Top 6 Best Pool Basketball Hoops in 2021 (Complete Guide)

Are you bored with your old swimming pool games? Did you decide recently that you want a pool basketball hoop? If so, then you came to the right place. In this post we discuss the best pool basketball hoops on the market.

In this guide, you’ll know:

  • The best pool basketball hoops on the market
  • How to play basketball in a swimming pool
  • The essential factors to consider when shopping for pool basketball hoops

And many more!

You can make a start by taking a look at the list below of the top 5 best pool basketball hoops we bought, tested, and reviewed for your convenience.


#1 – Poolmaster 72775 Pro Rebounder Pool Basketball and Volleyball Game


#2 - GoSports Splash Hoop Pro Swimming Pool Basketball System


#3 – Lifetime 1306 Pool Basketball System

#4 -Swimline 9195 Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball Hoop

#5 - FCH Poolside Basketball Hoop

#6 - SwimWays 2-in-1 Pool Sport Set

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated on August 11, 2021

Poolmaster 72775 Pro Rebounder Pool Basketball and Volleyball Game

Our top pick for the best pool basketball hoops we bought and tested is the Poolmaster 72775 Pro Rebounder Pool Basketball and Volleyball Game. Several reasons come to mind why we chose this product to be the best on the market. 

First, and if it’s not immediately apparent, this poolside activity set comes with equipment for two sports: water basketball and volleyball. Plus, customers can enjoy two poolside activities for a kit at reasonable costs. 

Then there’s the all-weather-protected backboard and base, which, as per our experience, holds well against the elements. 

If it’s your first time buying a poolside basketball hoop, or you’re replacing an old model, you can’t go wrong with this Poolmaster product.

Our Top 6 Best Pool Basketball Hoops

Below is a short list of our top 5 poolside basketball hoops. You can visit each link to learn more about each product. However, continue reading to know what we think about each item, especially as we discuss the pros and cons.


Is Water Basketball a Thing?

For many households with swimming pools, they might think that water basketball is nothing more than a fun poolside activity. However, this leisurely activity has a deep history. 

Water basketball is an official water sport that mixes the rules of water polo and basketball. Players must shoot a ball at the goals on either end of the pool within a certain time.

Different regions across the world have official water basketball teams. For instance, the Netherlands has an official water basketball association since the 1970s. Additionally, different cities and countries compete regularly in national championships.

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How to Clean a Pool Basketball Hoop?

Don’t think that a pool basketball hoop will stay clean because it stays near the water. It can still contract dust and dirt over time. Additionally, the extra moisture will open doors to mold and mildew growth. Cleaning your chosen poolside hoop is important for it to look and feel pristine for an extended period. However, cleaning techniques differ, depending on the materials in the pool hoop.  

  • Cleaning Polycarbonate and Acrylic

Polycarbonate and acrylic basketball hoop components, especially the backboard, are prone to get damaged from debris and scuffs. Thankfully, it’s not difficult to clean these objects. 

Start by wiping down the polycarbonate or acrylic object with a clean cloth or towel. Ensure that no dust, dirt, or visible debris is on those surfaces. Next, wash those items with a soapy water mixture. Don’t use water that’s too hot or too cold as extreme temperatures can damage the materials. Once finished, wipe the objects with another clean cloth or towel to dry. 

  • Cleaning Tempered Glass

Some swimming pool basketball hoops have tempered glass backboards. At first, you might find this material intimidating to clean and that one wrong step can destroy it. But tempered glass is quite resilient and can be easier to clean than polycarbonate or acrylic. 

Cleaning backboards made of tempered glass is as easy as using a reliable glass cleaner. White vinegar and lukewarm water are also good substitutes for several glass cleaners. To clean the object, first, wipe it with a soft cloth and a few drops of white vinegar. Then, follow up by rinsing a spray, and make sure to use a circular motion to prevent staining.

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How Do You Play Basketball in the Water?

In truth, the only limitation that you can play with a poolside basketball hoop is your imagination. There are tons of activities that you can play with a water basketball set. 

However, if you’re going to follow the official rules of the sport, you need to adhere to those guidelines. For instance, some countries require water basketball players to have five players in each team. Other countries need teams to have six players. Although variations exist, the main objective is still the same, which is to score more baskets than the other team to win.

What Should You Look For When Buying Pool Basketball Hoops?

You need to make the right choice when it comes to choosing a swimming pool basketball hoop, particularly if you’re after a product that’s worth every penny spent. But there are so many options out there that it can be challenging to choose the correct option. Not to worry because we highlighted the important factors that you should consider as you’re shopping for the best pool basketball hoops that match your preferences. 

  • Flexibility

These hoops need to be flexible and should hold well against sudden slam dunks from you or your mates. Make sure that the poolside hoop you purchase is reasonably sturdy yet flexible. 

