Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Point Guards (2021 Guide)

When playing basketball, have you ever played as the point guard and realized your basketball shoes just don’t do it for you?

Well, our team of reviewers, composed of basketball players, coaches, and even physical therapists, have found the 5 best shoes for point guards, and they’ll be sharing their secrets with you.

In this guide, you get to learn:

  • What types of shoe point guards wear
  • The advantages of wearing point guard basketball shoes
  • What to look for in a good basketball shoe for point guards

Check out the following list for a quick peek at the top-rated basketball shoes for point guards we bought and reviewed for you.


#1 – Adidas D.O.N. Issue 2 Indoor Basketball Shoe


#2 - Nike Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe


#3 – Nike CW3143-001 PG 5 Basketball Shoe

#4 - Nike AIR Zoom BB NXT Basketball Shoe

#5 - Nike Kyrie Flytrap IV Basketball Shoe

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated On August 13, 2021

Adidas D.O.N. Issue 2 Indoor Basketball Shoe

Out of all the shoes we bought and reviewed, the D.O.N. Issue #2 Adidas Basketball Shoes are a great pair of shoes that deliver on their promise. This piece of sports footwear is ideal for point guards, especially when we tested its superb cushioned insole.

Furthermore, we can’t stress the enjoyment we felt after experiencing the mesh upper that offers excellent breathability while keeping the entire shoe as lightweight as possible. Plus, the features keep our feet comfortable throughout the day.

Our Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Point Guards

After buying and testing different basketball shoes on the market, the following products are our top-rated choices.

Double Bonus in Basketball

Is There a Difference Between Basketball Shoes for Point Guards and Shoes for Other Positions?

Basketball shoes in general are different from any other shoe. They are pretty much designed for the intense games you get from basketball. You have shoes that can support constant jumps and fast stops and starts. Unlike running shoes that are designed to support your feet for a long-running, basketball shoes are built to support your feet, particularly the ankles, during sudden bursts.

Basketball players switch direction mid-run every couple of seconds on average, and they run for a total of 100 short sprints per game. If you have experience with distance running or decide to use a running shoe for your basketball games, then using a specialized basketball shoe can cause fatigue. It can also lead to ankle injuries, given that running shoes lack ankle support, and they don’t have good enough traction to help with the sudden directional change.

Now, basketball shoes can have different designs of their own as well, given that there’s a lot of positions in basketball. Basketball shoes made for point guards tend to have wider outsoles or traction grips that are better than most basketball shoes. This allows dials your ability to change direction on a dime up to eleven.

Point guard basketball shoes also tend to have harder midsoles or cushioning, so they don’t lag on responsiveness, that is, the moment a player pushes down on their foot, they change direction. These shoes also sacrifice a bit of ankle support for improved flexibility.

Can I Use Basketball Shoes for Point Guards Indoors and Outdoors?

If you have been playing basketball for years, or at least have experience in it, then you should already know that playing on different courts would also feel very different. Most basketball shoes are designed for indoor use, that is, smooth, clean, hardwood floors.

Whether or not a basketball shoe for point guards can be used both indoors and outdoors ultimately depends on the overall design. Basketball shoes will need a different type of outsole for outdoors, ones that don’t wear down quickly on rough concrete or asphalt.

You’ll also want a pair of shoes that have plenty of impact protection since you will be bouncing a lot on a harder floor. That said, if you have a pair of basketball shoes that have these traits, then you can certainly use them both for indoor courts and outdoor ones.


What Should You Look for When Buying Basketball Shoes if You’re a Point Guard?

The point guard position is a very important part of a team’s offense. You can’t afford to compromise on your basketball shoes. That said, you’ll need to understand what to look for when choosing your next pair of sneakers. Here are a few things you’ll need to consider.

  • The Outsole

The outsole is the part of the shoe where much of the traction comes from. It’s the piece of the sole at the front part of your shoe and is usually made from rubber. You can pretty much say it’s the backbone of your whole arsenal. You’d want an outsole with a traction pattern that will let you stick to the court like glue. Thicker outsoles are also recommended, since these bits can wear down rather quickly, especially with the amount of friction you’ll be putting your shoes into.

  • Traction

Since point guards are highly active around the court, they require a good traction pattern to prevent them from sliding. Most basketball shoes used by guards feature the herringbone pattern or the zig-zag line. These lines provide a grip on every move while the empty gaps between providing a cushion against the rubber sole.

The type of rubber used for the outsole of a shoe is also important. If you play indoors, then choosing a softer rubber may be the best option. However, if you are looking for a more durable rubber, then choosing a hard rubber may be the better choice.

