Top 10 Best Basketball Insoles (2022 Guide)

Different basketball insoles offer varying features and benefits. If you’re still looking for the best basketball insoles on the market, we’ve got you covered!


In this guide, we’ll show you:

And many more!

Remember, it’s important to buy and use the right insoles whenever you’re playing basketball. Otherwise, you’re going to run into issues and increase your risk of injury.

With that said, here’s a quick list of the top products we researched and compared so you no longer have to deal with these tasks. 


Sof Sole


Walk Hero Comfort & Support

Shock Doctor Active Ultra Insole

Superfeet Professional-Grade Shoe Inserts

Superfeet Carbon Pain Relief Insoles

Enertor Performance Insoles

X-Muscle Shoe Insoles

Superfeet Flex Comfort Insoles

Spenco Polysorb Walker/Runner

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated on January 24, 2022

Our top pick out of all the basketball insoles we tested is the Sof Sole.

This product is a great option for basketball players that want superior comfort and support while playing the game. The pair also provide first-rate durability, and they come with gel pads to keep the feet protected while running and jumping around the court. 

dditionally, there’s the insole’s Hydrolic Moisture Management System, which our team found to be quite effective for sweaty feet. It wicks moisture away efficiently, keeping the feet as dry as possible. Therefore, not only is this product sturdy and comfortable, but it also prevents harmful bacteria from thriving because of sweat. In turn, it prevents problems like smelly feet and mold growth. 


Our Top 10 Best Basketball Insoles to Use

Who Should Wear Basketball Insoles?

What to Look for When Buying Basketball Insoles?

How to Clean Basketball Insoles?

Do Basketball Insoles Work?

Our Top 10 Best Basketball Insoles to Use

You found this place because you’re looking for the top insoles to use during basketball. So here’s a list of five of the best-rated basketball insoles we found and tested for you:

    1. Sof Sole
    2. Walk Hero Comfort & Support
    3. Shock Doctor Active Ultra Insole
    4. Superfeet Professional-Grade Shoe Inserts
    5. Superfeet Carbon Pain Relief Insoles 
    6. Enertor Performance Insoles
    7. X-Muscle Shoe Insoles
    8. Silica Gel Sport Shoe Insole
    9. Superfeet Flex Comfort Insoles
    10. Spenco Polysorb Walker/Runner

Aside from basketball players, relatively any individual can wear insoles in their shoes. Wearing insoles can help prevent injuries and strains to the lower body. These products can also help maintain a level of comfort and prevent muscle fatigue.

But what if the insoles you bought are larger than your shoe?

If you have that issue, one option is to buy another pair. Otherwise, you can DIY a large basketball insole to fit your footwear. 

Here’s a quick video to help you out in that regard:

What to Look for When Buying Basketball Insoles?

  • Support

Above every other essential factor, you need to consider the insole’s support the most. An arched support that mimics your foot’s contour will help minimize pain and provide optimal shock absorption.

The material should also be firm enough to provide adequate cushioning. It should also not allow the stresses of movement to increase rapidly. 

  • Sturdiness

Although basketball insoles don’t last forever, it’s still important to use options that will last for a reasonably long time. You should expect to see normal wear and tear when using the insoles, especially when you’re playing basketball frequently. Generally, a good pair of insoles should last around 3 months.

  • Fit

Get the correct size based on feedback from other customers. Otherwise, you can read the product’s description, particularly when you’re shopping from an online retailer. Ensuring that you’re using an appropriately fitting basketball insole will provide comfort to your foot, as well as preventing a high risk of injury.

  • Type

You can find three primary types of basketball insoles on the market: molded insoles, comfort insoles, and custom orthotics. Molded insoles, also called heat-moldable insoles, are variants that provide optimal comfort and support for athletes with low or flat arches. Comfort insoles are excellent for long-distance running. Finally, you can get custom orthotics from a specialist or doctor, but these options are generally the most expensive out of the three selections. 

How to Clean Basketball Insoles?

