Basketball Hoop

The team found this basketball hoop system, and most of the staff immediately thought about kids playing basketball. With that said, this portable kit is ideal for many children (including those who deem themselves to be kids at heart) with its adjustable 5.4 to 7-foot height.

We also found that most of the items in the kit are fairly durable. In particular, the backboard uses a high-density PE material, which should last for years. However, we should mention that it’s not the most eco-friendly material to use.

Moving forward, the portable base has two wheels for relatively easy movement. But we wished that the kit had more because it can be challenging to move the hoop system in a different direction with only two wheels.

Our Top Pick – Lifetime 51550 Portable Basketball Hoop

Our top pick is the Lifetime 51550 Portable Basketball Hoop system because of several reasons.

First, the brand placed a limited 5-year warranty on this product, allowing its buyers to gain peace of mind. Next, it comes with a durable ring, which is sturdier than many competing products. Plus, the height adjustment feature is easy to use that even beginners shouldn’t have problems with it.

Check out the lowest price on Amazon here.

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