Top 7 Best Basketball Shoes for Women in 2022

Are you looking for the best Baskeball Shoes for Women in 2022? The right basketball shoes for women can be hard to find. Women are not built the same way as men, so it is important to find a shoe that has been designed with the needs of a woman in mind. There are many different styles of basketball shoes out there, but they all have one thing in common – they need to provide good support for your foot and ankle. Some women prefer low-top shoes with an open forefoot, while others like high-top sneakers or lace-ups. 

In this guide, you’ll learn:
  • The best Basketball Shoes for Women
  • Tips on how to find the right Basketball Shoes for Women
  • How to Clean your Basketball Shoes
And many more!

We researched the best-rated Basketball Shoes for Women on the market, purchased them, and evaluated each items for your benefit. Continue reading to learn more about each Basketball Shoes for Women model and to choose the one that ’s best and tastes.


Adidas Dame 8


Nike Precision III


Jordan Shoes Air 1 Mid SE Light Club

Under Armour

Women’s Jet

Nike Women's

Low-Top Basketball Shoes

Under Armour

Women's HOVR Rise 3


WMNS 1 UNC to Chicago

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick: Adidas Dame 8

Among the many  Basketball Shoes for Women in 2022, we found the Adidas Dame 8 to be our overall #1 recommendation.

These Adidas basketball sneakers have a swagger that is reminiscent of Dame. The rubber outsole holds the hardwood on every cut and move, while the Bounce Pro midsole delivers lightweight cushioning. It has an innovative design with a large toe guard and a comfortable fit. The shoe has been designed for women who are looking for a lightweight basketball shoe that is comfortable and stylish.

You can’t go wrong with this Adidas Dame 8 while on the game!

What’s In This Guide?

Our Top 7 Best Basketball Shoes for Women

Tips on how to find the right Basketball Shoes for Women

How to Clean your Basketball Shoes  

Tips on how to find the right Basketball Shoes for Women

Shoes are the most important part of a player’s attire, and the right pair can make all the difference when it comes to performance. Finding the right shoes can be difficult. Whether you’re looking for a shoe that is best for your feet or one that will match your outfit, there are many factors to consider.

Women’s shoes come in different shapes and sizes and are designed with specific needs in mind. So, it is important to find the perfect pair of shoes that will fit your feet and match your style.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right fit for your basketball game:


    • Know your size: You should be able to find the right shoe size for you before you even start looking for one. You can go to a store and try on different sizes of shoes, or you can measure your feet at home before going shopping.
    • Look for good arch support: If you have flat feet, then look for shoes with good arch support. Women usually have high arches so they need more support than men do, especially when they are playing games like basketball or running on hard surfaces.
    • Choose the best type of shoe: There are three main types of basketball shoes: low tops, mid-tops, and high tops.
  • Consider your game style and position: The best way to find the right basketball shoes for women is to consider their game style and position. The game style determines the type of shoe you need. If you are a guard, then you would need a lightweight shoe with good traction. If you are a forward on the other hand, then you would need a more stable shoe with more cushioning.
  • Consider the shoe’s durability: Durability is a very important factor to consider when buying a basketball shoe for women. A good basketball shoe will provide stability, support, and comfort for your feet. It should also have a durable upper that will not easily tear or wear out over time. If you are looking for a good quality basketball shoe, then look at its durability before anything else.
  • Choose a shoe that is comfortable to wear: Choosing the right basketball shoes is not only about looking good, it’s also about feeling good. It is important to find a shoe that is comfortable and supportive enough to play in.
  • Look for a shoe with good cushioning and traction: When you are in the market for a new pair of shoes, make sure that they have the right cushioning and traction to help you avoid injury and keep you on your feet.

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Basketball players need to clean their shoes after every game. This is because the shoes are exposed to sweat, dirt, and bacteria which can easily cause infections. It’s important to clean your basketball shoes after every game or practice and cleaning your basketball shoes is not a difficult task.  All you need is a wet towel and a dry towel. The best way is with a damp cloth, which you can either use dry or wet depending on the level of dirt that needs to be removed from the shoe. 

Cleaning basketball shoes is one of the most important things you need to do to keep your shoes in good condition. Dirty and wet shoes can cause blisters and other foot conditions.

There are many ways to clean your basketball shoes, but you should follow these steps if you want to do it in a more efficient way:

– Step 1: Prepare all the necessary materials – a bucket, water, rubber gloves, and a cleaning brush.

– Step 2: Put some water into a bucket and add some detergent.

– Step 3: Put your dirty basketball shoe into the bucket and scrub it with the brush. You may also use an old toothbrush for this purpose.