  • Portability

Sometimes you’ll feel the urge to move the basketball hoop around the pool. Thankfully, many pool hoops are reasonably portable for this cause. Still, you should pick a model that’s relatively easy to transfer and store when needed. 

  • Base

Make sure that the basket has a sturdy base system for optimal stability. After all, you wouldn’t want a basketball hoop that wobbles significantly while you’re trying to shoot.

  • Durability

A durable and long-lasting basketball hoop will help you enjoy long playing sessions. Take note of the materials used in the manufacturing of your chosen hoop; ensure that it’s not using flimsy components. Additionally, aim for a poolside hoop system that’s durable enough to withstand different weather.

  • Waterproofing

You might think that all swimming pool basketball hoops are waterproof. On the contrary, many variants are highly water-resistant, but they’re not waterproof. Therefore, consider buying a pool basketball hoop with a waterproof coating to ensure that it’s going to last longer than expected. 

  • Price

Getting a swimming pool basketball hoop can be expensive, but some hoops are quite inexpensive. Remember to follow your budget when shopping for a good pool basketball hoop system. Also, the costs should be in line with the value presented by the product. In other words, don’t buy an expensive hoop made of fragile materials.

Pick #1 Poolmaster 72775 Pro Rebounder Pool Basketball and Volleyball Game

To say that this pool basketball hoop system is amazing is an understatement. The team was amazed at the quality of the product from the moment we took it out of its box. Plus, that moment happened a few years ago, and this product still looks like we bought it yesterday.

Aside from the quality of the materials used in its production, we were also happy to enjoy two sports in one set. For those who are still unfamiliar with this product, it comes with both water basketball and volleyball equipment. Perfect for mixing things up while playing in the pool.


Finally, the set even comes with the right balls. In contrast, some options we checked on the market only had the swimming pool basketball hoop system. Therefore, we still had to make a separate purchase for the ball.

Pick #2 – GoSports Splash Hoop Pro Swimming Pool Basketball System

The team was slightly skeptical about this specific poolside basketball system because of its reasonably low price point. However, the value brought by this kit is more than the money we spent to buy it.

For instance, we liked that the package came with two inflatable basketballs instead of one. It also came with an air pump, which meant that we immediately got to pump the balls with air as soon as we took these items out of the box. 

Additionally, it didn’t take us an entire afternoon to set up this basketball system. After the relatively quick installation, we found ourselves playing a few quick rounds of water basketball in our pool.

Pick #3 – Lifetime 1306 Pool Basketball System

At first, we were taken aback by the price of the Lifetime 1306. But most of our doubts and worries about this product disappeared once we took it out of its packaging.

This pool basketball hoop kit has a high-density polyethylene backboard, and it screams high-quality. It feels premium, and it has the looks of a posh-looking poolside basketball hoop.

Furthermore, it also has a movable base, which can cater to up to 27 gallons of sand or water. We liked this feature quite well, considering it reduces the wobbles and increases the stability of the hoop. Our only wish was the pole is rust-resistant because we had to paint it with an anti-rust coating to prevent it from corroding.

Pick #4 – Swimline 9195 Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball Hoop

One of the things we like about the Swimline 9195 is its fairly compact 44-inch backboard. It doesn’t take up a significant amount of space, but it also does a good job of keeping the hoop as stable as possible.

Furthermore, we were quite happily surprised upon seeing a regulation-sized basketball in the package. In comparison, many pool basketball hoops come with toy-sized balls. Making the high-quality net swoosh with each basket made is also a joy to behold. 

But we hoped that the rim had an anti-rust coating. After a few months of having this basketball hoop, rust began forming on the rim, which can shorten this component’s lifespan.

Pick #5 - FCH Poolside Basketball Hoop

Next on this list is this poolside basketball hoop from FCH. We weren’t familiar with the brand. Still, we found good feedback from customers that already own this product.

Starting with its structure, it has the design of a portable basketball hoop, albeit smaller in height. It also meant that we can transfer the hoop in different positions around the pool if we desire. Additionally, it can fold up nicely, making this system easy to store.

Pick #6: SwimWays 2-in-1 Pool Sport Set

Some of our team members knew about the SwimWays brand because the company tends to make quality products, including this swimming pool basketball-slash-volleyball combo set.

We liked that it came with the necessary items for us to play water basketball and volleyball. Additionally, the entire system is reasonably easy to set up. The included base is also quite stable, particularly when filled with water or sand. 

Our main caveat for this product is the build quality; although most of its components are sufficiently rugged, it still feels slightly flimsier than some competing products.

Our Top Pick: Poolmaster 72775 Pro Rebounder Pool Basketball and Volleyball Game

After looking at and testing the different pool basketball hoops, our best choice is still the Poolmaster 72775 Pro Rebounder Pool Sports System.

Not only did it give us the chance to enjoy two sports in one set, but it also presents a first-rate build quality, a top-notch design, and a competitive price point. 

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