It doesn’t require you to have a rocket science degree to clean basketball insoles properly. Nonetheless, splashing water over the product isn’t the best solution for a deep clean. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to help you eliminate the dirt, grime, and other filthy substances that latched onto the material:

  1. Remove the insole from the shoe
  2. Use a soft brush to remove visible dirt and debris
  3. Put a small amount of lukewarm or room temperature water in a shallow dish
  4. Mix a few drops of mild detergent to form a soapy solution
  5. Place the insole in the detergent mixture and swish the product around the dish
  6. Remove the insole after a few minutes of swishing
  7. Wring out the excess moisture
  8. Throw the now dirty mixture and put fresh, clean water into the shallow dish
  9. Swish the insole once more in the dish and wring out the excess moisture once finished
  10. Put the damp insole on top of a dry towel and let it air dry

Do Basketball Insoles Work?

The right basketball insole can help you get the most out of the purchase. You’ll feel comfortable while using the insole to the point that you might feel that you can run for miles with it. Make sure that you don’t skimp out on investing in quality insoles. Otherwise, you’re not taking advantage of the product’s full capabilities. 


Pick #1: Sof Sole

To say that this basketball insole is a top performer might be an understatement. 

Our team purchased this insole a few years ago, and it still provides excellent comfort to this day. Some of our team members use this basketball insole for more than playing the sport. We tried it on other physical activities, such as field exercises and casual walks downtown. 

The Hydrolic Moisture Management System also works wonders for some of our staff’s sweaty feet. After a quick basketball session, we noticed that the insole removes most of the excess moisture from our sweat. Finally, it’s available in different sizes.

Perhaps our only main concern is that it retains some of the stenches from the sweat. Not to worry because a quick cleaning session removes most of the foul odor.

Pick #2: Walk Hero Comfort & Support

Feeling the Walk Hero Insole is unlike other basketball inserts we experienced in a while, especially after seeing its price tag. This product has a reasonably inexpensive price point, which makes it an ideal choice for interested buyers on a tight budget. 

The lush EVA material promotes maximum comfort. Plus, it efficiently supports the feet during high-intensity movements in the court. Our feet didn’t hurt after an hour of using this pair of insoles in the court. 

The firm arch support and deep heel cup design are also top-notch. With these features, we achieved a neutral and stable gait, protecting our knees during rapid turns and erratic movements. 

However, it’s worth mentioning that this basketball insole needs a bit of breaking into. We had a slight issue with the material being stiff during the first few days of use. But that concern disappeared over time. 

Pick #3: Shock Doctor Active Ultra Insole

A premium price for a basketball insole should offer the finest features and experience, right? That’s what we got from this product. We had to pay a little more money than intended to purchase this item. However, the experience speaks for itself as it’s tough to find faults in this basketball insert. 

First, there’s the brand’s patented Adaptive Arch technology, which, as its name implies, adapts to the shape of the foot and its arch. In other words, we only need to select a size range, and the insole conformed to the member’s in the team with foot sizes within the array. 

Next, we thoroughly enjoyed the forefoot, heel shock pad, and shock dome. With these features, the insole handled relatively any erratic movement we did in the court. Our feet remained supported, and we didn’t feel any significant discomfort from long basketball sessions. 

One gripe that I have to mention is its design because it’s not going to be for everyone. The combination of colors will take some getting used to. Then again, it’s a basketball insole that won’t be seen by the public’s eye frequently. 

Pick #4: Superfeet Professional-Grade Shoe Inserts

This pair of basketball insoles has been around for decades, and our team didn’t find that thought surprising after putting them in our shoes. 

These inserts are made from a medical-grade composition. The material feels sturdy and should last for a long time. It even has a stabilizer cap to ensure that the rear areas of our feet stay stable for every physical activity. 

We also liked the deep heel cup, which is quite effective at reducing the risk of heel pain. Then, there’s the orthotic shape as it helped our feet to remain stress-free during jumps and sudden movements.  

However, we can’t get around the squeakiness of the material. The insoles squeaked whenever we walked or run. Although the sound isn’t a bother for some of our team members, it’s might be a different story for some users. 

