Adidas: Dame 5 Review

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Adidas has been known to provide players with decent performing basketball shoes. Although it may not be as good as what Nike offers, it still does well when used on the court. If we’re going to talk about one of the best basketball shoes that Adidas offers, it’s gotta be the Dame 5.

The Dame shoe line came into existence when Damien Lillard signed a deal with the well-known brand, Adidas, during the year 2014. The cool thing about this player is before he even signed a contract with the three-striped company, he has actually been using several Adidas shoes during his first two seasons. These shoes are the D Rose 3 D Rose 4, Crazyquick, and Crazyquick 2.

Despite being a low-key superstar in the NBA, his signature shoes have actually become a common thing to see, and his one shoe from the Dame shoe line, Dame 4, has been given the title of being the most popular Adidas shoe in the NBA during the 2017-18 season.

With that being said, the Dame 5 won’t back down of course. And to make things more interesting for this shoe, it’s considered to be one of the best basketball shoes in 2019!

This is why we are gladly introducing you to our review of the Dame 5! You may scroll down further to see a more detailed review of the shoe.

Before we actually dig into the details regarding the Dame 5we’re going to tackle a little bit on the three-striped brand’s contract with Damien Lillard so you can get a little bit of how the Dame shoe line came to be. 

Dame 5 by Adidas

  • 4.6/5 rating
  • Top: Mid
  • Signature: Damien Lillard
  • Lockdown: Lace-Up
  • Colorways: Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Grey, White
  • Released: 2019

Adidas: Dame 5 Review

1. Dame 5 by Adidas

Dame 5 by Adidas

4.6/5  Overall Rating

Dame 5 has the best Bounce cushioning out of all the other models in the shoe line
Sleek design and stylish
The fit of the shoe is enjoyed by many
The herringbone pattern for traction works perfectly. Works well on both clean and dusty courts
Does not require break-in
Full tongue and knit collar allows players to wear ankle braces

Mesh upper material feels cheap
Wearers don’t like the colorways
Some have experienced minor slips on dusty courts

What do most people think of this product?

This shoe has been branded as the best model out of Damien’s signature line. The way the designers came up with this design is based on the combined attributes of the Dame 2, 3, and 4. For those who highly regard responsiveness, you will get the most out of this shoe, thanks to the full-length Bounce cushion. The herringbone pattern on the outsole is actually the first Dame model to have such a pattern. Traction works great, regardless of how clean or dirty the court is, and just gives a really nice grip on the floor. As for the upper, it’s made from either mesh or suede, or full-length leather.


Similar to its predecessors, the Dame 5 boasts its full-length bounce cushion. There are lots of benefits you can get from this type of cushioning such as responsiveness, energy return, and impact protection. No wonder the shoe has received a lot of praise, the way this cushioning performs are loved by both normal players and Damien himself.

The important thing to consider with the Bounce cushioning is it comes in thicker compared to the previous Dames. If you’re a fan of court feel then this may not be the shoes for you since it has a thicker midsole. But if you’re the type of player that values a balanced cushioning set-up, then the Dame 5 will be the perfect pair for you.

Technically, it still depends on you and your preference because some people are very satisfied with the thicker midsole while some aren’t fond of it at all. Nevertheless, the Bounce cushioning is amazing on the Dame 5. It provides a great balance of impact protection and responsiveness.


The outsole depends on what colorway the shoe has, it can either be a light gum, gum, or solid rubber. Now the interesting part about its pattern is it’s the first Dame model to actually have it. The famous multidirectional herringbone pattern is one of the shoe’s highlights. The patterns are widely spaced apart which makes it harder for dirt to get trapped in them so there will be less wiping going on.The traction still performs at its best on whatever surface the player is on, be it clean or dirty, there’s no hindrance to the excellent traction it provides.


The fit on these shoes come in the standard Adidas sizing, however, there are actually mixed reviews regarding the fit. Some say that it fits true to size, others claim that the shoe runs too long and wide. The best way to know about your size is to visit your local sports store and do a personal fitting there. So this shoe was definitely built for wide-foot players to enjoy but if you have a narrow foot it’s best to go down half a size.

According to some reviews, they didn’t experience any heel slip or side to side movement fresh from the box, and the toes don’t hit the toe box so there’ll be no discomfort there.  So the fit on the Dame 5 is good and very supportive.


The thermo polyurethane panel is the one responsible for keeping your foot in place. For some people who had their Dame 5s run a bit too long for their liking, they actually forgot all about how long it was since the lockdown on these shoes are superb.


