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Surely those who are involved with the sport of basketball are already aware of the wide array of training equipment that’s used to improve one’s skills. Notably one of the most reliable equipment out there is a basketball shooting machine.

A lot of people swear by this because it really does improve one’s shooting and rebounding skills. Also, it helps players get more shots in less time. I can fairly say that these are more effective rather than home shooting machines because these are equipped with a technology that’s able to pass the ball back to you when you use it.

This is why several clubs, schools, and gyms invest in this sort of equipment. It’s just really useful! You’ve probably noticed that I mentioned the word “investment”, well this is because this type of equipment isn’t cheap at all. I mean, there are cheap ones in the market, but it’s still better to invest in better ones which are more durable and high-tech.

This is why we are gladly introducing you to our list of the best basketball shooting machines! You may scroll down further to see a more detailed review of each shooting machine.

What is a Basketball Shooting Machine?

Basically from the name itself, a basketball shooting machine is an equipment used by players and coaches when it comes to practicing their shooting and rebounding skills. So if you’re a person who’s looking to improve their shooting and gain more shots in less time, this is the type of training equipment you’d want in your arsenal. These shooting machines are usually automated, so that enables it to pass the basketball back to the players as they train.

As i’ve mentioned before, automated basketball shooting machines are far better than home shooting machines because these use the traditional chute systems and these won’t be able to actually pass the ball back to you, which can be a bummer. The automated machines can be seen in some schools and gyms, so you can just pay a visit to those places if you don’t really want to invest in such equipment.

But if you really want to get yourself a shooting machine but can’t afford the price range of over $1000, then you can opt for a home basketball shooting machine from the popular brand iC3. Their machine cost around $500 and has lots of positive reviews too!

Why Should You Purchase One?

Below are a few reasons why you should opt to buy yourself a basketball shooting machine:

  1. During this pandemic, we don’t really know when we can pay our local schools and gyms a visit again. So it’s better to purchase a shooting machine now so that you can practice your shooting while staying at home.
  2. Purchasing a shooting machine will make things more convenient for you. You won’t have to go out of your house and travel.
  3. You’ll have an advantage over others because you get to train anytime you want in the comfort of your home.
  4. This is a great equipment you can use especially if you mostly train/practice alone. With the absence of teammates and coaches, the only thing you can rely on passing the ball back to you is a shooting machine.

Overview Of The Best Basketball Shooting Machines

1. iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer

● 4.6/5 rating
● Manufacturer: Dr. Dish
● Easy Outdoor Set-Up
● Increase Shooting Percentage
● Proper Arc Shooting
● Develop Muscle Memory
● Recommended for ages 7 and up

2. SKLZ Solo Assist Basketball Rebounder

● 4.3/5 rating
● Trains players to set their feet, square up and shoot the ball off a true pass
● Designed for hardwood, outdoor courts, and driveways
● Perfect for individual practice or team drills
● Portable and folds flat for easy storage

3. SKLZ Kick-Out Basketball Return Attachment

● 4/5 rating
● Sport Type: Basketball
● Color: Black
● Target Group: Unisex
● Brand: SKLZ
● Age Range: Adult
● Item Weight: 1.17 kilograms

Best Basketball Shoes For Wide-Foot Players

1. iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer

iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer

4.6/5  Overall Rating

This machine will definitely help you improve your shooting skills
The high net design of the machine improves the arc of your shot
This is easy to transport anywhere
Setting-up the entire machine is easy
It returns the balls back at players in a very nice pace
Durable and sturdy
Assembly time only takes 30 minutes
Well worth the money

Ball gets jammed in the machine from time to time
The counter is not always accurate
The attachments that hold the machine together can loosen after some time
Quite expensive for a rebound support machine

What do most people think of this product?

The iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer by Dr. Dish allows players to ramp up the repetition of their shots by 300% which is roughly 16 shots per minute. All this while having the correct form and proper arc to maximize their performance on the court. This shooting machine is created for players who are driven to compete at the highest level. With the iC3, you will surely develop game time muscle memory in the shortest amount of time possible.

With this machine, you don’t have to constantly chase after the ball after every shot, so now you can solely focus on training and improving your shooting. The big black net captures both made and missed shots and you get to improve your form when shooting at a 45-degree arc. The built-in arc of this machine adjusts to 180-degrees to where the ball will be returned.

If you already own a basketball hoop then you’re in luck because the iC3 can be attached onto the rim of your pre-existing hoop in a matter of seconds. This machine was also made to support hoops with poles and is compatible with 72’’ backboards. The sturdy welded steel frame is durable enough to withstand hot and cold temperatures and rain. However, it’s recommended that during extreme weathers, the machine is to be stored indoors. When putting the machine together, you’ll need 10mm wrenches (not included in the set).

Among all the shooting machines that offer rebounding support in the market, the iC3 has the best value because first, the wide net can be placed on either a portable hoop or an in-ground hoop. Second, the net stretches over the rim which means it can gather made or missed shots. Moreover, the high net design is going to force you to improve on the arc of your shot. Then there’s this ramp that connects to the net and acts as a “teammate” for those players who seem to have difficulty when shooting off of passes.