– Step 4: Rinse off the shoe with fresh water from the bucket or tap water until there is no more dirt caked onto it.

– Step 5: Let it Dry

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Pick #1: Adidas Dame 8

Adidas Dame 8 shoes are made for women who have a passion for basketball. They are the perfect blend of style and performance.

The Adidas Dame 8 is a pair of shoes made for women who love to play basketball. It’s a little bit more expensive than other Adidas shoes, but it’s worth the price. You get a lot of features with this shoe that make it worth the money.

The Adidas Dame 8 was designed to have a high-performance and supportive fit. It is made with the new Boost cushioning technology which offers an adaptive, durable and responsive ride. The upper of the shoe is made with prime knit material which offers an adaptive, breathable, and stretchy feel.

Pick #2: Nike Precision III

The Nike Precision III is designed for women who want to be quick on their feet and agile on the court. The shoe features a lightweight design for quick movements and durable construction for stability. Nike Precision III for women is the perfect shoe for any female athlete who wants to stay on top of their game. This low-profile shoe features an asymmetrical lacing system that provides a snug, secure fit.

The shoes were created to provide stability and comfort for women, as well as to provide an appealing look for female customers, which had been lacking in previous Nike products.

Pick #3: Jordan Shoes Air 1 Mid SE Light Club

Jordan brand shoes are the most popular and well-known shoes in the world. They have been a favorite of basketball players for decades.

 Jordan Shoes Air 1 Mid SE Light Club is a basketball shoe for women.

This shoe was designed with a focus on the needs of female players, with a low-to-the-ground profile and a responsive cushioning system. The result is an ultra-lightweight shoe that offers stability and comfort for the game.

Pick #4: Under Armour Women’s Jet

Under Armour Women’s Jet is a basketball shoe designed for women. It has a mesh upper and an inner bootie that wraps around the foot, providing a comfortable and secure fit. The shoe also has a lightweight midsole with a rubber outsole for traction.

The Under Armour Women’s Jet is built for hard court performance and comfort, with an internal bootie that provides stability and support.

The shoes have a synthetic upper with mesh inserts, and they have an elastic lace closure system that provides a secure fit. They also have an EVA midsole with rubber outsole that gives you traction on indoor courts. 

Pick #5: Nike Women’s Low-Top Basketball Shoes

Nike Women’s Low-Top Basketball Shoes are designed for women who want a low-top basketball shoe with a sleek and modern look. The Nike Women’s Low-Top Basketball Shoes are available in different colors and styles, so you can find the perfect pair for your needs.

The Nike Women’s Low-Top Basketball Shoes are a great option for both casual and competitive basketball. They’re lightweight enough to provide comfort, but sturdy enough to give you the support you need for high-intensity play. The Nike Women’s Low-Top Basketball Shoes are cushioned with Nike Zoom Air in the heel and forefoot, which provides responsive cushioning when you need it most.

Pick #6: Under Armour Women’s HOVR Rise 3

The Under Armour Women’s HOVR Rise 3 has a mesh upper with synthetic overlays to provide durability. The outsole is made from rubber and the midsoles are made from EVA foam, which provides cushioning and protection.

It features a full-length Charged Cushioning midsole and an Anatomically Contoured Footbed. It also has a seamless upper, which makes it easier to get on and off. The HOVR Rise 3 is available in black/white, black/pink, and white/pink colorways. 

Pick #7: AIR JORDAN WMNS 1 UNC to Chicago

Air Jordan 1 UNC to Chicago is a pair of shoes for women that are designed by the famous brand, Air Jordan. The shoes are made from high-quality leather and synthetic materials. They have a rubber sole and a unique design on the bottom.

The Air Jordan 1 UNC to Chicago is an iconic shoe for women that is known for its classic design, high-quality materials, and comfortability.

This shoe features a full-grain leather upper with a perforated toe box and Nike logo on the tongue, as well as UNC-inspired design elements. The shoe also includes an oversized Swoosh on the side and heel for a more feminine look and an icy translucent outsole with a translucent rubber sole for traction. 

Our Top Pick: Adidas Dame 8

The Adidas Dame 8 remains our top-rated selection after examining several Best Basketball Shoes for Women in 2022.


Adidas Dame 8 is a shoe that is designed for basketball player. It has a high-top design with a midsole that is made of rubber. The upper part of the shoe is made of leather with mesh on the side and back to provide flexibility. Furthermore, the Adidas Dame 8 has a rubber sole which provides comfort and durability. The upper part of the shoe is made from leather which provides comfort, durability, and breathability. You will surely enjoy playing basketball in a fun and competitive matter!

Check it out on Amazon now. 

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