Which Baseball Team’s Cap Did Magnum P.I. Wear?

Back in the 1980s, people were raving about Tom Selleck’s Magnum P.I. on TV. He would solve crimes and interact with different people as a hardboiled investigator. Additionally, he always wore an iconic mustache and Hawaiian shirt. But he also wore a baseball cap with an MLB team on it on various episodes. So what is the team on Magnum P.I’s baseball cap?

The image on Magnum P.I.’s cap is the logo of the Detroit Tigers, which is also Tom Selleck’s favorite MLB team. Therefore, this baseball cap is more than a way to separate the TV private investigator from the rest as it’s also a symbol of Selleck’s personality.

If you’re new to the world of classic TV private investigators, you might be wondering who Magnum P.I. is and what his show is about. Therefore, you should continue reading to find out.

Here’s why the Detroit Tigers cap became so iconic for Selleck. He almost played Indiana Jones in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, but he was forced to stay in Magnum P.I. However, a delay in the filming of the TV show would’ve allowed Selleck to star in the Indiana Jones movie.

Therefore, while filming Magnum P.I., Selleck would continue wearing his iconic Hawaiian shirt and Detroit Tigers baseball cap. Additionally, it was the actor’s idea for the TV private investigator to wear that particular cap because he (Selleck) is a big fan of that specific baseball team.

What is the Reason Why Magnum P.I. Wears a Baseball Cap?

Tom Selleck is a lifelong Detroit Tigers fan. He often appears on the show with his favorite team and even organized a mock spring training session for the comedy Mr. Baseball. He even showed several nods to his enthusiasm and adoration of the sport on several occasions while filming the TV shows. For example, in one episode, Magnum encounters MLB players, Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell. However, Selleck didn’t recognize the players immediately as they were out of uniform.

As if the baseball cap wasn’t enough, Selleck’s Mr. Baseball ended by making the character the mentor to the Detroit Tigers, albeit it was only in fiction.

Who is Magnum P.I.?

Who is Magnum P.I.

Before television became mainstream, Magnum, P.I. was one of the few shows that truly showcased the diversity of characters and storylines. The show had a strong connection to Hawaii Five-0, despite the two shows being not in the same universe.

What is the Magnum P.I. Show About?

What is the Magnum P.I. Show About

Tom Selleck played private investigator Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV. He lives in a guest house at the invitation of Robin Masters, the author of several lurid novels. Ostensibly, this is a quid pro quo based on his expertise in security. On the other hand, Magnum lives a near-perfect life on the estate. He operates as a P.I. on cases that suit him.

Although the relationship is initially cool, it soon grew into a relationship that fans would eventually get to know. Throughout the last two seasons, Magnum has frequently suspected that Higgins is Robin Masters, despite the evidence proving otherwise. In one episode, he was shown alone with a ringing phone.

Aside from Higgins, the show also featured various companions on the islands. Calvin, who runs a helicopter charter service, and Orville, who owns a local bar and restaurant. These individuals were mainly companions to Magnum.

Rick and T.C. are former Marines who served in Vietnam. Their friendship became known as the “Human Beings” series, which was one of the first to deal with the country’s war veterans. Magnum often dupes them into helping him.

He comes and goes as he pleases, and has the luxury of having unlimited use of his Ferrari. He also has an extensive collection of women who are connected to his cases. Other notable characteristics of Magnum include his thick mustache, baseball caps, and a variety of colorful outfits. Most episodes are narrated by Magnum in a voice-over.

Final Words

Magnum P.I., played by Tom Selleck, is a TV show of a private investigator with an iconic Hawaiian shirt and Detroit Tigers cap. This baseball cap is more than a conventional stage prop as it shows the actor’s enthusiasm and admiration for the MLB team.

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