  • Cushioning

The shoe’s cushioning is usually found on the midsole. You’d want a cushion that is very protective and supportive, but nothing too soft. Softer materials will mean your responsiveness suffers. Imagine kicking off on the sand, as opposed to kicking off on concrete or hardwood. You can get far when you run on concrete but will dissipate a lot of your energy when kicking off on the sand.

  • The Top

Basketball shoes are designed to offer plenty of support around the ankles, which is a part that is vulnerable to injury. That said, too much padding or support around the ankle eats up your maneuverability. So, to avoid this, choose a basketball shoe that has a lower top, so you can move your ankle freely.

  • Comfort

As a point guard, you will be moving a lot, and too much movement can be very exhausting. So, choose a basketball shoe that is comfortable and breathable. 

  • Fit

Last, but not least, the fit is important during intense gameplay. It helps keep your feet in place and prevents discomfort. Some basketball shoes for point guards might be quite tight at the start. However, you might need to break these pieces of footwear first for them to fit better and become more comfortable.

Pick #1 - Adidas D.O.N. Issue 2 Indoor Basketball Shoe

The Adidas D.O.N. Issue #2 Basketball Shoes are an excellent pair of shoes that doesn’t fail to deliver when it comes to comfort, traction, and responsiveness. It certainly isn’t lacking as a basketball shoe for point guards.

The D.O.N. Issue #2 has a textile mesh upper that is both lightweight and breathable, giving you excellent all-day comfort but still manages to give your feet that extra support it needs. We especially loved the low profile, which let you move quickly and decisively without the shoe getting in the way. Very important traits for point guard basketball shoes.

The traction patterns are also multidirectional, which means you get a strong grip on the court, no matter which direction you’re going. Perfect for those quick cuts and pivots.

This pair of shoes would certainly have been perfect if not for one small problem. You need to break it in to enjoy it. That means it’s pretty much impossible to have a good game if you wear this right after breaking it out of the box.

Pick #2 - Nike Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe

If a sleeker pair of sneakers are more of your style, then the Nike Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe might just be for you. Its minimalist design makes it perfect for those fast pivots and crossovers without being too restrictive. Of course, despite being so lightweight, it still offers decent cushioning, great comfort, and a solid outsole.

The hard, Phylon midsole is designed for a fast responsive reaction, whilst still providing excellent protection against hard landings. The outsole itself is also quite durable, making it a great pair for outdoor courts. The traction patterns also offer great directional control.

Unfortunately, we did find the traction to be a bit lacking, particularly on clean, indoor courts. If you prefer outdoor concrete or asphalt courts, however, then this might not be an issue for you.

Pick #3 - Nike CW3143-001 PG 5 Basketball Shoe

Another great shoe for point guards is the Nike PG 5 Basketball Shoe. It combines excellent traction with great support and cushioning. After what many people thought was a disappointment on its predecessor, the PG 4, the PG 5 certainly redeemed this line of sneakers.

The PG 5 has plenty of techs put together, but it still manages to remain lightweight. The outsole pattern itself sticks like glue, with wider coverage, making it perfect for those quick stops and starts. The Air Strobel insole also provides ample cushioning and shock absorption, making for a very comfortable pair of sneakers.

Of course, perfect as this shoe might be, it does have its flaws. We found that it ran a bit narrow for our tastes, plus the extra features inside do need a bit of time to break in before it starts getting comfy.

Pick #4 - Nike AIR Zoom BB NXT Basketball Shoe

The Nike Air Zoom BB NXT is a shoe that’s not confined to a specific role, but it still has characteristics that make it an excellent pair of sneakers for point guards. One particular attribute worth mentioning is the great traction control from the outsoles. It offers excellent on-court grip, allowing the wearer to move in multiple directions easily. 

The low profile is also great at providing mobility. The breathable mesh upper is also a great addition. You can pretty much wear these shoes for long periods without any discomfort. The mesh also makes the sneakers lightweight.

Although the cushioning is pretty good, we did find that it didn’t have as much cushioning for the sides of your feet, so lateral stability does suffer quite a bit.

Pick #5 - Nike Kyrie Flytrap IV Basketball Shoe

For a solid performer on a clean court, you cannot go wrong with the Nike Kyrie Flytrap IV Basketball Shoe. The Phylon midsole contains a Zoom Air unit just under the balls of the feet, which offers excellent full-length cushioning whilst still retaining a low profile at the forefoot.

Traction itself is pretty good, with the outsole being made from solid rubber, giving a boost to durability. It works well on clean courts but can do just as well on outdoor courts.

Our Top Pick - Adidas D.O.N. Issue 2 Indoor Basketball Shoe

If you’re looking for good traction and a great response from a point guard basketball shoe, then you can’t go wrong with the D.O.N. Issue #2.

Break-in period aside, it offers a good combination of supportive cushioning, excellent traction, and all-day comfort. This is a pair of sneakers you can wear on and off the court.

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