The upper’s material will vary and depends on what colorway you’re planning to get. You have the choice to choose between mesh and suede combo or full leather. For added comfort, the tongue, ankle, collar, and inner walls of the shoe are padded. In addition, the outriggers of the shoe will help in preventing ankle rolls. The Dame 5 sports a mid-top silhouette and comes with a wide variety of nine colorways.

The mesh version is lighter compared to the leather variant, but the difference is not that significant. The mesh variant also features this suede rear panel that feels kind of cheap to be honest. On the other hand, the synthetic leather performs a tad bit better than the other material variant. However, this material feels kind of cheap as well. The materials can be compared to the Jordan 33 (to give you a better glimpse).


As I’ve mentioned, the lockdown on the Dame 5 is superb. The collar is flexible which gives your ankles enough wiggle room so you can freely execute various multidirectional movements. The TPU panel also gives lateral coverage. Considering the width of the shoe, you get a lot of stability for it. For me, the best parts of the shoe that gives support to your foot would have to be the midsole and outsole.

Moreover, the internal shank gives the right amount of flexibility like all Dames do (except for the Dame 3). Might I add, the arch support on the Dame 5 is great for flat-footed players.


Overall, the features that the Dame 5 boasts lives up to its name. It performs really well when worn in-court. It’s pretty clear why you should try opting for the Dame 5 since it’s a straightforward basic shoe that has all the features you need and none of the extra crap that may not contribute anything to the way you play your game.

A well-balanced shoe from one of the most well-known brands in the shoe industry. The only downside is the sizing of the shoe, but once you have that figured out then you’re all set!

Confused? Here’s How To Choose The Right Basketball Shoe For You


We consider this to be the most important factor in choosing the right pair of shoes. Even though the shoes you want look good, if they don’t fit you properly then there’s really no sense in purchasing it. It’ll make you unhappy and you’d be wasting your money on a pair that you can’t even comfortably wear on the court. Basketball is a very demanding sport and it requires your whole foot to function properly in order to play well. Shoes that don’t fit you will damage your feet, ankles, and knees. So in order to prevent injuries from happening then consider fitting the shoes first and then buy them.

If the shoes are too loose then you’re susceptible to twisted ankles and a damaged knee. A shoe that’s too tight on the other hand will result in injury on the toes. We highly recommend that you purchase a pair of basketball shoes in person rather than buying them online. This gives you a more accurate fitting and you can test them by walking and jumping in the store.


Buying a pair of shoes that will last a long time is an ideal thing. Serious ballers need a shoe that can withstand the demands of the sport. In basketball, seasons last months, and if your shoe is made out of cheap materials then expect to have a lot of foot and knee injuries. As we’ve said, looks aren’t always everything. Your shoe may look badass and give that swag vibe but the question is, are they made of durable materials? Looks won’t take you far when it comes to a heated game so be wary of that. Shoes become less safe as time goes by, the initial benefits you get from the shoe such as the fit, support, and the absorption begin to fade. When you decide to cop another pair of shoes, make sure to buy durable ones.

One good material we would recommend you check out is Nike’s new and improved version of the FlyKnit: the BattleKnit. This material gives a nice hug on foot but it doesn’t restrict your movements as it offers flexibility and it moves with the foot for an explosive and excellent response.


This talks about the grip on the sole of your shoes. This plays a big factor for a player when playing on the court. You’ll notice the difference in your performance if your shoes don’t have the right traction. Traction is responsible for giving you acceleration to your speed. This makes you move quickly in-court as well as giving stability in your stance. The absence of traction would ultimately mean no speed, power, and agility.


The key to searching for a pair of shoes is finding the perfect balance between support and movement. You have to make sure that the ankle has enough room to move, so look for shoes that don’t have overbearing ankle support. We recommend you purchase athletic tape since this is the best way to add support to your ankles.


If you want to make sure that the shoes you’re going for provide comfort, it’s best to fit them in person rather than taking your chances through online shopping. Comfort is an essential factor you must take seriously because if you wear uncomfortable shoes during the game, it’s going to take our mind off of playing because of how bad it feels on your foot. We all know that basketball requires 100% of the player’s focus, so keep in mind the comfort that you’ll get from your pair of shoes.


The price tag is everything when it comes to buying the right pair of shoes. Inexpensive shoes are commonly thought to equate to poor quality. While that may be the case sometimes, the same concept applies to expensive shoes. Pricey shoes don’t always mean that they perform super well. The majority of these high-end shoes are priced like this because they were made by iconic people and the purpose behind the existence of these shoes is mainly for a status symbol rather than actually using it for sports, specifically basketball.

You can still find great shoes at a decent price point or you can also invest in expensive ones, just make sure they fit you well, provide enough traction, have good durability, support, and give a comfortable snug on your foot.

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