Pick #5: Superfeet Carbon Pain Relief Insoles

Some of our team members wanted basketball insoles that don’t protrude from their shoes. Enter this product, which is one of the shoe inserts we’ve seen with the lowest profiles. 

It’s reasonably thinner than most basketball inserts we reviewed, so far. However, this low-profile design doesn’t reduce the comfort and stability it supplies. Instead, it still provides one of the best comfortable and stable experiences we encountered in basketball insoles. 

Additionally, we admired the carbon fiber stabilizer cap. This feature allowed us to enjoy better-than-average support for our feet. 

Still, we don’t think that it’s more durable than other competing products. After about two weeks of strenuous use, signs of wear and tear started to appear on the fabric. 

Pick #6: Enertor Performance Insoles

The Enertor Performance Insoles were designed and developed to enable the foot and ankle to work together. This makes it possible for you to jump, run, and do other athletic movements without any restrictions.

These insoles provide cushioning, stability, and comfort for athletes, runners, walkers, and others who experience pain in their feet due to impact. Increased stability in the foot arch also helps prevent overuse injuries in the feet and lower leg.

The insoles can be customized with a range of different arch heights to suit your needs. Enertor is the only insoles that do not use foam materials because they are compressed with heat. This process creates an orthopedic material that is breathable, lightweight, and comfortable for athletes.

Pick #7: X-Muscle Shoe Insoles

One of the main ways that you can prevent yourself from getting injured when playing basketball is to wear the proper shoe insoles. X-Muscle shoe insoles are one of the best basketball insoles available because they help to support your feet while providing stability and durability.

X-Muscle Shoe Insoles provides a level of support and comfort that regular insoles cannot. Many pro basketball players have been switching over to this shoe insole to take their performance to the next level.

X-Muscle shoe insoles are one of the best basketball insoles on the market because they provide stability, durability, and protect feet from impact stress even after long periods on the court.

Pick #8: Silica Gel Sport Shoe Insole

Silica Gel Sport Shoe Insole is a type of insole that is made up of high-quality silica gel to provide comfort and performance. It is used in shoes for different sports activities. The material can absorb moisture and prevent it from entering the shoe. It’s resilient, soft, lightweight, transparent, and has better shock absorption properties.

Silica gel insoles are made up of tiny beads which are filled with silicon dioxide. These insoles are mostly used in shoes to make them more comfortable for the wearer. They also help keep the foot dry and prevent perspiration from building up in the shoe.

Silica gel insoles can be replaced with other types of insoles as well but they provide better protection against shocks and give a good amount of comfort to the user as well.

Pick #9: Superfeet Flex Comfort Insoles

Superfeet Flex Comfort Insoles are one of the best basketball insoles because they have a patented arch support that’s specifically made for an athlete’s foot. They have a triple-layer shock-absorption system that absorbs 70% of the impact from running, jumping, and landing on hard surfaces.

Their full-length stabilizer insert provides support with every step you take, offering protection from plantar fasciitis and other common ailments associated with high-impact activities—no more painful heels!

As one of the best basketball insoles on Amazon, it’s no surprise that they’re worth checking out!

Pick #10: Spenco Polysorb Walker/Runner

The Spenco Polysorb Walker/Runner is one of the most popular basketball shoe insoles. It provides additional cushioning, arch support, and stability. It is great for people who are looking for a simple shoe insole that they can wear on any type of surface.

This product supports the foot’s natural position and relieves pressure on sore areas of the feet. It also helps to provide more traction for those who need it. The insole is made up of a polypropylene material that has been designed to absorb shocks, reduce impact forces, and help control lateral movement.

Spenco Polysorb Walker/Runner is one of the best basketball insoles for players who want their feet to be protected without having any adverse effects on their lateral movements during games.

Our Top Pick:

The Sof Sole is our top pick for players that are looking for a great shoe that provides support and comfort while playing basketball. 


It has enjoyable features like the Hydrolic Moisture Management System, which helps keep the feet dry and odor-free. This product also works by preventing harmful bacteria from growing on the feet’s surface. 

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