Overall, despite being the priciest rebound support shooting machine, it actually is an equipment that is a great bang for your buck. Even though it’s not automated, you can still improve on your shooting and rebounding skills nonetheless. Assembly time is short and easy, the machine’s build is durable and sturdy and it can easily be transported anywhere. A must-buy for those who aren’t willing to splurge on automated shooting machines.

2. SKLZ Solo Assist Basketball Rebounder

SKLZ Solo Assist Basketball Rebounder

4.3/5  Overall Rating

A simple yet effective equipment for improving one’s passing, shooting and dribbling skills
Assembly is easy
Allows a person to train alone without relying on other people
Sturdy and strong
The frame is lightweight and easy to carry around
It can be folded flat so storage is easy
It bounces the ball back easily
Step-by-step instructions are included in the set
The foot pads on the Solo Assist prevent it from scraping the floor and moving around too much
Can be used on hardwood floors, outdoor basketball courts, and driveways
This is the best equipment to practice a bounce pass

Some complain about the net not stretching onto the frame
Some had difficulty with the instructions
Some have claimed that the net started ripping apart after a few weeks of use

What do most people think of this product?

The SKLZ Solo Assist is a great training equipment for practicing your shooting, dribbling, and passing skills. It’s important to note that in order to become better players, one must make use of having the right equipment in their arsenal. The Solo Assist is one thing you would really want to have, especially if you’re the type of person who trains alone most of the time or if you’re a coach that needs an extra pair of hands when teaching players how to pass the ball.

The Solo Assist can be classified as easy and hard, what this means is it utilizes an easy-to-use design and it has a highly durable construction that can last for seasons. This can fold down easily so storage won’t be a problem for you. You can tuck it away under your bed or in your garage when you’re not using it and you can put it in your car’s trunk when you travel and take it to practice. The construction is lightweight and its design allows players to experience a true game-like passing and shooting when they train. This isn’t like any other rebounder because it trains players to catch the ball as they move and square up before they properly execute their shot.

With the Solo Assist, the possibilities are endless. You can practice a lot of drills with this equipment such as catch drills, passing drills, solo box drill, two ball passing drill, etc. Furthermore, coaches and trainers alike will surely love this because it’s common that these people tend to handle a large number of players, and there are instances that there are more players to train rather than the number of coaches. So the Solo Assist can really take the load off of the coach’s shoulders and act as an extra set of hands! Now coaches can properly observe players without having to multitask at the same time (observing players while passing the ball to players at the same time is really difficult!)

Overall, this is a great equipment to use for practicing various drills and improving your skill set. Curls, transition shots, you name it. Expect the SKLZ Solo Assist to perform at its best for you. However, do take note of the cons that this product has. The most common one would be its net, which some people say does not fit onto the frame very well. To be honest, this wouldn’t be my primary purchase if I were to buy a shooting machine because the cons really put me off.

3. SKLZ Kick-Out Basketball Return Attachment

4/5  Overall Rating

People have claimed that they frequently shoot off made shots with the SKLZ Kickout
The ball comes back to the player, regardless of where they’re shooting
Very affordable
Ball return is sturdy
The equipment just works
Easy to assemble
People love the return angle on these
Players no longer have to chase made shots
Rotating chute

The clips on the rim become loose over time (but can be modified to solve this problem)
After some time, the rebounder needs to be straightened after a few shots
Doesn’t rebound missed shots

What do most people think of this product?

I’m pretty sure that most people are tired of chasing balls right after they shoot. I mean, it’s tiring and makes us exhausted easily. Luckily, the SKLZ Kickback eliminates that kind of problem! This rebounder equipment is perfect for those who love to practice their shooting skills. It returns made shots easily and anywhere on the court, all thanks to its 360-degree chute. This’ll make players get more reps in their shots under less time too. This can be easily installed onto your standard basketball hoops as well. This return system will allow players to train independently with the help of the sturdy plastic and nylon netting that the SKLZ Kickback has. To make things more interesting, this has an integrated handle which allows players to adjust the angle of the return.

When clipping on the SKLZ Kickback on your basketball hoop, it’s best to install it on a height adjustable one so that you and your kids or younger siblings can practice with it. The chute approximately hangs off 28 inches below the rim and obviously the best feature this has is its 360-degree adjustment. If you’re tall, then you can easily get the ball to return to you wherever you are in the court with the help of this feature.

The quality of this product is good, not the best but it’s better compared to other rim add-ons. The downsides that you have to deal with is the chute that changes directions from time to time and it doesn’t rebound missed shots. Moreover, the chute actually seems like it has a mind of its own and this seems to tick off a lot of buyers. Some say that the easy fix for this would be setting it up properly but for others, that doesn’t seem to do the trick.

Overall, despite having annoying cons to this product, the SKLZ Kick-Out Basketball Return Attachment is a pretty good deal, especially with the features and the pros you get with its price point. The functionalities work and that’s what’s important. It still has numerous positive reviews and people just love the product. I still recommend you get this one especially if you’re into rim add-ons that are easy to attach and detach.

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